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Variants: General Epistles

This page lists every translatable variant in the General Epistles. Significant variants are bolded.
This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.


1:1       MT/ CT: in these last days He spoke to us by [His] Son – TR: moves this phrase to the beginning of 1:2

1:3       MT/ TR: by Himself – CT: omits

MT/ TR: our sins – CT: the sins

1:8       MT/ TR: a scepter of integrity [is] the scepter – CT: the scepter of the integrity [is] a scepter

1:12     MT/ TR: changed; – CT: changed like a garment;

2:1       MT/ TR: we drift away – CT: we be drifted [or, be swept] away

2:7       MT/ CT: honor, – TR: honor, and set him over the works of Your hands,

2:8       MT/ TR: subjecting to him – CT: subjecting {to him}

3:2       MT/ TR: in all – CT: in {all}

3:6       MT/ TR: firm to [the] end – CT: omits

3:9       MT/ TR: tested Me; they examined Me – CT: tested [Me] with a trial

3:10     MT/ TR: that generation – CT: this generation

4:2       MT/ TR: it not having been mixed with faith by the ones having heard. – CT: they not having been united by faith with the ones having listened.

4:3       MT/ TR: that rest – CT: {that} rest

4:7       MT/ TR: it has been said – CT: it had been foretold

4:15     MT: having been tried – TR/ CT:  having been tempted

5:3       MT/ TR: because of this – CT: because of it

5:4       MT/ CT: when being called  – TR: the one being called

5:12     MT/ TR: and not – CT: {and} not

6:3       MT: we shall do – TR/ CT: we will do

6:10     MT/ TR: labor of love – CT: love

MT/ CT: you* yourselves showed – TR: you* yourselves must show

6:16     MT/ TR: people indeed – CT: people

7:4       MT/ TR: even Abraham – CT: {even} Abraham

7:11     MT/ TR: had received the Law – CT: have received the Law

7:14     MT/ TR: priesthood. – CT: priests.

7:17     MT/ TR: He testifies – CT: it is testified [of Him]

7:21     MT/ TR: according to the order of Melchisedek - CT: omits

7:22     MT/ TR: more – CT: more also

7:26     MT/ TR: Priest – CT: Priest also

8:2       MT/ TR: pitched and not – CT: pitched, not

8:4       MT/ TR: For indeed if – CT: So indeed if

8:5       MT/ CT: See, you will make all – TR: See [that] you shall make

8:11     MT/ CT: fellow-citizen – TR: neighbor

8:12     MT/ TR: and their lawlessness deeds – CT: omits

9:1       MT/ TR: indeed even – CT: indeed {even}

9:10     MT/ TR: baptisms and fleshly – CT: baptisms, fleshly

9:11     MT/ TR: [things] coming – CT: [things] having taken place

9:13     MT/ TR: bulls and goats – CT: goats and bulls

9:14     MT/ TR: your* conscience – CT: our conscience

9:19     MT/ TR: Law – CT: the Law

MT/ TR: and goats – CT: {and the goats}

9:26     MT/ TR: sin – CT: {the} sin

9:28     MT/ CT: so also – TR: so

10:1     MT: they are never able – TR/ CT: is never able [i.e. referring to the Law]

10:2     MT/ TR: been purified – CT: been cleansed

10:8     MT/ TR: the Law – CT: [the] Law

10:9     MT/ TR: will, O God. – CT: will.

10:10   MT: sanctified, the [ones] through – TR/ CT: sanctified through

10:12   MT/ TR: He Himself – CT: this One

10:15   MT/ TR: having said before – CT: having said

10:16   MT/ TR: minds – CT: mind

10:17   MT/ TR: I shall … remember – CT: I will ... remember

10:30   MT/ TR: says [the] Lord. – CT: omits

10:34   MT/ TR: with [me] in my chains – CT: with prisoners

MT/ CT: having for yourselves – TR: having in yourselves

MT/ TR: in [the] heavens – CT: omits

10:38   MT/ TR: the [one] righteous – CT: My righteous one

11:4     MT/ TR: he himself still speaks. – CT: he still speaks.

