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Variants: Luke

This page lists significant textual variants in the Gospel of Luke.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.

1:28     MT/ TR: _You_ have been blessed among women. – CT: omits

1:35     MT/ CT: born – TR: born from you

1:49     MT/ TR: marvelous – CT: great

1:76     MT/ TR: [the] face of – CT: omits

1:78     MT/ TR: [has] visited – CT: will visit

2:5       MT/ TR: the woman – CT: the one

2:14     MT/ TR: earth, good will among people! – CT: earth among people of good will!

2:15     MT/ TR: that the men, – CT: omits

2:17     MT/ TR: they spread the news – CT: they made known

2:21     MT/ CT: circumcise Him – TR: circumcise the young Child

2:22     MT/ CT: their – TR: her

2:33     MT/ TR: Joseph – CT: His father

2:38     MT/ TR: to the Lord – CT: to God

2:40     MT/ TR: in spirit – CT: omits

2:42     MT/ TR: to Jerusalem – CT: omits

2:43     MT/ TR: Joseph and His mother – CT: His parents

3:2       MT/ CT: high priest – TR: high priests

3:17     MT/ TR: hand, and He will thoroughly – CT: hand to thoroughly

            MT/ TR: will gather – CT: to gather

3:19     MT/ CT: wife of his – TR: wife of Philip his

3:26     MT/ TR: Joseph, the [son] of Judah – CT: Josech, the [son] of Joda

3:29     MT/ TR: Jose – CT: Joshua

3:33     MT/ TR: Aram, the [son] of Hezron – CT: Admin, the [son] of Arni, the [son] of Hezron

4:2       MT/ TR: afterward – CT: omits

4:4       MT/ TR: _but_ on every word of God. – CT: omits

4:5       MT/ TR: the Devil – CT: he

           MT/ TR: into a high mountain – CT: omits

4:8       MT/ TR: Get behind Me, Satan! – CT: omits

           MT/ CT: It – TR: For it

4:18     MT/ TR: to heal the ones having been broken [in] heart – CT: omits

4:41     MT/ TR: are the Christ, the Son – CT: are the Son

4:44     MT/ TR: Galilee – CT: Judea

5:5       MT/ TR: net – CT: nets

5:15     MT/ TR: by Him – CT: omits

5:17     MT/ TR: them – CT: omits

5:30     MT/ TR: their scribes and the Pharisees – CT: the Pharisees and their scribes

5:33     MT/ TR: Why do – CT: omits, making the question a statement

5:36     MT/ TR: puts a patch of new clothing on old clothing – CT: having torn a patch of new clothing, puts [it] on old clothing

MT/ TR: the new [cloth] tears, and also – CT: he will both tear the new and

MT: [the patch] – TR: [the] patch – CT: the patch

5:38     MT/ TR: and both are preserved together – CT: omits

5:39     MT/ TR: immediately – CT: omits

6:1       MT/ TR: second-first – CT: omits

6:2       MT/ TR: to be doing on – CT: omits

6:7       MT: watching – TR/ CT: watching Him

6:9       MT/ TR: you* something: Is it – CT: you* if it is

MT: kill – TR/ CT: destroy

6:10     MT/ CT: to him – TR: to the man

MT/ TR: whole like the other – CT: omits

6:17     MT/ TR: crowd of His – CT: large crowd of His

6:25     MT/ TR: satisfied – CT: satisfied now

MT/ TR: to you* – CT: omits

6:26     MT: be when – TR: be to you* when all – CT: be when all

6:31     MT/ TR: _you*_ also – CT: omits

6:38     MT/ TR: with the same measure with which – CT: which measure

6:43     MT/ TR: nor – CT: nor again

6:45     MT/ TR: treasure of his heart – CT: omits (second occurrence)

6:48     MT/ TR: for it had been founded on the solid rock. – CT: because it had been built well.

7:6       MT/ TR: friends to Him – CT: friends

7:10     MT/ TR: ailing – CT: omits

7:11     MT/ TR: many of – CT: omits

7:19     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: [the] Lord

7:28     MT/ TR: the Baptist – CT: omits

7:31     MT/ CT: “To – TR: Now the Lord said, “To

7:32     MT/ TR: mourned for you* – CT: mourned

7:44     MT/ TR: the hairs of her head – CT: her hairs

8:3       MT/ CT: them – TR: Him

8:21     MT/ TR: it – CT: [it]

