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October 2023 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from August 2023 Commentaries.

Trib Live. Pittsburgh to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day starting next year.


     As an Italian-American Pittsburgher, I am very upset about this change. There are 364 other days to honor Indigenous Peoples. Do not take away the day honoring my heritage to honor them due to wokism and lies about Columbus.

    A better solution would be to just rename Columbus Day to Italian-American Heritage Days. But the silly people on Pittsburgh’s city council probably never thought of that. But at least two of them have some sense, as seen in the quotes in this article.

     I am not alone in my outrage, as seen in the results of the poll on this page:

 How much do you support or oppose changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day?

Strongly oppose: 69%
Somewhat oppose: 6%
Strongly support: 17%
Somewhat support: 2%
I don't have an opinion: 6%

     That means three-quarters of Pittsburghers agree with me that this was a bad move.


Bidenomics Is Not Working

AP. Average long-term U.S. mortgage rate surges to 7.63% — highest level since 2000 (via Trib Live).

AP. Home sales fell again in September as surging mortgage rates, rising prices discouraged homebuyers (via Trib Live).

    It is getting increasingly difficult to buy a home in Biden’s America.


AP. Surge of hiring in September defies predictions, points to U.S. job market's enduring resilience (via Trib Live).


    …hiring has rebounded with vigor. There are several likely reasons why: Millions of people have started job hunting in the past year, pulled into the job market by strong demand for workers and higher pay. Others have likely been drawn in by financial stress they feel from higher prices. Immigration has also rebounded after covid-era restrictions were lifted.”

 That “financial stress they feel from higher prices” is due to Bidenomics. In fact, most of these added jobs were probably part-time, mostly seniors coming out of retirement and people taking second jobs to make ends meet. While other added jobs were probably illegal aliens taking low paying jobs. That is not something to brag about, as Biden has been doing.


CNBC. Even as job creation surges, Americans still think the economy stinks. Here’s why.


     “It’s the combination of inflation and shrinkflation,” she said. “As a consumer, you feel like you’re being nickeled and dimed at every turn.”…

     After all, more than a quarter of the job creation for September came from lower-wage occupations in the leisure and hospitality industry.


    Biden’s bragging about #Bidenomics is unwarranted. Americans are struggling.


CNBC. Payrolls soared by 336,000 in September, defying expectations for a hiring slowdown.


     Average hourly earnings rose 0.2% for the month and 4.2% from a year ago, compared to respective estimates for 0.3% and 4.3%....

     The labor force participation rate, or those working against the total size of the workforce, held steady at 62.8%, still a half percentage point below the pre-Covid pandemic level.”


    More evidence #Bidenomics is not working, and Biden is misrepresenting the most recent jobs report. That the labor participation rate is still below pre-pandemic levels verifies my point elsewhere that many of “added” these jobs were of illegal aliens Biden has let into the USA, not of Americans.


CNBC. August wholesale inflation rises 0.7%, hotter than expected, but core prices in check.


         The producer price index increased a seasonally adjusted 0.7% in August, higher than the 0.4% estimate and the biggest monthly gain since June 2022.

         However, excluding food and energy, core PPI rose 0.2%, in line with the estimate.

         Elsewhere, retail sales climbed a higher-than-expected 0.6% in August, well above the 0.1% estimate.


    Yet more evidence Bidenomics is not working.
9/18/23 (but posted 10/7/23).


AP. Sharply higher gas prices pushed up inflation in August, yet underlying price measures cooled (via Trib Live).

      In a set of conflicting data released Wednesday [9/13/23], the Labor Department said the consumer price index rose 3.7% in August from a year ago, up from a 3.2% annual pace in July. Yet excluding the volatile food and energy categories, so-called core prices rose 4.3%, a step back from 4.7% in July and the smallest increase in nearly two years. That is still far from the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.


    The AP can spin it all they want, but this report is not good. A 0.5% month-to-month means Americans are still falling behind.
9/13/23 (but posted 10/7/23).


AP. Biden to cancel $9 billion in student debt as payments resume after pandemic pause (via Trib Live).


 The Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s unconstitutional and unfair attempt to transfer debt from those who took out the loans to those of us who did not. But rather than admitting he was wrong to try to engage in this unconstitutional act, he engages in yet more unconstitutional acts, ignores SCOTUS, and tries to do it piecemeal. This guy needs to be impeached.


    I document all the ways Biden’s debt transfer plan is unconstitutional and unfair and Biden's failed economic policies in my books on his failing presidency.




These commentaries are continued at: December 2023 Commentaries.

October 2023 Commentaries. Copyright 2023 By Gary F. Zeolla.

Joe Biden's Failing Presidency

      This series of five books provides the definitive record of Biden’s failures in his first two years as President. These failures should not be forgotten, as they laid the foundation for his continual failures in his subsequent years as President. He has been failing miserably on both domestic issues and in foreign policy. Those failures are all chronicled in these five books.

The above commentaries were posted in October 2023.


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