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Variants: Mark

This page lists every translatable variant in the Gospel of Mark. Significant variants are bolded.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.

Mark 1-8


1:1       MT/ TR: Son of God – CT: {God's Son}

1:2       MT/ TR: As – CT: Just as

           MT/ TR: in the prophets, CT: in Isaiah the prophet,

           MT/ TR: _I_ am sending – CT: I am sending

1:4       MT/ TR: John came baptizing CT: John, {the one} baptizing, came

1:5       MT/ TR: the inhabitants – CT: all the inhabitants

1:6       MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

1:8       MT/ TR: indeed – CT: omits

1:10     MT/ TR: being parted – CT: having been parted

1:11     MT/ TR: in whom – CT: in You

1:13     MT/ TR: there – CT: omits

1:14     MT/ TR: of the kingdom – CT: omits

1:16     MT/ TR: Now walking about – CT: And passing along

           MT: his brother, [that is] of Simon, – TR: his brother CT: the brother of Simon

1:18     MT/ TR: their nets – CT: the nets

1:19     MT/ TR: from there – CT: omits

1:23     MT/ TR: And – CT: And just then

1:24     MT/ TR: Away! – CT: omits

1:26     MT/ TR: having cried out – CT: having called out

1:27     MT/ TR: What new teaching [is] this, that with authority even … obey Him?” CT: A new teaching with authority! Even … obey Him.”

1:28     MT/ TR: So – CT: And

            MT/ TR: immediately – CT: immediately everywhere

1:37     MT/ TR: And having found Him, they say – CT: And they found Him, and they say

1:38     MT/ TR: going CT: going elsewhere

           MT/ TR: have come – CT: came

1:38     MT/ TR: was preaching – CT: went preaching

1:40     MT/ TR: and kneeling before Him – CT: {and kneeling before} [Him]

1:41     MT/ TR: So Jesus – CT: And He

1:42     MT/ TR: _He_ having spoken [this] – CT: omits

2:1       MT/ TR: again entered … days, and it – CT: having again entered … days, it

2:2       MT/ TR: immediately – CT: omits

2:3       MT/ TR: come to Him, bringing – CT: come, bringing to Him

2:4       MT/ TR: to come near – CT: to bring [or, to get]

           MT/ TR: upon which – CT: where

2:5       MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

2:7       MT/ TR: speak blasphemies like this? CT: speak like this? He is blaspheming!

2:8       MT: _they_ are reasoning – TR/ CT: they are reasoning

MT/ TR: said – CT: says

2:9       MT/ TR: have been forgiven – CT: are forgiven

MT/ TR: Get up – CT: Be getting up

2:11     MT/ TR: get up, and take – CT: be getting up, take

2:12     MT/ TR: rose up immediately! And – CT: rose up! And immediately

2:15     MT/ TR: while – CT: [while]

2:16     MT/ TR: scribes and – CT: scribes of

MT/ TR: Him eating with tax collectors and sinners – CT: that He eats with sinners and tax collectors

MT/ TR: Why is that [One] eating and drinking with those tax collectors and sinners? CT: Does that [One] eat with those tax collectors and sinners?

2:17     MT/ TR: to repentance CT: omits

2:18     MT/ TR: and those of the Pharisees – CT: and the Pharisees

MT/ TR: those of the Pharisees – CT: the disciples of the Pharisees

2:20     MT/ TR: those days – CT: that day

2:21     MT/ TR: And – CT: omits

2:22     MT/ TR: the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine is poured out, and the wineskins will be ruined; _but_ new wine must be put into new skins. – CT: the wine will burst the wineskins, and the wine is lost and the wineskins; _but_ new wine [must be put] into new wineskins.