8:26     MT/ TR: Gadarenes – CT: Gerasenes

8:31     MT: he kept imploring – TR/ CT: they kept imploring

8:34     MT/ CT: fled and reported – TR: fled, and having gone, reported

8:37     MT/ TR: Gadarenes – CT: Gerasenes

8:40     MT/ TR: it happened – CT: omits

8:45     MT/ TR: and the [ones] with him – CT: omits

MT/ TR: and You say, … Me?” – CT: omits

8:48     MT/ TR: Take courage – CT: omits

8:51     MT/ TR: in – CT: in with Him

8:54     MT/ TR: having sent [them] all outside, and – CT: omits

9:1       MT/ CT: the twelve – TR: His twelve disciples

9:7       MT/ TR: by Him – CT: omits

9:10     MT/ TR: a deserted place [belonging to] – CT: omits

9:22     MT: to rise – TR/ CT: to be raised

9:23     MT: cross – TR/ CT: cross daily

9:35     MT/ TR: the Beloved – CT: the One having been chosen

9:47     MT/ TR: having seen – CT: knowing

9:48     MT/ TR: will be – CT: is

9:50     MT/ TR: us – CT: you* (twice)

9:54     MT/ TR: as also Elijah did – CT: omits

9:55-6  MT: {and said … save.} – TR: includes passage – CT: omits passage

9:57     MT/ TR: Lord. – CT: omits

9:59     MT/ TR: Lord – CT: omits

10:1     MT/ TR: seventy – CT: seventy {-two}

10:11   MT/ TR: to us – CT: to our feet

MT/ TR: to you* – CT: omits

10:15   MT/ TR: the one having been exalted as far as the heaven, you – CT: you will not be exalted as far as the heaven, will you? You

10:17   MT/ TR: seventy – CT: seventy {-two}

10:19   MT/ TR: I give – CT: I have given

10:20   MT/ CT: but – TR: but rather

10:22   MT: And turning to the disciples, He said, – TR/ CT: omits

10:30   MT/ TR: as it turned out – CT: omits

10:33   MT/ TR: seen him – CT: seen

10:35   MT/ TR: when he departed – CT: omits

10:38   MT/ TR: into her house – CT: omits

10:39   MT/ TR: of Jesus – CT: of [the] Lord

10:41   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: the Lord

11:2     MT/ TR: Our Father, the [One] in the heavens, – CT: Father,

MT/ TR: let Your will … earth – CT: omits

11:4     MT/ TR: _but_ deliver us from evil – CT: omits

11:6     MT: a friend – TR/CT: my friend

11:11   MT/ TR: a loaf of bread, he will not give to him a stone, will he? Or also – CT: omits

11:12   MT/ TR: if – CT: omits

MT/ TR: he will not give to him a scorpion, will he? – CT: will he give to him a scorpion?

11:26   MT/ CT: having come – TR: having entered

11:29   MT/ TR: is evil – CT: is an evil generation

MT/ TR: the prophet – CT: omits

11:34   MT/ TR: the eye – CT: your eye

11:37   MT/ TR: certain – CT: omits

11:44   MT/ TR: scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! – CT: omits

11:48   MT/ TR: you* bear witness – CT: you* are witnesses

MT/ TR: their tombs – CT: [their tombs]

11:53   MT/ TR: Now while He [was] speaking these [things] to them – CT: And when He left from there

11:54   MT/ TR: seeking – CT: omits

MT/ TR: so that …Him – CT: omits

12:15   MT/ TR: against – CT: against all

12:18   MT/ TR: my crops – CT: the grain

12:31   MT/ TR: the kingdom of God – CT: His kingdom

MT/ TR: all – CT: omits

12:38   MT/ TR: And if he comes – CT: Whether

MT/ TR: third watch – CT: third

MT/ TR: slaves – CT: [slaves]

12:39   MT/ TR: would have kept watch and – CT: omits

12:56   MT/ TR: you* are not interpreting – CT: you* do not know to be interpreting

13:2     MT/ TR: such – CT: these

13:7     MT/ TR: years – CT: years now

13:15   MT/ CT: Hypocrites – TR: Hypocrite

13:19   MT/ TR: large – CT: omits

13:24   MT/ TR: gate – CT: door

13:25   MT/ TR: Lord, lord – CT: Lord,

13:29   MT/ CT: north – TR: from north

13:31   MT/ TR: On that very day – CT: In that very hour

13:35   MT/ CT: but – TR: but positively

MT/ TR: desolate – CT: omits

14:3     MT/ TR: Sabbath? – CT: Sabbath, or not?

