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Variants: Acts

This page lists significant textual variants in the Book of Acts.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.


1:4       MT/ CT: together – TR: together with them

1:8       MT/ TR: witnesses to Me – CT: My witnesses

1:14     MT/ TR: and petition – CT: omits

1:15     MT/ TR: disciples – CT: brothers

1:25     MT/ TR: share – CT: place

1:26     MT/ TR: their lots – CT: lots for them

2:1       MT/ TR: with one mind – CT: together

2:7       MT/ TR: to one another – CT: omits

2:23     MT/ TR: having taken – CT: omits

2:30     MT/ TR: according to the flesh, to raise up the Christ – CT: omits

2:31     MT/ TR: His soul – CT: He

2:33     MT/ TR: now – CT: omits

2:38     MT/ TR: sins – CT: your* sins

2:41     MT/ TR: gladly – CT: omits

2:47     MT/ TR: to the Assembly – CT: to their number

3:11     MT/ TR: the lame [man] having been healed – CT: he

3:20     MT/ CT: appointed for – TR: previously preached to

3:21     MT/ TR: of all His – CT: of His

3:22     MT: our God – TR/ CT: your* God

3:24     MT/ CT: announced – TR: announced beforehand

3:26     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: omits

4:8       MT/ TR: of Israel – CT: omits

4:17     MT/ TR: with a threat – CT: omits

4:24     MT/ TR: the God – CT: omits

4:25     MT/ TR: by [the] mouth of David – CT: by the Holy Spirit, [through] [the] mouth of David

4:27     MT/ TR: truly – CT: truly in this city

4:32     MT: of their belongings – TR/ CT: of the [things] belonging to him

4:36     MT/ TR: Joses – CT: Joseph

5:3       MT: [for] you – TR/ CT: omits

5:5       MT/ TR: these [things] – CT: omits

5:16     MT/ TR: cities all around were gathering to Jerusalem, – CT: cities all around Jerusalem were gathering,

5:23     MT/ CT: stood – TR: stood outside

5:24     MT/ TR: the [high] priest and – CT: omits

5:25     MT/ CT: them, – TR: them, saying,

5:32     MT/ TR: His – CT: omits

5:33     MT/ TR: began plotting – CT: were wanting

5:34     MT/ TR: apostles – CT: men

5:38     MT: the plan – TR/ CT: this plan

5:39     MT/ TR: you* are not able to overthrow it – CT: you* will not be able to overthrow them

5:41     MT: the name of Jesus. – TR: His name. – CT: [His] name.

6:3       MT/ TR: Holy – CT: omits

6:8       MT/ TR: of faith – CT: of grace

7:11     MT/ TR: the whole land of Egypt – CT: all Egypt

7:16     MT/ TR: the [father] of Shechem – CT: in Shechem

7:17     MT/ TR: made an oath to – CT: promised

7:18     MT/ TR: arose – CT: arose {over Egypt}

7:22     MT/ TR: words – CT: his words

7:30     MT/ TR: of the Lord – CT: omits

7:31     MT/ TR: to him – CT: omits

7:32     MT/ TR: and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. – CT: and of Isaac and of Jacob.

7:37     MT: [The] Lord our God – TR: [The] Lord your* God – CT: God

MT/ CT: brothers. – TR: brothers; Him you* will hear.

7:38     MT: a living word – TR/ CT: living words

7:48     MT/ TR: temples – CT: [temples]

8:10     MT: they – TR/ CT: they all

MT/ TR: the great power of God. – CT: the power of God, the one being called Great.

8:13     MT/ TR: miraculous – CT: great miraculous

8:16     MT: Christ – TR/ CT: the Lord

8:18     MT/ TR: Holy – CT: omits

8:22     MT/ TR: God – CT: the Lord

8:36     MT/ CT: does not include next verse – TR: adds verse 8:37: Then Philip said, “If you believe out of your whole heart, it is permitted.” So answering, he said, “I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God.”

9:5,6    MT/ CT: 9:5 Then he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “_I_ am Jesus whom _you_ are persecuting. 9:6 _But_ get up and enter … – TR: 9:5 Then he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “_I_ am Jesus whom _you_ are persecuting. [It is] difficult for you to be kicking against [the] goads.” 9:6 So trembling and astonished, he said, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” And the Lord [said] to him, “Get up and enter …

9:19     MT/ TR: Saul was – CT: he was [Note: Often in Acts, one text has a noun while another has a corresponding pronoun, but this is the only time such a variant is listed.]

9:20     MT/ TR: the Christ – CT: Jesus

9:28     MT: at Jerusalem, coming in {and going out} – TR: in Jerusalem, coming in and going out – CT: coming into Jerusalem

MT: and speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, – TR: moves phrase to verse 9:29 - CT: omits Jesus

9:31     MT/ TR: the assemblies … were having – CT: the Assembly … was having

9:38     MT: sent [messengers] – TR/ CT: sent two men

MT/ TR: not to delay to come over to them. – CT: “Do not delay to come over to us.”