2:25     MT/ TR: _He_ said – CT: He says

2:26     MT/ CT: Abiathar [the] – TR: Abiathar the

2:27     MT/ TR: not – CT: and not

3:3       MT/ TR: the hand [which] had been withered – CT: the withered hand

3:5       MT/ TR: healthy like the other – CT: omits

3:6       MT/ TR: creating – CT: establishing

3:7       MT/ TR: followed Him – CT: {followed},

3:8       MT/ TR: the [ones] around – CT: around 

            MT/ TR: having heard – CT: hearing

3:14     MT/ TR: twelve, and – CT: twelve, {whom He also named apostles}, and

3:15     MT/ TR: to be healing the diseases and CT: omits

3:16     MT/ TR: omits – CT: begins verse with, {And He made the twelve,}

3:17     MT/ TR: names – CT: name{s}

3:19     MT/ TR: And they come into a house. CT: moves this sentence to beginning of 3:20

3:20     MT/ TR: a crowd – CT: {the} crowd

3:25     MT/ TR: is not able – CT: will not be able

3:26     MT/ TR: has been divided – CT: is divided

3:27     MT/ TR: No one – CT: _But_ no one 

            MT: he shall plunder – TR/ CT: he will plunder

3:28     MT/ TR: blasphemies – CT: the blasphemies

3:29     MT/ TR: is in danger of eternal judgment CT: is guilty of eternal sin

3:31     MT/ TR: brothers and mother – CT: mother and brothers

3:32     MT/ TR: So – CT: And

MT: brothers and Your sisters – TR: brothers – CT: brothers {and Your sisters}

3:33     MT/ TR: He answered them saying, – CT: having answered them, He said, 

            MT/ TR: or My – CT: and {My}

3:35     MT/ TR: For – CT: {For}

4:4       MT/ CT: birds – TR: birds of the air

4:5       MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

4:6       MT/ TR: But [the] sun having risen – CT: And when the sun rose

4:8       MT/ TR: increasing – CT: being increased

4:9       MT/ CT: saying to them – TR: saying to them

MT/ TR: The one having – CT: Who[ever] has

4:10     MT/ TR: But – CT: And

4:11     MT/ TR: to know CT: omits

4:12     MT/ TR: their sins be forgiven to them. CT: they be forgiven.

4:15     MT/ TR: in their hearts. CT: in them.

4:16     MT/ TR: similarly – CT: omits

4:18     MT/ TR: these – CT: others

MT/ TR: the ones – CT: these are the ones

4:19     MT/ TR: this age – CT: the age

4:20     MT/ TR: these – CT: those

4:22     MT/ TR: not anything hidden which shall not be revealed – CT: no [thing] hidden, except that is shall be revealed

4:24     MT/ TR: to the ones hearing CT: omits

4:25     MT/ TR: shall be having – CT: has

4:26     MT/ TR: like this: as if – CT: like this: like

4:28     MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

4:30     MT/ TR: To what – CT: How

MT/ TR: by what kind of allegory shall we illustrate it? CT: by what allegory shall we present it?

4:34     MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: His own disciples

4:36     MT/ TR: small boats were also – CT: boats were

4:37     MT/ TR: it is already – CT: the boat is already

4:40     MT/ TR: How [is it that] you* do not have faith? CT: Do you not yet have faith?

5:1       MT/ TR: Gadarenes CT: Garasenes

5:3       MT/ TR: chains CT: a chain any longer

5:5       MT/ TR: in the mountains and in the tombs – CT: in the tombs and in the mountains

5:6       MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

5:7       MT/ TR: he said – CT: he says

5:9       MT/ TR: he answered, saying, – CT: he says

5:11     MT/ CT: mountain – TR: mountains

5:12     MT/ TR: all the demons pleaded CT: they pleaded

5:13     MT/ TR: immediately Jesus permitted – CT: He permitted

MT/ TR: now they were – CT: omits

5:14     MT/ TR: So – CT: And

MT/ TR: the pigs – CT: them

MT/ TR: came out – CT: came

5:15     MT/ TR: sitting and having – CT: sitting, having

5:16     MT: Now – TR/ CT: And

5:19     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

MT/ CT: has done – TR: did

5:21     MT/ TR: in the boat – CT: {in the boat}

5:22     MT/ TR: look! – CT: omits

5:23     MT/ TR: he was earnestly pleading … in order that … will live – CT: he is earnestly pleading … so that …shall live.

5:25     MT/ TR: certain – CT: omits

5:26     MT/ CT: with her – TR: with herself

5:36     MT/ TR: immediately Jesus, having heard CT: Jesus having overheard [or, having ignored]

5:38     MT/ TR: He comes CT: they come

MT: commotion, weeping – TR/ CT: commotion and weeping

5:40     MT/ TR: But having – CT: But He having 

            MT/ TR: was lying. CT: was.

