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    Most Important Textual Variants in the New Testament

This page is taken from the first appendix for the second edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation.

Appendix #1

Important Textual Variants

This second edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament of the Holy Bible is based on the forthcoming second edition of the Byzantine Majority Text. The translator believes this Greek text most accurately reflects the original manuscripts. However, there are two other Greek texts which are often used for Bible translation. These are the Textus Receptus (which the King James Version and the New King James Version® are based on) and the Critical Text (which versions like the New American Standard Bible®, the New International Version®, and the New Living Translation® are based on).

For ease in comparing Bible translations, this appendix lists the most important textual variants between these three Greek texts.

The Textus Receptus and Critical Text variants are translated as they would appear in the ALT if the ALT was based on these texts. Alternative translations and other bracketed material seen in the ALT are omitted here unless the variant affects such material. However, words added for clarity are included and bracketed as they would be in the ALT. But some versions do not bracket added words. So these words might appear in another translation without any notation.

The following are the primary standards used to decide if a variant was of sufficient importance to be included in this appendix. A variant was included if:

1. The length is significant, such as one Greek text including an entire verse or a significant portion of a verse that another Greek text omits, such as Acts 8:36,37 and Acts 9:5,6.

2. It significantly affects the interpretation of the verse, such as the inclusion or omission of “to repentance” in Matthew 9:13.

3. It bears on a theological issue, such as the inclusion or omission of “the One being in heaven” in John 3:13.

4. It bears on the reliability of the NT, such as the name of a king being listed as Asa or Asaph in Matthew 1:7,8 (the OT has Asa).

5. The differences between texts are rather striking or apparent.

For Further Information

These variants are taken from the more complete lists of textual variants posted on the ALT section of Darkness to Light’s Web site (www.zeolla.org/christian/alt/).

These lists might seem rather extensive. But in reality, passages in which variants occur between these three Greek texts constitute a very small percentage of the entire text. So for vast majority of the New Testament, the reader can be confident there is little question as to the original text. And when there is a question, most of the time, the differences are very minor. But this appendix will show the relatively rare times when there are important differences.

For an extensive discussion on why the translator believes the Byzantine Majority Text is the most accurate of the three Greek texts compared here, see my book Differences Between Bible Versions. This book also looks in detail at the different translation principles used in Bible translation. It is available from the publisher AuthorHouse (www.AuthorHouse.com ~ 1-888-280-7715).

Greek Texts

Byzantine Majority Text: The Greek New Testament: Byzantine Textform. Second Edition. Complied, arranged, and thoroughly updated by Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont. Publication forthcoming.

Textus Receptus: F.H.A Scrivener’s 1894 edition.

Critical Text: The Greek New Testament edited by Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Carlo M. Martini, Bruce M. Metzger, and Allen Wikgren, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 1966, 1968, 1975 by the United Bible Societies and 1993, 1994 by Deutsche Bibelgesellsschaft (German Bible Society), Stuggart (which is identical to the Nestle-Aland 27th Edition of the Greek New Testament).

Abbreviations and Notations

In addition to the abbreviations and notations seen in the ALT itself and which are listed on the page Abbreviations and Notations, the following abbreviations and notations are used in this appendix:

CT: - Critical Text

MT: - Byzantine Majority Text.

TR: - Textus Receptus

MT/ TR: - Both indicated Greek texts have the same reading.

eating … to God - Words which are identical in all Greek texts have not been written out, or the entire passage enclosed by and including the words around the ellipse are omitted by the other Greek text.

brackets - The Greek text considers the word(s) to be of doubtful authenticity.

double brackets - The Greek text considers the word(s) to be of very doubtful authenticity.

omits - The word(s) do not appear in the indicated Greek text.

{the} - Indicates words for which the Greek text considers the textual evidence to be divided as to whether they are original or not.