10:6     MT/ CT: sea. – TR: sea; this [man] will tell you what it is necessary [for] you to be doing.

10:7     MT/ TR: to Cornelius – CT: to him

10:11   MT/ TR: having been tied at [the] four corners and – CT: omits

10:19   MT: Men – TR/ CT: Three men

10:21   MT/ CT: men, – TR: men, the ones having been sent from Cornelius to him,

10:23   MT/ TR: Peter went – CT: having gotten up, he went

10:30   MT/ TR: I was fasting until this hour, and [at] the ninth hour praying – CT: until this hour, I was praying [during] the ninth hour

10:32   MT/ TR: who having arrived, will speak to you – CT: omits

10:33   MT/ TR: God – CT: the Lord

10:48   MT/ TR: of the Lord – CT: of Jesus Christ

11:9     MT/ TR: to me – CT: omits

11:12   MT/ TR: doubting nothing – CT: having made no distinction

11:28   MT/ TR: Caesar – CT: omits

12:5     MT/ TR: fervent – CT: fervently

12:23   MT: glory – TR/ CT: the glory

12:25   MT/ CT: to Jerusalem – TR: from Jerusalem

13:6     MT/ TR: the island – CT: the whole island

13:17   MT: people – TR/ CT: people Israel

13:20   MT/ TR: “And after these things, [for] about four hundred and fifty years, – CT: [for] about four hundred and fifty years.  And after these things,

13:23   MT: brought to Israel salvation – TR: raised up to Israel a Savior, Jesus CT: brought to Israel a Savior, Jesus

13:24   MT: to Israel. – TR/ CT: to all the people of Israel.

13:26   MT/ TR: to you* – CT: to us

13:41   MT: days which – TR/ CT: days, a work which

13:42   MT/ TR: having gone out from the synagogue of the Jews, the Gentiles began – CT: having gone out, they began

13:44   MT/ TR: God – CT: of the Lord

13:50   MT/ TR: the God-worshiping women and the prominent [women] – CT: the prominent, God-worshiping women

14:17   MT/ CT: to you* – TR: to us

MT/ TR: our hearts – CT: your* hearts

15:7     MT/ TR: among us – CT: among you*

15:18   MT/ TR: “Known from [the] ages to God is all His works. – CT: know from [the] ages.

15:24   MT/ TR: saying … the Law – CT: omits

15:33   MT/ TR: to the apostles. – CT: to the ones having sent them.

MT/ CT: does not include next verse – TR: includes verse 15:34: But it seemed good to Silas to remain there.

15:40   MT/ TR: of God – CT: of the Lord

16:7     MT/ TR: Spirit – CT: Spirit of Jesus

16:12   MT: that very city – TR/ CT: this city

16:13   MT/ TR: city – CT: gate

MT/ TR: prayer was customarily to be [fig., made] – CT: we were supposing a place of prayer to be

16:17   MT/ TR: to us – CT: to you*

17:5     MT: But the Jews, the ones refusing to believe, having taken along – TR: But the refusing to believe Jews, having become envious, and having taken along – CT: But the Jews, having become envious, and having taken along

17:14   MT/ TR: as though by – CT: as far as to

17:18   MT/ CT: resurrection. – TR: resurrection to them.

17:25   MT/ TR: hands of people – CT: human hands

MT: with respect to all [things]. – TR/ CT: and all the [needed things].

17:26   MT/ TR: blood – CT: omits

MT/ CT: having been appointed – TR: having been prearranged

17:27   MT/ TR: the Lord – CT: God

18:5     MT/ TR: by the Spirit – CT: by the word

18:7     MT/ TR: Justus – CT: Titus Justus

18:17   MT/ TR: the Greeks – CT: omits

18:19   MT/ TR: he arrived – CT: they arrived

18:20   MT/ TR: with them – CT: omits

18:21   MT/ TR: It is necessary … Jerusalem, but – CT: omits

18:25   MT/ TR: concerning the Lord – CT: concerning Jesus

19:13   MT/ TR: We adjure – CT: I adjure

19:16   MT/ TR: overpowered – CT: overpowered all

19:27   MT/ TR: her magnificence is about to be pulled down – CT: [she] is about to be pulled down from her magnificence

19:29   MT/ TR: whole – CT: omits

19:33   MT/ TR: induced – CT: informed

19:35   MT/ TR: goddess – CT: omits

19:37   MT/ TR: your* – CT: our

19:40   MT: cause [for it], on account of which we will not be able – TR: cause for which we will be able – CT: cause [for it], on account of which we will {not} be able