11:5     MT/ TR: before his – CT: before [his]

11:8     MT/ TR: the place – CT: a place

11:9     MT: {the} land – TR/ CT: the land

11:11   MT/ TR: herself – CT: herself, being barren,

11:13   MT/ CT: distance,  – TR: distance, and having been persuaded,

11:5     MT/ TR: they went out – CT: they went out from

11:20   MT/ TR: concerning – CT: even concerning

11:26   MT/ CT: of Egypt – TR: in Egypt

11:29   MT/ TR: dry [land] – CT: dry land

11:32   MT/ TR: Gideon, both Barak and Samson, and Jephthah – CT: Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah

11:37   MT/ TR: they were tested;  – CT: omits

12:2     MT/ CT: has sat down – TR: sat down

12:7     MT/ CT: It is for discipline [that] you* endure. God – TR: If you* endure discipline, God

MT/ TR: son is – CT: son [is]

12:9     MT/ TR: will – CT: but will

12:13   MT/ TR: make – CT: be making

12:15   MT/ TR: through this – CT: through it

12:16   MT/ TR: his birthright – CT: his own birthright

12:18   MT/ TR: a mountain – CT: omit, read [a mountain]

MT/ TR: to darkness – CT: to gloom

12:20 MT/ CT: stoned. TR: stoned or shot down with an arrow.

12:24   MT/ CT: speaking a better [thing] – TR: speaking better [things]

12:25   MT/ CT: on earth – TR: on the earth

12:26   MT/ TR: _I_ am shaking – CT: _I_ will shake

12:27   MT/ TR: of the – CT: of {the}

12:28   MT: we are sacredly serving – TR/ CT: we shall be sacredly serving

MT/ TR: reverence and godly fear. – CT: godly fear and awe.

13:4     MT/ TR: undefiled, but – CT: undefiled, for

13:5     MT: shall I be abandoning – TR/ CT: shall I abandon

13:6     MT/ TR: me, and – CT: me, {and}

13:9     MT/ CT: being carried away – TR: being carried about

MT/ TR: having been walking about – CT: walking about

13:15   MT/ TR: Therefore,  – CT: {Therefore}

13:18   MT/ TR: we are confident – CT: we are persuaded

13:21   MT/ TR: good work – CT: good [thing]

MT/ TR: into the ages of the ages [fig., forever and ever] – CT: into the ages {of the ages} [fig., forever {and ever}]

13:23   MT/ TR: the brother – CT: our brother

13:25   MT: all! So be it! – TR: all! So be it! Written to [the] Hebrews from Italy through Timothy – CT: all!


1:12     MT/ TR: the Lord promised – CT: He promised

1:19     MT/ TR: So then, my beloved brothers, let – CT: [This] you* know, my beloved brothers. But let

1:20     MT/ TR: produce – CT: accomplish

1:25     MT/ TR: this one—not – CT: not

1:26     MT/ TR: among you* – CT: omits

1:27     MT: God – TR/ CT: the God

2:3       MT/ TR: and you* – CT: but you*

MT/ TR: say to him – CT: say

MT/ TR: Be sitting here – CT: Be sitting

2:4       MT/ TR: and [so] did – CT: did

2:5       MT: poor [ones] of the world – TR: poor [ones] of this world – CT: poor [ones with respect] to the world

2:10     MT/ TR: will keep … will stumble – CT: shall keep … shall stumble

2:11     MT: you shall not – TR/ CT: you will not (twice)

MT/ TR: _you_ will not commit adultery yet you will murder – CT: _you_ do not commit adultery yet you do murder

2:13     MT/ CT: mercy. Mercy – TR: mercy, and mercy

2:15     MT/ TR: Now if – CT: If

MT/ TR: is lacking – CT: lacking

2:18     MT: [apart] from your works – TR: without your works – CT: without the works

MT/ TR: my faith – CT: the faith

2:24     MT/ TR: So you* – CT: You*

3:3       MT/ TR: Consider – CT: Now if

3:4       MT/ TR: shall be desiring. – CT: is desiring.

3:6       MT/ TR: Thus – CT: omits

3:8       MT/ TR: uncontrollable – CT: restless

3:9       MT/ TR: the God – CT: the Lord

3:12     MT/ TR: In the same way, no spring [is able] to produce salt and sweet water.  – CT: Nor [is] salt water [able] to produce sweet.

3:17     MT/ TR: impartial and sincere. – CT: impartial, sincere.

3:18     MT/ TR: the fruit – CT: [the] fruit

4:1       MT/ TR: and fights – CT: and from where [come] fights

4:2       MT/ CT: But you* – TR: You*

4:4       MT/ TR: Adulterers and adulteresses! – CT: Adulteresses!

4:5       MT/ TR: dwelt – CT: He [has] caused to dwell

4:7       MT: {But} stand up – TR: Stand up – CT: But stand up

4:10     MT/ TR: the Lord – CT: [the] Lord

4:11     MT/ TR: and judging – CT: or judging

4:12     MT/ CT: Lawgiver – TR: Lawgiver and Judge

MT/ CT: But who – TR: Who

MT/ TR: who judges the other? – CT: the one judging the neighbor?