5:41     MT/ TR: koumi – CT: koum

MT/ TR: get up! – CT: be getting up!

5:42     MT/ TR: And they – CT: And immediately they

6:1       MT/ TR: came – CT: comes

6:2       MT/ TR: to Him – CT: to this One

MT/ CT: Him? And [how] are such – TR: Him, that also such

6:4       MT/ TR: But – CT: And

6:8       MT/ TR: no traveler’s bag, no bread, – CT: no bread, no traveler’s bag,

6:9       MT/ CT: you* shall not put – TR: not to put

6:11     MT/ TR: as many as CT: whatever place

MT/ TR: Positively … city.” CT: omits entire sentence

6:12     MT/ TR: they began preaching … should repent. – CT: they preached … should be repenting.

6:15     MT/ TR: Others – CT: But others

MT: He is a prophet like  – TR: He is a prophet, or like – CT: [He is] a prophet like

6:16     MT/ TR: said – CT: was saying

MT/ TR: beheaded—this is he!  _He_ was raised CT: beheaded, this one was raised

6:17     MT/ CT: prison – TR: the prison

6:20     MT/ TR: was doing many [things] CT: he was disturbed

6:21     MT/ TR: was making – CT: made

6:22     MT/ TR: danced and having pleased – CT: danced, pleased

6:23     MT/ TR: an oath – CT: an oath {[of] many [things]}

6:24     MT/ TR: So having – CT: And having

MT/ TR: will I ask – CT: shall I ask

MT/ TR: John the Baptist! – CT: John, the one baptizing!

6:26     MT/ TR: the ones reclining [to eat] with [him], – CT: the ones having reclined [to eat],

6:28     MT: So … prison. – TR/ CT: move this sentence to the end of 6:27, and CT has And for So.

6:39     MT/ TR: Him, and how – CT: Him, how

6:31     MT/ TR: He said – CT: He says

MT/ TR: be resting – CT: rest

6:32     MT/ TR: into a deserted place in the boat – CT: in the boat into a deserted place

6:33     MT/ CT: they  – TR: the crowds

MT/ TR: recognized Him – CT: recognized [Him]

MT/ TR: and came together to Him CT: omits

6:34     MT/ TR: Jesus saw – CT: He saw

6:35     MT/ TR: say – CT: were saying

6:36     MT/ TR: loaves of bread, for they do not have CT: omits

6:37     MT/ TR: give – CT: will give

6:38     MT/ TR: away and see. – CT: away. See.

6:41     MT/ TR: His disciples so that they should distribute – CT: {His} disciples so that they should be distributing

6:44     MT/ TR: the loaves of bread – CT: {the loaves of bread}

MT/ CT: five – TR: about five

6:45     MT/ TR: sent – CT: sends

6:48     MT/ TR: And He saw … them. And about – CT: And having seen … them, about

6:49     MT/ TR: [Him] to be – CT: that He is

6:50     MT/ TR: And – CT: But

6:51     MT/ TR: utterly – CT: {utterly}

MT/ TR: and they began marveling CT: omits

6:52     MT/ TR: for – CT: _but_

6:53     MT/ TR: [of] Gennesaret – CT: at Gennesaret

6:55     MT/ TR: having run about – CT: ran about

MT/ TR: surrounding – CT: omits

MT/ TR: wherever they would hear that He is there. – CT: where they would hear that He is.

7:2       MT/ TR: seen some of His disciples eating – CT: seen that some of His disciples eat

7:4       MT/ TR: and cots – CT: {and cots}

7:5       MT/ TR: Afterwards – CT: And

7:6       MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

7:8       MT/ TR: baptisms … you* do. CT: omits this part of the sentence

7:9       MT/ TR: keep – CT: uphold

7:12     MT/ TR: And – CT: omits

7:14     MT/ TR: all CT: again

7:15     MT/ TR: those CT: omits

7:16     MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

7:21     MT/ TR: adulteries – CT: moves to verse 22

7:22     MT/ TR: thefts – CT: moves to verse 21

7:24     MT/ TR: boundaries – CT: regions

MT/ CT: a house – TR: the house

7:25     MT/ TR: For – CT: _But_ immediately

7:26     MT/ CT: cast out – TR: be casting

7:27     MT/ TR: But Jesus said – CT: And He said

7:28     MT/ TR: Yes indeed, Lord, but CT: Lord, [but]

7:30     MT/ TR: the demon having gone out and her daughter having been placed upon the bed. – CT: her daughter having been placed upon the bed and the demon having gone out.