The Variants


1:7 MT/ TR: Asa - CT: Asaph

1:8 MT/ TR: Asa - CT: Asaph

1:10 MT/ TR: Amon - CT: Amos (twice)

5:22 MT/ TR: without cause - CT: omits

6:13 MT/ TR: Because Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory into the ages! So be it! - CT: omits

9:13 MT/ TR: to repentance - CT: omits

12:47 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: brackets verse

15:5 MT: ‘and by no means shall he honor his father or his mother.’ - TR: moves this statement to the beginning of verse 6 - CT: moves this statement to the beginning of verse 6, and omits or his mother

16:2 MT/ TR: includes all of verse 2 and verse 3 - CT: brackets everything after to them in verse 2 and all of verse 3.

17:21 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

18:11 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

19:9 MT/ TR: and the one having married the one having been divorced commits adultery - CT: omits

19:17 MT/ TR: “Why do you call Me good? No one [is] good except One-God. - CT: “Why are you asking Me about the good? [There] is [only] One [who] is good.

20:16 MT/ TR: for many are called, but few chosen - CT: omits

20:22 MT: drinking, or … baptized. - TR: drinking, and … baptized. - CT: drinking. (omits or to be baptized [with] the baptism which I am baptized)

20:23 MT/ TR: and the baptism which I am baptized [with], you* will be baptized - CT: omits

21:44 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: brackets verse

23:13 MT: includes verse 13 - TR: includes verse 13 but reverses verses 13 and 14 and moves But to the new verse 14 - CT: omits verse 13 and numbers verse 14 as verse 13 and includes But in the new verse 13

23:25 MT: unrighteousness. - TR/ CT: lack of self-control.

24:36 MT/ TR: heavens, - CT: heavens, nor the Son,

25:13 MT/ TR: in which the Son of Humanity is coming. - CT: omits

26:28 MT/ TR: new - CT: omits

26:39 MT: having approached [God] a little [distance away] - TR/ CT: having gone a little beyond [them]

26:61 MT: But later two false witnesses having come forward, - TR/ CT: Moves this phrase to the end of verse 60

27:34 MT/ TR: wine vinegar - CT: wine

27:35 MT/ CT: a lot. - TR: a lot, so that the [word] having been spoken by the prophet should be fulfilled, “They divided My garments among themselves and over My clothing they cast a lot.” [Psalm 22:18]

28:9 MT/ TR: But as they were going to tell to His disciples, - CT: omits


1:1 MT/ TR: God’s Son - CT: {God's Son}

1:2 MT/ TR: in the prophets, - CT: in Isaiah the prophet,

2:17 MT/ TR: to repentance - CT: omits

3:19 MT/ TR: And they come into a house. - CT: moves this sentence to beginning of verse 20

6:11 MT/ TR: Positively, I say to you*, it will be more tolerable for Sodom or Gomorrah in [the] day of judgment than for that city.” - CT: omits entire sentence

7:8 MT/ TR: baptisms of pitchers and cups, and many such other similar things you* do. - CT: omits this part of the sentence

7:16 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

9:38 MT/ TR: who does not follow us - CT: omits

9:44 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

9:46 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

9:49 MT/ TR: and every sacrifice will be salted with salt. - CT: omits

10:7 MT/ TR: and will be joined to his wife. - CT: {and will be joined to his wife}

11:26 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

12:15 MT/ TR: “Should we give, or should we not give?” - CT: moves sentence to the end of verse 14

13:14 MT/ TR: the one having been spoken [of] by Daniel the prophet - CT: omits

14:24 MT/ TR: New - CT: omits

14:27 MT/ TR: because of Me on this night - CT: omits

14:70 MT/ TR: and your accent is like [theirs] - CT: omits

15:3 MT/ CT: [things]. - TR: [things], but He answered nothing.

15:28 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

16:9-20 MT/ TR: includes passage - CT: double brackets passage. The CT also includes a shorter ending in double brackets. It reads:

Then they promptly reported all these [things] having been instructed to Peter and the [ones] with [him]. Then also Jesus Himself sent out through them from [the] rising [of the sun] [fig., from the east] and as far as [the] west the sacred and imperishable proclamation of the eternal salvation. Amen.


1:28 MT/ TR: You have been blessed among women. - CT: omits

2:14 MT/ TR: earth, good will among people! - CT: earth among people of good will!