14:5     MT/ CT: son – TR: donkey

14:10   MT/ TR: before – CT: before all

14:15   MT: dinner – TR/ CT: bread

14:17   MT/ TR: all – CT: omits

15:16   MT/ TR: to fill his stomach – CT: to be satisfied from

15:22   MT/ TR: Bring – CT: Quickly, bring

15:32   MT/ TR: came back to life – CT: lived

16:9     MT/ TR: you* fail – CT: it fails

16:18   MT/ TR: every [one] marrying – CT: the one marrying

16:20   MT/ TR: [there] was – CT: omits

MT/ TR: who – CT: omits

16:21   MT/ TR: the crumbs, the ones – CT: the [crumbs]

16:25   MT/ CT: here he is – TR: this one is

17:2     MT/ TR: donkey – CT: omits

17:3     MT/ TR: against you – CT: omits

17:4     MT/ TR: in the day – CT: omits (second occurrence)

MT: returns – TR/ CT: returns to you

17:9     MT/ CT: instructed – TR: instructed to him

MT/ TR: I think not. – CT: omits

17:10   MT/ TR: because – CT: omits

17:21   MT/ TR: Look there – CT: There

17:23   MT/ TR: ‘Look here!’ or ‘Look there!’ – CT: ‘Look there!’ or ‘Look here!’

17:24   MT/ CT: so – TR: so also

17:30   MT/ TR: these – CT: the same

17:33   MT/ TR: to save – CT: to preserve

17:35   MT/ CT: does not include next verse – TR: adds verse 17:36: “Two [people] will be in the field: the one will be taken, and the other will be left.”

18:1     MT/ TR: necessary – CT: necessary for them

18:14   MT: in fact – TR/ CT: omits

18:22   MT/ TR: these [things] – CT: omits

18:28   MT/ TR: left all and – CT: having left our possessions

19:5     MT/ TR: saw him and – CT: omits

19:15   MT/ TR: who gained what – CT: what they gained

19:26   MT/ TR: from him – CT: omits

19:29   MT: Bethsphage – TR/ CT: Bethphage

19:42   MT/ TR: at least – CT: omits

19:46   MT/ TR: My house is – CT: And My house will be

20:1     MT: priests – TR/ CT: chief priests

20:13   MT/ TR: having seen – CT: omits

20:14   MT/ TR: Come – CT: omits

20:19   MT: afraid – TR/ CT: afraid [of] the people

20:23   MT/ TR: “Why do you* test Me? – CT: omits

20:28   MT/ TR: dies childless – CT: is childless

20:30   MT/ TR: took … childless. – CT: omits

20:33   MT/ TR: So – CT: So the woman

21:4     MT/ TR: for God – CT: omits

21:36   MT/ TR: be counted worthy – CT: have strength

22:3     MT/ TR: surnamed – CT: called

22:14   MT/ TR: twelve – CT: omits

22:16   MT/ TR: no longer – CT: omits

22:18   MT/ TR: drink – CT: drink from now on

22:31   MT/ TR: Then the Lord said, – CT: omits

22:34   MT/ TR: before – CT: until

22:36   MT: will sell …  will buy – TR/ CT: must sell … must buy.

22:42   MT: to take – TR/ CT: take

22:43-44  MT/ TR: includes verses – CT: double-brackets verses as doubtful

22:57   MT/ TR: Him – CT: omits

22:62   MT/ TR: crows – CT: crows today

22:64   MT/ TR: kept striking Him on the face and – CT: omits

22:66   MT: chief priests – TR/ CT: both chief priests

22:68   MT/ TR: or release [Me] – CT: omits

23:2     MT/ TR: the nation – CT: our nation

23:6     MT/ TR: Galilee [mentioned] – CT: omits

23:8     MT/ TR: many [things] – CT: omits

23:15   MT/ TR: I sent you* to him – CT: he sent Him back to us

23:17   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

23:23   MT/ TR: and the [ones] of the chief priests – CT: omits

23:25   MT/ CT: released – TR: released to them

23:34   MT/ TR: But …doing. – CT: double-brackets sentence as doubtful

23:35   MT/ TR: with them – CT: omits

23:38   MT/ TR: an inscription also had been written over Him in Greek and Latin and Hebrew letters: – CT: [there] was also an inscription over Him:

23:39   MT/ TR: Since _You_ are the Christ – CT: You are the Christ, are You not?

23:42   MT/ TR: saying to Jesus, “Remember me, Lord – CT: saying, Jesus remember me

23:45   MT/ TR: And the sun was darkened, and – CT: [the light] of the sun having ceased. Then

23:46   MT/ TR: I will commit – CT: I commit

24:1     MT/ TR: and some [others] with them – CT: omits

24:10   MT/ TR: who – CT: omits

24:12   MT/ TR: lying – CT: omits

24:17   MT/ TR: walking, and [why] are you* gloomy? – CT: walking? And they stood [there, looking] gloomy.

24:21   MT/ TR: today brings this third day – CT: this brings [the] third day

24:29   MT/ TR: is – CT: is already

24:42   MT/ TR: and a honeycomb from a beehive – CT: omits

24:46   MT/ TR: and thus it was necessary – CT: omits

24:47   MT/ TR: and forgiveness – CT: for forgiveness

24:49   MT/ TR: of Jerusalem – CT: omits

24:53   MT/ TR: praising and – CT: omits

MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits

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