4:13     MT/ TR: we shall travel – CT: we will travel

MT: shall spend – TR/ CT: will spend

MT: we shall carry on business and shall make profit – TR/ CT: we will carry on business and will make profit

4:14     MT: it will be a vapor – TR: it is a vapor – CT: you* are a vapor

MT: but then also – TR: but then – CT: and then

4:15     MT: we shall – TR/ CT: we will (twice)

5:5       MT/ TR: as in – CT: in

5:7       MT: for it – TR/ CT: on it

MT/ TR: rain. – CT: [rain].

5:9       MT/ CT: you* shall not be judged. – TR: you* shall not be condemned.

5:10     MT/ TR: my brothers – CT: brothers

5:11     MT: and the outcome [brought about by the] Lord; observe that He – TR/ CT: and saw the outcome [brought about by the] Lord, that the Lord

5:12     MT: into hypocrisy. – TR/ CT: under judgment.

5:14     MT/ TR: anointed him – CT: anointed {him}

5:16     MT/ TR: You* – CT: Therefore, you*

MT/ TR: transgressions – CT: sins

5:19     MT/ TR: Brothers – CT: My brothers

5:20     MT/ TR: a soul – CT: his soul


1:6       MT/ TR: it is – CT: {it is}

1:7       MT: to glory – TR/ CT: glory

1:8       MT: having known – TR/ CT: having seen

1:9       MT/ TR: your* – CT: {your*}

1:12     MT/ CT: but to you* – TR: but to us

MT/ TR: by [the] Holy Spirit  – CT: {by} [the] Holy Spirit

1:16     MT: Be becoming holy – TR: Become holy – CT: You* will be holy

MT/ TR: am holy – CT: {am} holy

1:21     MT/ TR: believing – CT: [who are] believers

1:22     MT/ TR: through [the] Spirit – CT: omits

MT/ TR: pure – CT: {pure}

1:23     MT/ TR: into the age – CT: omits, read: the living and abiding Word of God.

1:24     MT/ TR: glory of humanity – CT: its glory

2:3       MT/ TR: if indeed – CT: if

2:5       MT/ TR: house, a holy – CT: house for a holy

2:6       MT/ CT: For this reason, – TR: And so

MT/ TR: the Scripture – CT: Scripture

2:7       MT/ TR: the ones disobeying – CT: the ones disbelieving

2:13     MT/ TR: Therefore – CT: omits

2:14     MT/ CT: for … but – TR: on the one hand for … on the other hand

2:17     MT: Love – TR/ CT: Be loving

2:21     MT/ TR: on our behalf – CT: on your* behalf

MT/ CT: for you* – TR: for us

2:24     MT/ TR: of whom by His – CT: by whose

3:1       MT/ TR: the wives – CT: {the} wives

MT/ CT: they will be won – TR: they shall be won

3:7       MT/ CT: to be being hindered. – TR: to be being cut off [fig., hindered].

3:8       MT/ TR: friendly  – CT: humble

3:9       MT/ TR: knowing that – CT: because

3:10     MT/ TR: his tongue … his lips – CT: the tongue … the lips

3:11     MT/ TR: He – CT: But he

3:12     MT/ CT: [the] eyes – TR: the eyes

3:13     MT/ TR: imitators of – CT: zealous for

3:15     MT/ TR: the Lord God – CT: Christ [as] Lord

MT/ TR: hearts, and always – CT: hearts; always

MT/ TR: with gentleness – CT: _but_ with gentleness

3:16     MT/ TR: shall be speaking against you*  – CT: speak against [you*]

3:17     MT/ CT: might be willing – TR: wills

3:18     MT/ CT: bring you* – TR: bring us

3:20     MT/ CT: when kept eagerly awaiting – TR: when once … kept waiting

3:21     MT/ CT: which – TR: to which

4:1       MT/ TR: on our behalf  – CT: omits

4:3       MT/ TR: of life – CT: omits

MT: for you* – TR: for us – CT: omits

MT/ TR: to accomplish – CT: to have accomplished

4:7       MT/ TR: in your* prayers. – CT: for prayers.

4:8       MT/ TR: Now above – CT: Above

MT/ CT: love – TR: such love

MT/ TR: will cover – CT: covers

4:9       MT/ TR: complaints. – CT: complaint.

4:11     MT: as God – TR/ CT: which God

4:14     MT/ TR: On the one hand according to them, He is being blasphemed, on the other hand according to you*, He is glorified. – CT: omits

4:16     MT/ TR: matter. – CT: name.