2:33 MT/ TR: Joseph - CT: His father

4:4 MT/ TR: but on every word of God. - CT: omits

4:8 MT/ TR: Get behind Me, Satan! - CT: omits

8:45 MT/ TR: and the [ones] with him - CT: omits

MT/ TR: and You say, ‘Who [is] the one having touched Me?’” - CT: omits

8:48 MT/ TR: Take courage - CT: omits

9:55,56 MT/ TR: 55and said, “You* do not know of what sort of spirit you* are! 56For the Son of Humanity did not come to destroy people’s lives, but to save!” - CT: omits passage

11:2 MT/ TR: Our Father, the [One] in the heavens, - CT: Father,

MT/ TR: let Your will be done, as in heaven, [so] also on the earth - CT: omits

11:4 MT/ TR: but deliver us from evil - CT: omits

11:11 MT/ TR: a loaf of bread, he will not give to him a stone, will he? Or also - CT: omits

11:44 MT/ TR: scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! - CT: omits

12:39 MT/ TR: would have kept watch and - CT: omits

17:9 MT/ TR: I think not. - CT: omits

17:35 MT/ CT: does not include next verse - TR: includes verse 36: “Two [people] will be in the field: the one will be taken, and the other will be left.”

20:23 MT/ TR: “Why do you* test Me? - CT: omits

20:30 MT/ TR: took the wife, and this [man] died childless. - CT: omits

22:43,44 MT/ TR: includes verses - CT: double-brackets verses

22:64 MT/ TR: kept striking Him on the face and - CT: omits

23:17 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

23:34 MT/ TR: But Jesus was saying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” - CT: double-brackets sentence

24:42 MT/ TR: and a honeycomb from a beehive - CT: omits

24:46 MT/ TR: and thus it was necessary - CT: omits


1:18 MT/ TR: Son - CT: God

1:27 MT/ TR: who has come to be before me, - CT: omits

3:13 MT/ TR: the One being in heaven - CT: omits

3:15 MT/ TR: shall not perish, but - CT: omits

5:3 MT/ TR: waiting for the moving of the water. - CT: omits

5:4 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse

5:16 MT/ TR: and were seeking to kill Him, - CT: omits

6:47 MT/ TR: in Me - CT: omits

6:69 MT/ TR: the Christ, the Son of the living God! - CT: the Holy [One] of God!

7:8 MT/ TR: not yet - CT: not

7:53-8:11 MT/ TR: includes passage - CT: double brackets passage

8:9 MT/ TR: and by the conscience being convicted - CT: omits

8:10 MT/ TR: and having seen no one but the woman, - CT: omits

8:59 MT/ TR: having passed through [the] middle of them, and so He passed by. - CT: omits

11:41 MT/ TR: from where the one having died was lying - CT: omits

16:16 MT/ TR: because I am going away to the Father. - CT: omits

21:15 MT/ TR: of Jonah - CT: of John (and in next two verses)


2:30 MT/ TR: according to [the] flesh, to raise up the Christ - CT: omits

3:20 MT/ CT: appointed for - TR: previously preached to

4:25 MT/ TR: by [the] mouth of David - CT: by the Holy Spirit, [through] [the] mouth of David

7:16 MT/ TR: the [father] of Shechem - CT: in Shechem

8:36 MT/ CT: does not include next verse - TR: includes verse 37: Then Philip said, “If you believe out of your whole heart, it is permitted.” So answering, he said, “I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God.”

9:5,6 MT/ CT: 5Then he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. 6But get up and enter …” - TR: 5Then he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. [It is] difficult for you to be kicking against [the] goads.” 6So trembling and astonished, he said, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” And the Lord [said] to him, “Get up and enter …”

9:28 MT: and speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, - TR: moves phrase to verse 29 - CT: omits Jesus

10:6 MT/ CT: sea. - TR: sea; this [man] will tell you what it is necessary [for] you to be doing.