20:1     MT/ TR: disciples, – CT: disciples, and having encouraged [them],

20:4     MT/ TR: as far as Asia – CT: omits

MT/ TR: Berean, – CT: Berean, [son] of Pyrrus,

20:7     MT/ TR: the disciples – CT: we

20:8     MT/ CT: we – TR: they

20:15   MT/ TR: and having stayed in Trogyllium – CT: omits

20:24   MT/ TR: _But_ I make myself an account of nothing, neither do I hold my life precious to myself, – CT: _But_ I make my life an account of nothing precious to myself,

MT/ TR: with joy – CT: omits

20:25   MT/ TR: of God – CT: omits

20:28   MT: of the Lord and God – TR/ CT: of God

20:32   MT/ TR: brothers – CT: omits

21:4     MT/ TR: disciples – CT: the disciples

21:8     MT/ TR: the ones about Paul, having gone out, – CT: we, having gone out,

21:15   MT/ CT: having prepared – TR: having packed and carried off [our things]

21:20   MT: Lord, having said – TR: Lord. And they said – CT: God. And they said

21:22   MT/ TR: It is certainly necessary [for] the congregation to come together, for they will hear – CT: They will certainly hear

21:25   MT/ TR: judged [that they need] to be observing no such [thing], except to be – CT: judged [for them] to be

21:29   MT: had seen – TR/ CT: had previously seen

21:37   MT: speak – TR/ CT: speak something

22:9     MT/ TR: and became terrified – CT: omits

22:16   MT/ TR: the name of the Lord. – CT: His name.

22:20   MT/ TR: to his murder – CT: omits

22:22   MT/ CT: it was not fitting – TR: it is not fitting

22:25   MT: he stretched – TR/ CT: they stretched

22:26   MT/ TR: Watch what you are about to be doing,  – CT: What are you about to be doing?

22:30   MT/ TR: from the bonds – CT: omits

23:9     MT/ TR: the scribes – CT: some of the scribes

MT/ TR: but if a spirit spoke to him, or an angel, let us not be fighting against God. – CT: but perhaps a spirit spoke to him, or an angel.

23:11   MT/ TR: Paul – CT: omits

23:12   MT/ TR: some of the Jews – CT: the Jews

23:15   MT/ TR: tomorrow – CT: omits

23:30   MT/ TR: about – CT: omits

MT/ TR: by the Jews – CT: omits

MT/ TR: farewell – CT: omits

24:1     MT/ TR: the elders – CT: some of the elders

24:2     MT/ TR: successes – CT: reforms

24:6-8  MT/ CT: 24:6: who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, 24:8 from whom you will be able, … [Note: There is no verse 7 in MT/ CT.] – TR: 24:6 who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, and we wanted to be judging [him] according to our Law. 24:7 But Lysias the commanding officer having come along, with much violence took [him] away out of our hands, 24:8 having ordered his accusers to be coming before you, from whom you will be able, …

24:9     MT/ CT: joined in the attack – TR: agreed

24:13   MT: [against] me – TR: omits – CT: to you

24:15   MT/ TR: of [the] dead – CT: omits

24:16   MT: having – TR/ CT: to be having

24:20   MT/ CT: what misdeed they found – TR: if they found any misdeed

24:22   MT/ TR: having heard these [things],  – CT: omits

24:23   MT/ TR: or to be coming to – CT: omits

24:26   MT/ TR: in order that he should release him – CT: omits

25:5     MT: anything – TR/ CT: anything improper

25:6     MT/ TR: than ten – CT: than eight or ten

25:7     MT/ TR: [him] – CT: him

25:14   MT: he was staying – TR/ CT: they were staying

25:16   MT/ TR: to destruction – CT: omits

25:18   MT/ TR: [the things] – CT: [the] evils

26:7     MT/ TR: king Agrippa – CT: O king

26:17   MT/ CT: _I_ – TR: I now

26:18   MT: to turn [them] back – TR: and to turn [them] – CT: to turn [them]

26:30   MT/ TR: And he having spoken these things, – CT: omits

27:14   MT/ TR: Euroclydon [“southeast wind”] – CT: Euraquilo [“northeast wind”]

27:16   MT/ TR: Clauda – CT: Cauda

27:17   MT: Syrtes – TR/ CT: Syrtis

27:19   MT/ TR: we threw – CT: they threw

27:34   MT/ TR: will fall – CT: will perish

28:1     MT/ TR: they knew – CT: we knew

28:11   MT: we were brought – TR/ CT: we set sail

28:13   MT/ TR: having sailed around – CT: having weighed anchor

28:16   MT/ TR: the centurion handed the prisoners over to the camp commander; but – CT: omits

28:25   MT/ TR: our – CT: your*

28:29   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

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