4:17     MT/ TR: the time – CT: {the} time

4:19     MT/ TR: as to – CT: to

MT/ CT: their – TR: their own

5:1       MT/ TR: I encourage the elders – CT: Therefore, I encourage [the] elders

5:2       MT/ TR: overseeing – CT: {overseeing}

MT/ TR: willingly,  – CT: willingly, according to [the will of] God

5:5       MT/ TR: [continue] being subjected to one another; clothe yourselves with humility – CT: omits: [continue] being subjected, read: clothe yourselves with humility towards one another

5:8       MT/ CT: Your* – TR: Because your*

MT: someone to devour – TR: someone he shall devour – CT: {someone} to devour

5:9       MT/ TR: [the] world. – CT: {the} world.

5:10     MT/ CT: having called us – TR: having called you*

MT/ TR: Christ Jesus  – CT: Christ {Jesus}

MT/ TR: may … Himself make you* perfect – CT: will Himself make [you*] perfect

5:11     MT/ TR: the glory and – CT: omits

MT/ TR: into the ages of the ages [fig., forever and ever]! – CT: into the ages [fig., forever]!

5:12     MT/ TR: you* have stood firm. – CT: you* [are to] stand firm.

5:14     MT/ TR: Christ Jesus! So be it! – CT: Christ!


1:3       MT/ TR: by glory – CT: by [His] own glory

1:4       MT/ TR: [the] world – CT: the world

1:12     MT/ TR: I will not neglect – CT: I will intend

1:17     MT/ TR: the beloved – CT: My beloved

1:21     MT/ TR: men of God spoke – CT: men spoke from God

2:2       MT/ CT: flagrant sexually immoral ways – TR: destructive ways

2:3       MT: will not sleep – TR/ CT: is not asleep

2:4       MT/ CT: being kept – TR: having been kept

2:6       MT/ TR: to destruction – CT: {to destruction}

2:9       MT/ CT: temptation – TR: temptations

2:12     MT/ TR: they will be destroyed – CT: they will also be ruined

2:13     MT/ TR: receiving back a reward – CT: suffering wrong [as]

2:14     MT/ CT: covetous desire – TR: covetous desires

2:15     MT/ TR: having forsaken – CT: forsaking

MT/ CT: [the] right – TR: the right

2:17     MT/ TR: water, clouds – CT: clouds and mists

MT/ TR:  into [the] age – CT: omits

2:18     MT/ TR: actually having escaped – CT: barely escaping

2:19     MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

2:20     MT/ TR: the Lord – CT: {our} Lord

2:22     MT/ TR: But it – CT: It

3:2       MT/ CT: commandment of your* apostles – TR: commandment of us, the apostles

3:3       MT/ TR: scoffers – CT: scoffers {with} mocking

3:7       MT: His word – TR/ CT: the same word

3:9       MT/ TR: The Lord – CT: [The] Lord

MT/ TR: towards us – CT: towards you*

3:10     MT/ TR: the day – CT: [the] day

MT/ TR: in [the] night – CT: omits

MT/ TR: will be burnt up – CT: will be discovered

3:11     MT/ TR: Therefore – CT: So

MT/ TR: you* – CT: {you*}

3:16     MT/ TR: his letters – CT: [his] letters

3:18     MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits


1:3       MT/ TR: declare – CT: declare also

1:4       MT/ CT: our joy – TR:  your* joy

MT/ TR: we write to you* – CT:  _we_ write

1:7       MT/ TR: Jesus Christ  – CT: Christ

2:6       MT/ TR: in the same manner – CT: {in the same manner}

2:7       MT/ TR: Brothers – CT: Beloved

MT/ TR: heard from [the] beginning – CT: heard

2:13     MT/ TR: I am writing to you*, young children – CT: I wrote to you*, young children

2:18     MT/ TR: the antichrist – CT – antichrist

2:20     MT/ TR: you* know all [things] – CT: you* all know

2:23     MT: omits – TR/ CT: The one confessing the Son has the Father also.

2:24     MT/ TR: Therefore, what – CT: What

2:27     MT/ TR: as that same– CT: as His

MT/ TR: you* will abide – CT: you* abide

2:28     MT/ TR:  when – CT: whenever

MT/ TR: we shall be having – CT: we shall have

2:29     MT/ TR: that everyone – CT: also that everyone

3:1       MT/ TR: children of God! – CT: children of God, and [so] we are!