7:31     MT/ TR: Tyre and Sidon, He came to CT: Tyre, He came through Sidon, to

7:35     MT/ TR: immediately – CT: {immediately}

7:36     MT/ TR: they should tell … _He_ was giving – CT: they should be telling … He was giving

7:37     MT/ TR: the mute – CT: {the} mute

8:1       MT/ TR: very great – CT: great 8:2

MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

8:3       MT: for some of them come – TR: for some of them have come – CT: and some of them have come

8:6       MT/ TR: He gave strict orders – CT: He gives strict orders

8:7       MT/ TR: [them] … them – CT: them … these

8:8       MT/ TR: So – CT: And

8:9       MT/ TR: the ones eating CT: [there]

8:13     MT: into a boat – TR: into the boat CT: omits

8:14     MT/ CT: they forgot – TR: the disciples forgot

8:16     MT/ TR: saying – CT: omits

8:17     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He 

            MT/ TR: still CT: omits

8:20     MT/ TR: they said – CT: they say {to Him}

8:21     MT/ TR: How do you* not CT: Do you* not yet

8:24     MT/ CT: that like trees I see [them] – TR: like trees

8:25     MT/ TR: made him look up – CT: He saw clearly

8:26     MT/ TR: Neither enter into the village, nor tell [it] to anyone in the village.” CT: Do not even enter into the village.

8:28     MT/ TR: they answered, – CT: they said to Him saying,

8:29     MT/ TR: So – CT: omits

8:31     MT/ CT: the chief priests and the scribes – TR: chief priests and scribes

8:33     MT/ TR: saying – CT: and said

8:34     MT/ TR: Whoever – CT: if anyone

MT/ CT: to be following – TR: to come

8:35     MT: loses his own – TR: loses his  – CT: will loses his

8:36     MT/ TR: if he gains … forfeits – CT: to gain …  to forfeit

8:37     MT/ TR: Or what will – CT: For what shall

Mark 9-16

9:3        MT/ TR: like snow – CT: omits

MT/ TR: to whiten – CT: so to whiten

9:6       MT: he will say – TR: he should say – CT: he answered

MT/ TR: were terrified – CT: became terrified

9:9       MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

9:12     MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

9:16     MT/ TR: the scribes CT: them

9:17     MT/ TR: answering, said – CT: answered Him

9:22     MT/ TR: him – CT: [him]

MT: the fire – TR/ CT: fire

9:23     MT/ TR: If you are able to believe—all – CT: If you are able? All

9:24     MT/ TR: And – CT: omits

MT/ TR: with tears CT: omits

MT/ TR: Lord CT: omits

9:25     MT/ TR: Spirit—mute and deaf – CT: mute and deaf spirit

9:26     MT/ TR: him – CT: [him]

9:27     MT/ TR: him by the hand – CT: his hand

9:29     MT/ TR: and fasting CT: omits

9:31     MT/ TR: the third day – CT: after three days

9:33     MT/ TR: among yourselves CT: omits

9:37     MT/ TR: whoever receives Me – CT: whoever is receiving Me

9:38     MT/ TR: Then John answered Him, saying, – CT: John said to Him,

MT/ TR: who does not follow us CT: omits

9:40     MT: you* – TR/ CT: us (twice)

9:41     MT/ TR: My name – CT: [My] name

9:42     MT/ TR: in Me – CT: {in Me}

9:44     MT/ TR: includes verse CT: omits verse

9:45     MT/ TR:  into the unquenchable fire, – CT: omits

9:46     MT/ TR: includes verse CT: omits verse

9:47     MT/ TR: of the fire, CT: omits

9:49     MT/ TR: and every sacrifice will be salted with salt. CT: omits

10:1     MT/ TR: Judea, by the other side – CT: Judea and beyond

10:2     MT: {the} – TR: the – CT: omits

MT/ TR: questioned – CT: began questioning

10:5     MT/ TR: And answering, Jesus said – CT: But Jesus said

10:6     MT/ TR: God made – CT: He made

10:7     MT/ TR: and will be joined to his wife. – CT: {and will be joined to his wife}

10:10   MT/ TR: His disciples questioned Him concerning the same [matter]. – CT: the disciples began questioning Him concerning this.

