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Analytical-Literal Translation:

Errata for the Second Edition of the ALT

By Gary F. Zeolla

Note: All of the following corrections and many other changes were made for the Third Edition of the ALT (ALT3). Click here for details on the new edition.

The following are corrections and changes for the second edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT2). These changes were made after the text was submitted to AuthorHouse for publication. So they do not appear in the paperback, hardback, and Acrobat Reader® eBook versions of the ALT2. These are the versions of the ALT2 available from the publisher AuthorHouse. However, all changes without dates were made as of May 22, 2005 and have been incorporated in the Microsoft Reader® eBook available for download from this site. Changes with dates have not been made to the MS Reader version.

At first glance, it might look like there are a lot of corrections to be made. But most of the entries are not corrections of mistakes. They represent improvements made to the text to make it even more accurate (such as by using an even more literal translation in the text while moving the current less literal rendering to brackets) or to make the text more understandable (such as by adding an alternate translation).

The few entries that are corrections of actual mistakes are bolded. These are the only changes the average reader really needs to be concerned about. But even then, they are mostly very minor, like the omission of the asterisk after the plural "you" or "your" (i.e.. "you" instead of "you*").

For the following changes, the text before the double slash is how it appears in the published text. After the double slash is what it was changed to. The date indicates when the change was made. Minor changes (like changes in punctuation or additions of cross-references) have not been indicated.

When the same type of change needs to be made in more than one place, only the first instance is detailed. Then in brackets after "also in" is a list of the other places for the change.

If the reader finds anything you think might be incorrect or needs changed, please let me know.


Page ix and back cover - in way // in a way

Page x - [or, the behavior that God requires] // [fig., the behavior that God requires]

Page x - (1 Timothy 3:16,17) // (2Timothy 3:16,17)


Bible Text


1:6 - delete "her [who had been]" (not needed)

6:24 - you are not // you* are not

7:24 - solid rock // solid rock [or, bedrock] - also in Matt 16:18; Luke 6:48

8:20 Son of Humanity does have [any]where // Son of Humanity does not have [any]where - 2/1/10

9:29 - your faith // your* faith

10:9 - your money belt // your* money belt

13:27 - the slaves of the // the slaves [or, indentured servants, and throughout NT] of the

18:6 - little ones who believe in Me to // little [ones], the ones believing in Me, to

18:12 - What do you think? // What does it seem to you* [or, What do you* think]? - also in Matt 17:25; 21:28; 22:17; 22:42; 26:6 John 11:56

19:4,5 - female; [see Gen 1:27] 5and said ... flesh]?' // female? [see Gen 1:27] 5And He said ... flesh].'

27:66 - 6So having // 66So having

28:1 - into [the] first [day] of the week [i.e. early Sunday morning], // into [the] first [day between the] Sabbaths [or, [the] first [day] of [the] week; i.e. early Sunday morning], - also in Mark 16:2,9; Luke 24:1; John 20:1,19; Act 20:7; 1Cor 16:2

28:19 - When you* have gone, // Having gone [or When you* have gone],


9:42 - little ones who believe in Me to // little [ones], the ones believing in Me, to


15:8 - drachmas [each // drachmas [i.e. silver coins, each

16:17 - fall. // fall [fig., fail]

18:12 - twice in the week // twice [after] the Sabbath [or, in the week]


1:1 - In the beginning // In [the] beginning - 5/27/05

6:9 - barley loaves // barley loaves of bread

12:6 - he was concerned // it was a care to him [fig., he was concerned]


8:13 - flesh // meat

12:31 - a far better way // a more excellent [or, far better] way

15:31 - I die daily [or, every day I am in danger of death]. // I die [or, face death] daily.

15:43 - it raised // it is raised


10:7 - [their outward] face [fig., appearance]. // [their] face [fig., outward appearance].


1:13 - palace and // palace [or, among the whole palace guard] and

1:16 - sincerely [or, of pure motives] // sincerely [or, with a pure motive]

4:3 - genuine co-worker // genuine fellow-worker (different word from "co-workers" later in verse)


1:17 - servant of Christ // servant [or, minister] of Christ


2:9 - day [so as] not // day so as not ("so as" is a translation of the Greek word pros)


3:16 - [or, the behavior that God requires] // [fig., the behavior that God requires]


(all nine occurrences) - Melchisedek // Melchizedek


2:9 - people [for God's own] possession // people for [God's own] possession ("for" is a translation of the Greek word eis).

5:2 - [fig., serve as a pastor over] // [fig., serve as pastors over]

5:5 - He give grace // He gives grace


2:6 - an ungodly way // an impious way (for consistency in translation with same word in Jude 15)


Jude 15 - committed in an ungodly way // committed in an impious way (different word from the other two occurrences of "ungodly")


Appendix #1: Important Textual Variants

Page 367 - Mark 16:9-20 - Amen. // So be it! (for consistency with how amen is translated elsewhere.)

Page 370 - add Romans 11:6   MT/ TR: but if by works, it is no longer grace, otherwise work is no longer work. - CT: omits

Page 374 - Hebrews 7:21 - Melchisedek // Melchizedek

Page 374 - add 2Peter 3:9   MT/ TR: towards us - CT: towards you*

Page 374 - add 1John 1:4   MT/ CT: our joy - TR: your* joy

Page 375 - add 1John 5:4   MT: your* faith! - TR/ CT: our faith!

Page 375 - add 2John 1:3   MT/ CT: with us - TR: with you*

Page 375 - add 2John 1:8   MT/ TR: we do not lose - CT: you* do not lose

Page 375 - add 2John 1:8   MT/ TR: we shall receive - CT: you* shall receive

Appendix #2: Translation Decisions and Meanings of Notations

Page 377 (last full paragraph) - (Romans 1:16). // (Romans 1:17).

Page 380 (under "Capitalization") - chapter and verses divisions // chapter and verse divisions

Page 382 - The following two paragraphs were added to the end of the section with the subtitle “Punctuation.”

Another area of decision was in regards to the use of exclamation points. I have used them when I thought something needed to be emphasized. For instance, they are used when miracles are reported, as it is too easy to read by these miracles without taking the time to reflect on how truly miraculous they are (e.g. John 5:9).

Exclamation points are also used to highlight important statements (e.g. Gal 2:20), with interjections (e.g. "Look!"), and when strong emotion or sarcasm is being expressed (e.g. Luke 15:24; 1Cor 4:8). The ALT probably uses exclamations points more often than most other versions, but I have tried not to overuse them, as they would loose their sense of emphasis.

Note: During the final review of the ALT before publication, I reviewed the use of exclamations points. I added some (mostly with miracles) and removed a few others. But it wasn’t worth the cost of making such minor changes for the published editions. But I made the changes for the MS Reader® eBook and added the above paragraphs to indicate this. These changes are not indicated in the list above.


The above errata list was posted on this Web site February 2, 2005.
It was last updated February 1, 2010.

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