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January 2017 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from December 2016 Commentaries.

Pro-Life Not Anti-Abortion

Note the language in this article in the New York Times: Anti-Abortion Marchers Draw Inspiration From an Unlikely Source.

A dozen times it says “anti-abortion.” But it only says “pro-life” once, and that is in a quote of a marcher.

It says, “Mr. Trump, who has committed to rolling back abortion rights and naming anti-abortion justices to the Supreme Court.” Notice the “Mr. Trump” not “President Trump.” And note “abortion rights” rather than “the right to life of the unborn.” And “anti-abortion justices” rather than “pro-life justices” or “justices who accept science that a child in the womb is just that, a child, a human being whose life should be protected.”

 But at least the quotes from the marchers are rather positive.  Referring to the vulgarities at the Women’s March, one pro-life marcher says:

“My idea as a woman is that we can speak and be strong, but I don’t know that it really helps our cause to be vulgar and nasty,” she said. “I’d like to present a different message: that women can be strong and dignified and gracious.”

A Day to Celebrate

The congressmen and women who boycotted today’s Inauguration and the protestors turned rioters are missing what this day is all about. To understand it, you just need to read the news about what is happening in Gambia, a small West African country.

The longtime President Yahya Jammeh lost re-election last month, but he has refused to step down. President-elect Alpha Condé was sworn in as the new President in neighboring Senegal. He then amassed Senegal troops and is prepared to march on Jammeh. Negotiations are ongoing, but if they fail, the country will be at war. What do these boycotters and rioters want? For Obama to refuse to leave office? In that case. We would be at war right now. Do they really want that?

What these snowflakes do not realize is that has been the norm throughout human history and still in many places in the world today. The only way a transfer of power occurs is through war. But here in the United States we have had 228 years and 44 peaceful transfers of power. That is incredible and something to celebrate. 

That is what Inauguration Day is about. It is not a day to for protest and boycotts but to celebrate the stability of our great country. That thought should bring a tear to eye of all true Americans. And I thank the LORD for it, no matter who is being sworn in.

Gambia’s president refuses to step down, defying regional military intervention


Inauguration Day Prayer 

LORD, be with the United States as we inaugurate a new President. Lead us to repent of our animosities towards one another, and heal our many divisions. Bring us together, and lead us all to support our new President so we can work together to fix the many problems in this country. 

Open the heart of our new President towards you. Lead him to recognize his need to depend on You as he begins the arduous task of leading this divided country. Give him the wisdom of Solomon to know how to improve our stagnant economy, bring people out of poverty and into self-sufficiency, fix our broken health care system, and keep us safe from terrorism.

 LORD, restore our nation to be a shining beacon of freedom to the world and a nation to Your glory.


Huffington Post Hate Filled Article

Trump Inauguration Looms, Bigots, Racists, And Dominionist Christians Rejoice

It is this type of vitriolic hate, distortions, and outright lies that is causing our country to be so divided. And it is no wonder that if such vitriol and misinformation is all a person reads that we have all the protesting going on today. We really do need to pray that all American stop such nonsense and we come together and get behind our new President. It will probably take a list of successes by our new President that the liberal media cannot deny for this hatred to stop. Well, the media might stop, but the average person might wise up.

Mocking a Disabled Reporter?

Last week was an eventual week in politics. But I was so busy and was having problems, so I didn’t have time to post comments. But I have time today (1/15/17), so I will be posting comments on several political events. 

First up was Meyrl Streep’s comments about Trump at the Golden Globes last Sunday (1/8/17). She used here acceptance speech to trash Trump for supposedly making fun of a disabled reporter, as seen in this first video. The claim was that Trump was mocking a reporter with Tourette’s Syndrome, by flailing his arms, as someone who has Tourette’s frails their arms uncontrollably. But that is not what happened. 

First off, Trump made the exact arm movements when mocking Ted Cruz and a general earlier in the campaign for being flustered. But neither of them have disabilities. This is seen in this second video

Second, the reporter does not have Tourette’s! His medical condition is actually such that he can barely move his arms. Thus in no way was Trump mocking him with his arm erratic movements. 