10:11 MT/ TR: having been tied at [the] four corners and - CT: omits

10:21 MT/ CT: men, - TR: men, the ones having been sent from Cornelius to him,

10:32 MT/ TR: who having arrived, will speak to you - CT: omits

13:23 MT: brought to Israel salvation - TR: raised up to Israel a Savior, Jesus - CT: brought to Israel a Savior, Jesus

15:18 MT/ TR: “Known from [the] ages to God is all His works. - CT: know from [the] ages.

15:24 MT/ TR: saying [for you*] to continue being circumcised and to be keeping the Law - CT: omits

15:33 MT/ CT: does not include next verse - TR: includes verse 34: But it seemed good to Silas to remain there.

21:15 MT/ CT: having prepared - TR: having packed and carried off [our things]

21:22 MT/ TR: It is certainly necessary [for] the congregation to come together, for they will hear - CT: They will certainly hear

21:25 MT/ TR: judged [that they need] to be observing no such [thing], except to be - CT: judged [for them] to be

23:9 MT/ TR: but if a spirit spoke to him, or an angel, let us not be fighting against God. - CT: but perhaps a spirit spoke to him, or an angel.

24:6-8 MT/ CT: 6who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, 8from whom you will be able, … [Note: There is no verse 7 in MT/ CT.] - TR: 6who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, and we wanted to be judging [him] according to our Law. 7But Lysias the commanding officer having come along, with much violence took [him] away out of our hands, 8having ordered his accusers to be coming before you, from whom you will be able, …

28:16 MT/ TR: the centurion handed the prisoners over to the camp commander; but - CT: omits

28:29 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse


1:16 MT/ TR: of Christ - CT: omits

8:1 MT/ TR: [who] do not walk about according to flesh, but according to [the] Spirit. - CT: omits

8:26 MT/ TR: on our behalf - CT: omits

9:11 MT/ TR: not of works, but of the One calling), - CT: moves to beginning of verse 12

9:28 MT/ TR: in righteousness, because [the] matter having been ended abruptly - CT: omits

10:15 MT/ TR: of the ones proclaiming the Gospel of peace - CT: omits

11:6 MT/ TR: but if by works, it is no longer grace, otherwise work is no longer work. - CT: omits

12:2 MT: [you* are] to stop conforming yourselves to this age, but [are] to continue being transformed - TR/ CT: stop conforming yourselves to this age, but continue being transformed

14:6 MT/ TR: and the one not honoring the day, to [the] Lord he does not honor [it]. - CT: omits

14:21 MT/ TR: or is made to fall, or becomes weak - CT: omits

14:24-26 MT: includes in this location - TR/ CT: includes as 16:25-27

16:24 MT/ TR: includes verse - CT: omits verse


2:4 MT/ TR: human - CT: omits

6:20 MT/ TR: and in your* spirit, which are God's. - CT: omits

10:28 MT/ TR: “for the earth [is] the Lord's, and its fullness.” - CT: omits

11:24 MT/ TR: Take, eat - CT: omits

MT/ TR: being broken - CT: omits

11:29 MT/ TR: unworthily - CT: omits

MT/ TR: of the Lord - CT: omits

15:55 MT/ TR: sting? O realm of the dead, where [is] your victory? - CT: victory? Death, where [is] your sting?

16:24 MT: Jesus. So be it! - TR: Jesus. So be it! To [the] Corinthians first was written from Philippi through Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus and Timothy. - CT: Jesus.


1:6 MT: and our hope … you*. If we … and salvation, - TR: If we … and salvation; and our hope … you*. - CT: moves and our hope … you* to verse 7.

8:7 MT/ TR: your* love for us - CT: our love for you*

13:12-14 MT/ TR: Numbers verses as given - CT: Moves all of verse 13 to verse 12, and renumbers verse 14 as verse 13

13:14 MT: all! So be it! - TR: all! So be it! To [the] Corinthians second was written from Philippi [a city] of Macedonia through Titus and Luke. - CT: all!


3:1 MT/ TR: [so as] not to be obeying the truth - CT: omits

6:18 MT/ CT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To [the] Galatians was written from Rome.


