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December 2023 Political Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from October 2023 Commentaries.

“fight like hell” vs. “peacefully and patriotically”

     “And we fight. We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like Hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

    Dems, the media, and other leftists often quote the above statement from Trump’s J6 day speech. They just assume it is Trump calling for violence on that day. But in fact, such rhetoric is common among politicians. I list many other politicians who used “fight like hell” in their speeches, with claimed dire consequences if people don’t do so in my books on J6. That includes Joe Biden. I highlight his many uses  of such phraseology in my books on his failing presidency.

    More importantly, are the following words of Trump in his speech on J6, I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”

    I comment on these words at length in my J6 books. But here, just this one sentence show Trump did not call for violence on J6. He wanted the crowd to peacefully make their voices heard. If the crowd had listened to his instructions, there would have been no J6. That they did not is not on him but on those who engaged in acts of violence or vandalism. In, not a word from Trump can be produced of him ever calling for violence before J6. I know, as I record all he said publicly before that day in my Trump Tweets book:

#J6 #January6 #Insurrection #Trump #FightLikeHell #PeacefullyandPatriotically

AP. Fed’s favored inflation gauge tumbles in November as price pressures continue to ease (via Trib Live).

     Biden will try to take credit for this drop in inflation. However, even the liberal AP makes it clear in this article it is due to The Fed raising interest rates. Those are contradicting Biden's horrid economic policies. Also, the GOP-controlled house is stopping Biden from more inflationary deficit spending.

    However, those high interest rates are still hurting many Americans. See my books on Biden’s failing presidency, where I detail the many ways his failed economic policies will hurt Americans for years to come.


SCOCO On Trump

    The Supreme Court of Colorado (SCOCO) just ruled Trump should not be allowed on the ballot due to having engaged in an insurrection against the USA. I address the relevant issues in my books on this subject: The 2020 Election, the January 6 “Insurrection,” and Their Aftermath (5 book series).

    There are three questions.


1.       Was January 6th an insurrection?

2.       Was Trump responsible for it?

3.       Does the 14th amendment apply to the President.

     In answering in the affirmative to these three questions, SCOCO. relied heavily on the findings of the January 6th Select Committee.

 I address the first two of these questions in depth in my books. I address the extreme bias of that Committee in my book on its public hearings.

 Simply put, SCOCO was wrong in affirming the first two of these questions and was wrong in relying on the J6 Select Committee. But read my books and decide for yourself.

    91 criminal indictments against Trump, yet not one of them is for insurrection. Why not? Because Jack Smith and the other prosecutors know they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump incited an insurrection. But now, the Supreme Court of Colorado (SCOCO), by judicial fiat has declared Trump guilty of insurrection, without him ever being able to present a defense against that charge. 

    This loss of the rule of law and right to due process is exactly what I have been warning about ever since the Kavanaugh proceedings. Then we further saw the erosion of the rule of law and right t6o due process in the first Trump impeachment. Then it was further eroded by the J6 Select Committee, as I chronicle in my book on those bias hearings.

     It has continued on with the convictions or pressure to plead guilty on J6 defendants to trumped up charges like “obstruction of an official proceeding, “ even if all the person did was to peacefully enter, mill around, and exit the Capitol Building like a tourist. And it is especially seen in the dozens of J6 political prisoners who are being held without bail and without even being charged.

     None of this should be happening in American, but sadly it is.

     I chronicle each of these points and much more in my 14 books on these matters.

#Trump #Colorado #ColoradoSupremeCourt #14thAmendment #January6, #J6 #Insurrection

Guardian, The. Biden says it’s ‘self-evident’ that Trump is an insurrectionist.

    “I think it’s self-evident … he certainly supported an insurrection. There’s no question about it. None. Zero. And he seems to be doubling down on it, about everything,” he said.

Trib Live. Does Colorado ruling open door for more states to bar Trump from ballots?