But these facts did not keep the liberal media and Hillary from making a big deal out of this when it happened weeks before the election. And here we are weeks afterwards, and this false claim gets brought up once again by a leftist media-type, who still cannot get over that Trump won. And speaking to her leftist cronies in the media, she gets tear-filled eyes. But if she were to try this in front a group of rural, unemployed PA steel workers who voted for Trump, she would get quite a different reaction. But isolated as she is from real American, she can spout out her liberal nonsense without rebuke, no matter how out of place it was for an awards show. 

But Meryl was correct in calling for a “principled press to call people to account for every outrage.” And this fake news story is one of the outrages they should have called to account. But it was only on Fox News that I saw this story exposed for the fake news that it is. All of the other stations keep running with it as if it is real news. As such, the media and most definitely Hollywood is not “safeguarding the truth” as Meryl claims. They are and have been distorting it thought the election and still now as Trump prepares to take office.

The Status of Millennials

I heard an interesting tidbit on KDKA radio this week. A study found that Millennials have lower income, lower home ownership rates, and greater debt than their parents at their age. The news report did not say why this is so, but I can sum it up in one word—Obama. His failed economic policies are why we have the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, and these failed policies are affecting Millennials more than anyone else.  

But Millennials are so young they do not remember anything better and seem to think this is normal. That is why they still think Obama was a great President, when in fact he was a failure. It is also why they are not supporting Trump, as they cannot conceive that things can be better. But if Trump keeps his promises and the Republicans in congress support him, we will see things turn around. When they do, maybe Millennials will finally wise up and realize liberalism does not work while conservative principles do.

The Most Commendable Aspect of Obama’s Presidency

After a series of negative messages about Obama, I want to be fair and commend him for one area of his Presidency. From all accounts, he has been a good and faithful husband and father. That has been a breath of fresh air compared to what we endured with the previous Democratic President. But I think Obama missed a great opportunity in this regard with his black community.

One of the most disturbing stats I heard recently was “More than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock.” This stat was verified by Politifact.

As far as I am concerned, this problem is at the root of many of the problems seen in the black community: drugs, crime, disrespect for the police and other authorities, and most of all poverty can all be traced to absentee fathers. As Rick Sanatorium correctly pointed at during the 21012 election cycle, you must do three things to be successful in America:

1.       Graduate high school

2.       Work hard

3.       Don’t get pregnant until you are married.

That’s it. But the black community is failing miserably with point #3. Obama should have held himself out as an example for young blacks. He should have encouraged young black women to not have sex and get pregnant out of wedlock, and he should have encouraged young black men to not have sex out of wedlock and to support and help raise children that they father. Doing so would have done far more for blacks than all of his other policies put together.

But still, being a good husband and father should always be commended, so I am doing so.

Trump Cabinet Nominees’ Confirmations

The Trump cabinet nominees’ confirmations hearing when a Democrat is doing the questioning. 

Are you a bigot.
I don’t think that’s quite it.”

Are you a racist?
Well sort of, but I’m not sure.

Are you a sexist, or maybe you’re a homophobe, or a Islamophobe, or maybe you’re a xenophobe?

Or maybe you’re a pantaphobe. Do you think you’re a pantaphobe?
What’s a pantaphobe?
You’re bigoted towards everyone.

Just like Lucy at her psychiatric stand questioning Charlie Brown, all of the Dems questioning is irrelevant to the issue, doing nothing to actually help the process. All that matters is, are the nominees qualified, which all for them are. The Dems know that, so they are ignoring that and just playing to their base to get votes in the next election. IOW, politics, not the good of the country is driving their questioning.

In fact, much of the time they are not even asking questions but just pontificating. What a waste of time and tax-payer’s money. The nominees are going to be confirmed, so just get on with it and confirm the nominees so they can be ready to help Trump make American great again after he is inaugurated next week.

Video of Lucy and her psychiatric stand

These commentaries are continued at: February 2017 Commentaries.

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The above commentaries were posted in January 2017.


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