1:6 MT/ TR: by which He bestowed grace - CT: which He graciously bestowed

1:18 MT/ CT: heart - TR: understanding

3:9 MT/ CT: administration - TR: fellowship

MT/ TR: through Jesus Christ - CT: omits

3:14 MT/ TR: our Lord Jesus Christ - CT: omits

5:30 MT/ TR: from His flesh and from His bones - CT: omits

6:24 MT: incorruptibility. So be it! - TR: incorruptibility. To [the] Ephesians was written from Rome through Tychicus. - CT: incorruptibility.


1:16,17 MT/ TR: numbers verses as given - CT: reverses order of verses

3:16 MT/ TR: with [the] same standard, to be thinking the same [thing]. - CT: omits

4:23 MT: with you* all. So be it! - TR: with you* all. So be it! To [the] Philippians was written by Paul, through Epaphroditus. - CT: with your* spirit.


1:2 MT/ TR: and [the] Lord Jesus Christ - CT: omits

1:14 MT/ CT: redemption, the forgiveness - TR: redemption, through His blood, the forgiveness

2:2 MT/ TR: of both God the Father and of Christ - CT: of God, [which is] Christ

2:18 MT/ TR: has not seen - CT: has seen

4:8 MT/ TR: he shall know the things concerning you* - CT: you* shall know the things concerning us

4:18 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To the Colossians was written by Paul through Tychicus and Onesimus. - CT: omits


1:1 MT/ TR: from God our Father and [the] Lord Jesus Christ! - CT: omits

2:6 MT/ TR: being able to be burdensome as Christ's apostles. - CT: moves to verse 7

3:2 MT/ TR: a servant of God and our co-worker - CT: a co-worker of God

4:1 MT/ TR: God, - CT: God (just as indeed you* are walking),

5:28 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To [the] Thessalonians first was written from Athens. - CT: omits


2:3 MT/ TR: sin - CT: lawlessness

2:4 MT/ TR: as God - CT: omits

2:13 MT/ TR: from [the] beginning - CT: as [the] first-fruits

3:18 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To [the] Thessalonians second was written from Athens. - CT: omits


1:4 MT/ TR: disputes - CT: speculation

MT/ CT: administration - TR: building up

3:3 MT/ TR: not greedy for dishonest gain, - CT: omits

3:16 MT/ TR: God - CT: who

4:10 MT/ TR: are insulted - CT: strive

6:5 MT/ TR: Be withdrawing from such people. - CT: omits

6:19 MT/ TR: eternal - CT: real

6:21 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To Timothy first was written from Laodicea, which is [the] capital city of Phrygia Pacatiana. - CT: omits


4:22 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To Timothy second was written from Rome when Paul was brought [the] second [time] before Nero the emperor. - CT: omits


3:15 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To Titus, chosen as [the] first overseer of [the] assembly of the Cretans, was written from Nicopolis of Macedonia. - CT: omits


1:2 MT/ TR: beloved - CT: sister

1:11 MT: whom I sent back - TR/ CT: moves to verse 12, and CT adds to you

1:25 MT: So be it! - TR: So be it! To Philemon was written by Paul from Rome through Onesimus, a household servant. - CT: omits


1:1 MT/ CT: in these last days He spoke to us by [His] Son - TR: moves this phrase to the beginning of verse 2

1:3 MT/ TR: by Himself - CT: omits

2:7 MT/ CT: honor, - TR: honor, and set him over the works of Your hands,

3:6 MT/ TR: firm to [the] end - CT: omits

7:21 MT/ TR: according to the order of Melchisedek - CT: omits

10:1 MT: they are never able - TR/ CT: is never able [i.e. referring to the Law]

13:25 MT: all! So be it! - TR: all! So be it! Written to [the] Hebrews from Italy through Timothy - CT: all!


4:4 MT/ TR: Adulterers and adulteresses! - CT: Adulteresses!

4:5 MT/ TR: dwelt - CT: He [has] caused to dwell

4:12 MT/ CT: Lawgiver - TR: Lawgiver and Judge

5:12 MT: into hypocrisy. - TR/ CT: under judgment.