10:12   MT/ TR: a woman divorces her husband and is married to another – CT: she herself having divorced her husband, marries another

10:13   MT/ TR: were rebuking the ones bringing [them]. CT: rebuked them.

10:14   MT/ CT: Me; stop – TR: Me, and stop

10:16   MT/ TR: having placed His hands upon them, He began bestowing a blessing upon them. – CT: He began blessing them, placing the hands upon them.

10:19   MT/ TR: You shall not commit adultery; You shall not murder – CT: You shall not murder; You shall not commit adultery

10:20   MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

10:21   MT: the poor – TR: poor – CT: {the} poor

10:24   MT: the ones having confidence in possessions – TR: the ones having confidence in their possessions – CT: omits

10:25   MT: a camel to enter – TR/ CT: camel to pass

MT/ TR:  – CT: {the} eye of {the} needle

10:27   MT/ TR: But – CT: omits

MT/ TR: are – CT: [are]

10:28   MT/ CT: Peter – TR: And Peter

MT/ TR: followed  – CT: have followed

10:29   MT: {But} answering, Jesus said – TR: But answering, Jesus said – CT: Jesus replied 

            MT/ TR: father or mother or wife or children CT: mother or father or children

MT: {for the sake of} the Gospel – TR/ CT: for the sake of the Gospel

10:31   MT/ CT: {the} last – TR: the last

10:32   MT/ TR: and [as they were] following, they were – CT: but the ones following were

10:33   MT: scribes – TR/ CT: to the scribes

10:34   MT/ TR: will scourge Him and will spit on Him and will kill Him, and on the third day – CT: will spit on Him and will scourge Him and will kill Him, and after three days

10:35   MT/ TR: saying, … ask – CT: saying to Him, … ask You

10:36   MT/ TR: Me – CT: {Me}

10:37   MT/ TR: Your left – CT: [Your] left

10:38   MT/ TR: drinking and – CT: drinking or

10:40   MT: and at [My] left – TR: and at My left – CT: or at [My] left

10:42   MT/ TR: But – CT: omits

10:44   MT/ TR: of you* is desiring to become – CT: among you* is desiring to be

10:46   MT/ TR: the blind CT: a blind beggar

MT/ TR: begging CT: omits

10:47   MT/ TR: The Son – CT: Son

10:49   MT/ TR: Get up! – CT: Be getting up!

10:50   MT/ TR: gotten up CT: jumped up

10:52   MT/ TR: Then – CT: And

MT/ TR: following Jesus – CT: following Him

11:2     MT/ TR: person – CT: person yet

MT/ TR: Having untied it, bring [it] – CT: Untied it and bring [it]

11:3     MT: he [will] send it – TR: he will send it – CT: he will send it at once

11:4     MT/ TR: So – CT: And MT: {the} colt – TR: the colt  – CT: a colt

11:6     MT/ TR: Jesus commanded CT: said

11:7     MT/ TR: placed – CT: place

11:8     MT/ TR: Then – CT: And

MT/ TR: were cutting – CT: cut

MT/ TR: and were spreading [them] in the road CT: omits

11:9     MT/ TR: saying – CT: omits

11:10   MT/ TR: in the name of the Lord CT: omits

11:11   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

MT/ TR: Jerusalem and into – CT: Jerusalem into

11:15   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

MT/ TR: buying – CT: the ones buying

11:17   MT/ TR: [them], saying – CT: and saying

MT/ TR: made – CT: have made

11:18   MT/ TR: the scribes and the chief priests – CT: the chief priests and the scribes

MT/ CT: they could destroy – TR: they will destroy

11:23   MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

MT/ TR: believes – CT: is believing

MT/ TR: whatever he says CT: omits

11:24   MT: while praying you* shall be asking [for] –  TR: while praying you* ask [for] – CT: you* pray and ask [for]

11:26   MT/ TR: includes verse CT: omits verse

11:28   MT/ TR: say – CT: were saying

MT/ TR: And who – CT: Or who

11:29   MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

MT/ TR: “_I_ will also – CT: “I will

11:31   MT/ TR: Then – CT: {Then}

11:32   MT/ CT: shall we say ‘From people?' – TR: if we shall say ‘From people,'

MT/ TR: fearing the people  – CT: fearing the crowd

11:33   MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

12:2     MT/ TR: fruit – CT: fruits

12:3     MT/ TR: But – CT: And

12:4     MT/ TR: having cast stones at [him], they wounded in the head and sent [him] away, having been treated shamefully. CT: they wounded in the head and treated [him] shamefully.