    “There’s no precedent for it. It’s not obvious at all that he [Trump] led the attack on the Capitol,” [Duquesne University Law Professor Bruce] Ledewitz said. “This matter is being litigated. To pretend the evidence is in is ridiculous.”


    The first quote is Biden’s ridiculous statement about the Colorado ruling. Biden ignores the presumption of innocence, rule of law, and right to due process that is supposed to characterize our criminal justice system. The second quote is from a surprisingly good article from the normally liberal website for my local newspaper. The law professor’s statement contradicts Biden’s absurd claim.

Lowered Bar for Impeachment

    It has been said many times in this trilogy that Dems have so lowered the bar for impeachment that any time the President and the House are of different parties, there will be an impeachment….

     … if Joe Biden wins the presidential race, and somehow Repubs take the House, they could very well impeach him the day after he is inaugurated over his corruption in regard to his son Hunter Biden, that was detailed throughout this trilogy, but especially in this volume.

     … if Biden wins in 2020 but Repubs take the House in 2022, then we will see Biden impeached at that time. By then, his corruption will be well exposed, along with his incompetency, frailness, and radicalism.….


     The above was written by me before the 2020 election in my book Dems Cannot Beat Trump, So They Impeach Trump: Volume Three (pp. 421-2). It is looking like I was correct in my predictions.

#BidenImpeachment #Hunter #BidenCorruption

Biden's Religion

    Joe Biden claims to be a Christian. Yet, he supports the killing of unborn babies, the sinful and destructive LGBTQ movement, the sexual mutilation of children, pagan holidays, and he cannot even get the meaning of Christian holidays correct. I detail all of these promotions of sin in my books on his failing presidency.

Biden Corruption

    … it was only because of Joe’s influence as first a Senator then as Vice President that Hunter was able to get his cushy jobs on various US corporate boards then his very lucrative job on the board of Burisma and the investment money from the CCP. It was while Joe was the point man for the Obama administration in Ukraine and China that Hunter was able to so enrich himself…. 

    …there is no doubt Hunter was paid boatloads for a job he had no qualifications for and for which he did little or nothing. He attended a couple of board meetings and went on a trip with the owner of the company, and that was about it. Hunter freely admitted in a Good Morning America interview that he would not have gotten that job if his last name was not Biden…. 

    Thus, there is evidence of Hunter possibly engaging in illicit activities in both Ukraine and China, the two countries in which his father was point man for the Obama administration and with his father’s knowledge.


    The above was written by me shortly after the 2020 election in Chapter One of my book Alleged Corruption, Bias, and Fraud. The rest of the chapter details Biden’s corruption that is finally going to investigated by the House.

#BidenImpeachment #Hunter #BidenCorruption

Newsmax. Hunter Biden Defies House Deposition Subpoena.

    Two of Trump’s associates (Peter Navaro and Steve Bannon) were indicted and imprisoned for defying a congressional subpoena. Where’s Hunter’s indictment? 

    I think the GOP-controlled House should give Hunter one more chance now that a formal impeachment inquiry has been authorized. If Hunter does not comply, then the House needs to request that he be indicted. If Biden’s DOJ does not comply, you know for certain Biden’s DOJ is corrupt. 

    And Hunter cannot say he will only testify publicly. No one was allowed to do so in the first Ttump impeachment or for the J6 committee hearings. All of the witnesses first testified privately, then only did any of them testify publicly. It should be the same now.

#HunterBiden #BidenCorruption


These commentaries are continued at: Forthcoming.

December 2023 Commentaries. Copyright 2023 By Gary F. Zeolla.

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Joe Biden's Failing Presidency

      This series of five books provides the definitive record of Biden’s failures in his first two years as President. These failures should not be forgotten, as they laid the foundation for his continual failures in his subsequent years as President. He has been failing miserably on both domestic issues and in foreign policy. Those failures are all chronicled in these five books.

The above commentaries were posted in December 2023.


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