MT: know you* – TR/ CT: know us

3:2       MT/ TR: But we know – CT: We know

3:5       MT/ TR: our sins – CT: sins

3:13     MT/ TR: Stop – CT: {And} stop

MT/ TR: my brothers – CT: brothers

3:14     MT/ TR: his brother abides – CT: abides

3:15     MT: in himself – TR/ CT: in him

3:16     MT/ CT: the love – TR: the love of God

MT/ TR: to be laying down – CT: to lay down

3:18     MT/ TR: My little children – CT: Little children

MT/ CT: the tongue – TR: tongue

MT/ CT: in deed – TR: [in] deed

3:19     MT/ TR: And by – CT: {And} by

MT/ TR: we know – CT: we will know

MT/ TR: hearts – CT: heart

3:21     MT/ TR: our heart – CT: {our} heart

3:23     MT: commandment. – TR/ CT: commandment to us.

4:2       MT: is known – TR/ CT: you* know

4:3       MT/ TR: Christ [as] having come in the flesh – CT: omits

4:10     MT/ TR: loved God – CT: have loved God

4:16     MT: God {abides} in him. –  CT: God abides in him. – TR: God in him.

4:19     MT/ TR: love Him – CT: love

4:20     MT/ TR: how is he able to be loving God whom he has not seen? – CT: he is not able to be loving God whom he has not seen.

5:1       MT/ TR: loves also – CT: loves {also}

5:2       MT/ TR: are keeping – CT: are doing

5:4       MT: your* faith! – TR/ CT: our faith!

5:5       MT/ TR: Who – CT: [But] who

5:6       MT/ CT: Jesus Christ – TR: Jesus the Christ

MT/ TR: the blood – CT: by the blood

5:7,8    MT/ CT: 5:7 Because three are the Ones testifying: 5:8 the Spirit and the water and the blood, and the three are into the one. – TR: 5:7 Because three are the Ones testifying in heaven–the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit–and these three are one. 5:8 And three are the Ones testifying on the earth–the Spirit and the water and the blood–and the three are into the one.

5:9       MT/ TR: which – CT: that

5:10     MT/ TR: in him – CT: TR/ CT in himself

5:13     MT/ TR: and so that you* shall be believing [or, continuing to believe] in the name of the Son of God. – CT: omits

5:18     MT/ TR: keeps himself – CT: keeps him

5:20     MT: {the} eternal – CT: eternal – TR: the eternal

5:21     MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits


1:3       MT/ CT: with us – TR: with you*

MT/ TR: Lord Jesus – CT: Jesus

1:7       MT/ TR: entered into – CT: went out into

1:8       MT/ TR: we do not lose – CT: you* do not lose

MT/ TR: we shall receive – CT: you* shall receive

1:9       MT/ TR: transgressing – CT: going too far

1:12     MT/ TR: to come to you* – CT: to be with you*

1:13     MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits


1:4       MT/ TR: truth – CT: the truth

1:5       MT/ TR: for the strangers – CT: this [especially to] strangers

1:7       MT/ CT: the Name – TR: His name

MT/ TR: the Gentiles. – CT: the pagans.

1:8       MT/ TR: to be receiving – CT: to be supporting

1:9       MT/ TR: I wrote – CT: I wrote something

1:11     MT/ CT: the one doing evil – TR: but the one doing evil

1:12     MT/ TR: you* know – CT: you know

1:13     MT/ TR: many things to be writing – CT: many things to write to you

MT/ TR: want to write – CT: want to be writing

1:14     MT/ TR: Peace to you! Our friends greet you; be greeting our friends by name. CT: Brackets passage and gives it as verse 1:15


1:1       MT/ TR: having been sanctified – CT: having been loved

1:3       MT/ TR: the common – CT: our common

1:4       MT/ TR: Master God – CT: Master

1:5       MT/ TR: _you*_ once for all knowing this, that the Lord – CT: {you*} knowing all [things], that {the} Lord once for all

1:12     MT/ TR: hidden – CT: the hidden

MT/ CT: feasting together – TR: feasting together with you*

MT/ CT: being carried along – TR: being carried about

1:13     MT/ CT: into [the] age – TR: into the age.

1:15     MT/ TR: all the ungodly ones – CT: every soul

1:18     MT/ TR: that in [the] last time – CT: {that} at [the] end of {the} time

1:19     MT/ CT: the ones causing divisions – TR: the ones separating themselves

1:22     MT/ TR: making a distinction – CT: [who are] doubting

1:23     MT/ TR: be saving with fear – CT: be saving

MT/ CT: a fire – TR: the fire

MT/ TR: fire, – CT: fire, but on some be having mercy with fear,

1:24     MT: keep them – TR/ CT: keep you*

1:25     MT/ TR: To [the] only wise God our Savior, [be] glory and majesty, dominion and authority, both now and to all the ages [fig., forever]! So be it! – CT: To [the] only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, [be] glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and to all the ages [fig., forever]! So be it!

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