12:5     MT/ TR: again – CT: omits

12:6     MT/ TR: having still – CT: he was still having

MT/ TR: one son—his beloved – CT: one beloved son

MT/ TR: even – CT: omits

12:8     MT/ TR: threw [him] – CT: threw him

12:9     MT/ TR: Therefore – CT: {Therefore}

12:14   MT/ TR: So – CT: And

12:15   MT/ TR: “Should we give, or should we not give?” CT: moves sentence to the end of verse 14

12:17   MT/ TR: And answering, Jesus said – CT: Jesus said

12:19   MT/ TR: his wife – CT: the wife

12:18   MT/ TR: questioned – CT: were questioning

12:20   MT/ CT: [There] – TR: Therefore, [there]

12:21   MT/ TR: and neither did he leave – CT: not having left

12:22   MT/ TR: took her – CT: omits

12:23   MT/ CT: In – TR: So in

MT/ TR: whenever they rise – CT: {whenever they rise}

12:24   MT/ TR: And answering – CT: omits

12:26   MT/ TR: the God – CT: {the} God (second and third occurrences)

12:27   MT/ TR: the God of dead [ones], _but_ [the] God of living [ones]! Therefore, _you*_ are CT: a God of dead [ones], _but_ of living [ones]! You* are

12:28   MT/ TR: knowing CT: having seen

12:29   MT/ TR: Then Jesus answered him – CT: Jesus answered

MT/ TR: first of all the commandments [is] CT: first is

12:30   MT/ TR: this [is] the first commandment CT: omits

12:31   MT/ TR: And [the] second [is] similar to it CT: [The] second [is] this

12:32   MT/ CT: He is one – TR: God is one

12:33   MT/ TR: and with the whole soul CT: omits

12:34   MT/ TR: seen him,  – CT: seen {him},

12:36   MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

MT: [the] Holy – TR/ CT: the Holy

MT: The Lord says – TR: The Lord said – CT: [The] Lord said

12:37   MT/ TR: Therefore – CT: omits

MT/ TR: the large – CT: {the} large

12:41   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

12:43   MT/ TR: says – CT: said

MT: having put – TR/ CT: putting

13:2     MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

13:5     MT/ TR: answering them – CT: omits

13:6     MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

13:7     MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

13:8     MT/ TR: kingdom, and – CT: kingdom;

MT/ TR: and disturbances CT: omits

13:9     MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

13:11   MT/ TR: But when they lead – CT: And when they are leading

13:12   MT/ TR: But – CT: And

13:14   MT/ TR: the one having been spoken [of] by Daniel the prophet CT: omits

13:15   MT/ TR: Then – CT: {Then}

MT/ TR: to the house CT: omits

13:18   MT/ TR: your* flight CT: omits

13:21   MT: {And} – TR/ CT: And

MT: stop believing – TR/ CT: you* shall not believe

13:22   MT/ TR: even – CT: omits

13:23   MT/ TR: Listen! – CT: omits

13:27   MT/ TR: His chosen  – CT: {His} chosen

13:21   MT/ TR: shall – CT: will

13:32   MT: or hour – TR: and the hour – CT: or the hour

13:33   MT/ TR: and be praying CT: omits

13:34   MT/ TR: slaves and – CT: slaves,

13:35   MT/ TR: coming—evening – CT: coming, whether evening

14:2     MT/ TR: But – CT: for

14:3     MT/ TR: And having – CT: Having

14:4     MT/ TR: and saying – CT: omits

14:5     MT/ TR: this – CT: this ointment

14:8     MT/ CT: _she_ had – TR: she was having

MT/ TR: this [woman] did – CT: she did

14:9     MT: {So} – TR: omits – CT: So

14:14   MT/ TR: the guest room – CT: My guest room

14:16   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

14:19   MT/ TR: So – CT: omits

MT/ TR: And another, “Surely not I, is it?” CT: omits

14:20   MT/ TR: answering – CT: omits

14:21   MT/ TR: Indeed – CT: For indeed 

MT/ TR: It was – CT: [It was]