1:22 MT/ TR: through [the] Spirit - CT: omits

1:23 MT/ TR: [the] word of God [which is] living and remaining into the age. - CT: [the] living and abiding Word of God.

3:13 MT/ TR: imitators of - CT: zealous for

3:15 MT/ TR: the Lord God - CT: Christ [as] Lord

4:14 MT/ TR: On the one hand according to them, He is being blasphemed, on the other hand according to you*, He is glorified. - CT: omits

5:2 MT/ TR: willingly, nor - CT: willingly, according to [the will of] God, nor

5:5 MT/ TR: [continue] being subjected to one another. Clothe yourselves with humility - CT: clothe yourselves with humility towards one another


3:10 MT/ TR: will be burned up - CT: will be discovered


2:20 MT/ TR: you* know all [things] - CT: you* all know

2:23 MT: the Father. - TR/ CT: the Father. The one confessing the Son has the Father also.

3:1 MT/ TR: children of God! - CT: children of God, and [so] we are!

4:3 MT/ TR: Christ [as] having come in the flesh - CT: omits

5:7,8 MT/ CT: 7Because three are the Ones testifying: 8the Spirit and the water and the blood, and the three are into the one. - TR: 7Because three are the Ones testifying in heaven-the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit-and these three are one. 8And three are the Ones testifying on the earth-the Spirit and the water and the blood-and the three are into the one.

5:13 MT/ TR: and so that you* shall be believing in the name of the Son of God. - CT: omits


1:9 MT/ TR: transgressing - CT: going too far


1:14 MT/ TR: Peace to you! Our friends greet you. Be greeting our friends by name. CT: Brackets passage and gives it as verse 15


1:1 MT/ TR: having been sanctified - CT: having been loved

1:5 MT/ TR: you* knowing this once for all, that the Lord - CT: {you*} knowing all [things], that {the} Lord once for all

1:22 MT/ TR: making a distinction - CT: [who are] doubting

1:23 MT/ TR: be saving with fear - CT: be saving

MT/ TR: fire, - CT: fire, but on some be having mercy with fear,

1:25 MT/ TR: To [the] only wise God our Savior, [be] glory and majesty, dominion and authority, both now and to all the ages! So be it! - CT: To [the] only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, [be] glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and to all the ages! So be it!

The Revelation

1:8 MT/ CT: Omega, - TR: Omega, [the] Beginning and [the] End,

2:5 MT/ TR: quickly - CT: omits

2:27 MT/ TR: as I also have received [authority] from My Father. - CT: moves this phrase to the beginning of verse 28.

3:2 MT: which you were about to be throwing out - TR/ CT: which are about to die

5:14 MT/ CT: worship. - TR: worship before [the One] living into the ages of the ages.

7:5 MT/ CT: Reuben - TR: Reuben twelve thousand having been sealed. And the TR adds having been sealed after each tribe through verse eight

8:7 MT/ CT: and the third of the earth was burned up, - TR: omits

8:13 MT/ CT: eagle - TR: angel

9:16 MT: ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 100 million] - TR: two [times] ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million] - CT: twenty thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million]

15:3 MT/ CT: the nations! - TR: the holy ones!

19:12 MT: names having been written [on them], and - TR/ CT: omit

20:2 MT: the one leading astray the whole inhabited earth, - TR/ CT: omit

20:14 MT/ CT: death, the lake of fire. - TR: death.

21:6 MT: I have become the Alpha - TR: It has taken place! I am the Alpha - CT: They have taken place! I {am} the Alpha

21:24 MT/ CT: nations - TR: nations of the ones being saved

MT: will bring to it [the] glory and honor of the nations into it. - TR: bring their glory and honor into it. - CT: will bring their glory into it.

22:14 MT/ TR: the ones doing His commandments - CT: the ones washing their robes

22:19 MT/ CT: from the tree of life - TR: from [the] Scroll of the Life

22:21 MT: the Lord Jesus Christ [be] with all the holy ones. So be it! - TR: our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you* all. So be it! - CT: the Lord Jesus [be] with all.


This list of variants was posted on this site January 25, 2002.
It was updated to how it will appear in the ALT second edition September 12, 2004.

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