14:22   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

MT/ TR: eat CT: omits

14:23   MT/ TR: the cup – CT: a cup

14:24   MT/ TR: New CT: omits

14:27   MT/ TR: because of Me on this night – CT: omits

14:30   MT/ CT: you today – TR: today

14:31   MT/ TR: all the more CT: omits

MT: shall I deny – TR/ CT: will I deny

14:35   MT: having approached [God] a little [distance away] – TR/ CT: having gone a little beyond [them]

14:40   MT/ TR: having returned – CT: again having come

MT/ TR: again sleeping CT: sleeping

MT/ TR: had been weighed down CT: were being very heavy

14:43   MT/ TR: large – CT: omits

14:44   MT/ TR: lead – CT: be leading

14:45   MT: says to Him, “Rabbi, Rabbi!” – TR: says “Rabbi, Rabbi!” – CT: says, “Rabbi!”

14:46   MT/ TR: their – CT: omits

14:47   MT/ TR: certain – CT: {certain}

14:51   MT/ TR: one certain – CT: a certain

MT: followed – TR/ CT: was following

MT/ TR: the young men CT: they

14:52   MT/ TR: from them CT: omits

14:53   MT/ TR: to him CT: omits

14:65   MT/ TR: kept hurling – CT: received

14:68   MT/ TR: and a rooster crowed – CT: {and a rooster crowed}

14:69   MT/ TR: him again, began – CT: him, again began

14:70   MT/ TR: and your accent is like [theirs] CT: omits

14:71   MT/ CT: to take – TR: to be taking

14:72   MT/ TR: Then – CT: Then immediately

15:3     MT/ CT: [things]. – TR: [things], but _He_ answered nothing.

15:4     MT/ TR: questioned – CT: was questioning

15:7     MT/ TR: fellow insurrections – CT: insurrections

15:8     MT/ TR: having cried out CT: having gone up

MT/ TR: always – CT: omits

15:12   MT/ TR: Pilate answering, again said  – CT: answering again, Pilate was saying

MT/ TR: do you* desire … whom you* call – CT: {do you* desire} … {whom you* call}

15:18   MT: the King – TR/ CT: King

15:20   MT/ TR: His own – CT: His [own]

15:23   MT/ TR: to drink CT: omits

15:24   MT: they divide – TR/ CT: they began dividing

MT/ TR: having crucified Him, they – CT: they crucify Him, and they

15:28   MT/ TR: includes verse CT: omits verse

15:30   MT/ TR: and come – CT: by coming

15:31   MT/ CT: And – TR: Then

15:32   MT: {in Him} – TR/ CT: omits

15:33   MT/ TR: Now – CT: And

15:34   MT: lima – TR: lamma – CT: lema

15:36   MT/ TR: one [of them] ran, and – CT: someone ran, {and}

15:39   MT/ TR: having cried out CT: omits

15:41   MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

15:43   MT/ TR: he went – CT: having gone in

15:45   MT/ TR: body – CT: corpse

15:46   MT/ TR: cloth and – CT: cloth,

15:47   MT/ TR: is laid – CT: had been laid

16:1     MT: {the} [mother] – TR/ CT: the [mother]

16:2     MT/ TR: [the] week – CT: the week

16:8     MT/ CT: out – TR: out quickly 

MT/ TR: But – CT: For

16:9-20 MT/ TR: includes passage – CT: does not consider the passage to be genuine; however, the CT does include the passage in double brackets, so the following variants indicate differences between the MT and this bracketed CT text.

Also, the CT includes a shorter ending in double brackets, but it does not consider it to be genuine either. It reads, Then they promptly reported all these [things] having been instructed to Peter and the [ones] with [him]. Then also Jesus Himself sent out through them from [the] rising [of the sun] [fig., from the east] and as far as [the] west the sacred and imperishable proclamation of the eternal salvation. Amen.

16:14   MT/ TR: Later – CT: {But} later

16:18   MT/ CT: it shall not harm – TR: it will not harm

MT/ TR: they will take up serpents CT: {and} they will take up serpents {with their hands}

16:19   MT/ TR: Lord – CT: Lord Jesus

16:20   MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits 

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