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Variants: Pauline Epistles:

Part One

This page lists significant textual variants in Romans to Galatians.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.


1:16     MT/ TR: of Christ – CT: omits

1:24     MT/ TR: And so – CT: So

1:31     MT/ TR: unforgiving – CT: omits

2:5       MT: and of [the] righteous – TR/ CT: of [the] righteous

2:17     MT/ TR: Listen! _You_ – CT: But if _you_

3:3       MT/ TR: and divisions – CT: omits

3:22     MT/ TR: and upon all – CT: omits

4:19     MT/ TR: not – CT: omits

6:11     MT/ TR: our Lord – CT: omits

7:18     MT/ TR: I do not find. – CT: [is] not.

7:25     MT/ TR: I thank God – CT: But thanks [be] to God

8:1       MT/ TR: [who] do not … Spirit. – CT: omits

8:2       MT/ TR: me – CT: you

8:26     MT/ TR: on our behalf – CT: omits

9:11     MT/ TR: not of works, _but_ of the One calling), – CT: moves to beginning of verse 12

9:28     MT/ TR: in righteousness, because [the] matter having been ended abruptly – CT: omits

9:31     MT/ TR: of righteousness – CT: omits (second occurrence)

9:32     MT/ TR: of law – CT: omits

10:1     MT/ TR: of Israel – CT: of them

10:15   MT/ TR: of the ones proclaiming the Gospel of peace – CT: omits

10:17   MT/ TR: of God. – CT: of Christ.

11:6     MT/ TR: but if by works … no longer work. – CT: omits

11:17   MT/ TR: root and – CT: root

11:22   MT/ TR: kindness – CT: kindness of God

12:2     MT: [you* are] to stop conforming yourselves to this age, _but_ [are] to continue being transformed – TR/ CT: stop conforming yourselves to this age, _but_ continue being transformed

           MT/ TR: for you* – CT: for

13:1     MT/ TR: the existing authorities – CT: the ones existing

13:9     MT: {You will not give false testimony} – TR: You will not give false testimony – CT: omits

14:4     MT/ TR: God – CT: the Lord

14:6     MT/ TR: and the one not honoring the day, to [the] Lord he does not honor [it]. – CT: omits

14:9     MT/ TR: and rose – CT: omits

14:10   MT/ TR: of Christ. – CT: of God.

14:18   MT/ TR: in these [things] – CT: in this

14:21   MT/ TR: or is made to fall, or becomes weak – CT: omits

14:24-26  MT: includes in this location – TR/ CT: includes as 16:25-27

15:4     MT/ TR: were previously written – CT: were written (second occurrence)

15:7     MT/ CT: you* – TR: us

15:15   MT/ TR: brothers [and sisters] – CT: omits

15:19   MT/ TR: of God – CT: [of God]

15:24   MT/ TR: I will come to you* – CT: omits

15:29   MT/ TR: of the Gospel – CT: omits

15:31   MT/ TR: you* which – CT: you* {brothers} which

16:3     MT/ CT: Prisca – TR: Priscilla

16:5     MT/ TR: Achaia – CT: Asia

16:6     MT/ TR: us – CT: you*

16:8     MT/ TR: Amplias – CT: Ampliatus

16:20   MT/ CT: you*. – TR: you*. So be it!

16:24   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

16:25-27  MT: includes at 14:24-26 – TR/ CT: includes at 16:25-27


1:15     MT/ TR: I baptized – CT: you* were baptized

1:23     MT/ TR: Greeks – CT: Gentiles

1:29     MT/ CT: God – TR: Him

2:1       MT/ TR: testimony – CT: secret

2:4       MT/ TR: human – CT: omits

2:13     MT/ TR: Holy – CT: omits

3:4       MT/ TR: fleshly – CT: [mere] people

4:6       MT/ TR: to be thinking – CT: omits, read [to go]

5:1       MT/ TR: named – CT: omits

5:7       MT/ TR: on our behalf – CT: omits

6:20     MT/ TR: and in your* spirit, which are God's. – CT: omits

7:1       MT/ TR: to me – CT: omits

7:3       MT/ TR: affection being owed – CT: debt

7:5       MT/ TR: the fasting and – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: be coming together – CT: be

7:13     MT/ TR: him. – CT: the husband.

7:14     MT/ TR: by the husband – CT: by the brother

7:15     MT/ TR: us – CT: you*

7:17     MT/ TR: God … Lord – CT: Lord … God

7:38     MT/ TR: giving – CT: giving his own virgin (first occurrence)

7:39     MT/ TR: by [the] law – CT: omits

8:4       MT/ TR: other – CT: omits

8:7       MT/ TR: with consciousness [or, awareness] of – CT: being accustomed to

8:11     MT/ TR: the brother – CT: the one

9:10     MT/ TR: of his hope – CT: omits

9:18     MT/ TR: of Christ – CT: omits

9:20     MT/ TR: under law (first occurrence) – CT: under law, not being myself under law

9:23     MT/ TR: this – CT: all [things]

10:20   MT/ TR: the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice – CT: they sacrifice, {they sacrifice}

10:23   MT/ TR: for me – CT: omits (twice)

10:24   MT/ TR: each – CT: omits

10:28   MT/ TR: “for the earth [is] the Lord's, and its fullness.” – CT: omits

11:2     MT/ TR: brothers – CT: omits

11:15   MT: given – TR: given to her – CT: given {to her}

11:24   MT/ TR: Take, eat – CT: omits

           MT/ TR: being broken – CT: omits

11:27   MT: body of the Lord – TR/ CT: body

11:29   MT/ TR: unworthily – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: of the Lord – CT: omits

12:9     MT/ TR: the same – CT: the one (second occurrence)

12:13   MT/ TR: into one – CT: [of] one

12:31   MT/ TR: better – CT: greater

13:3     MT/ TR: I am burned – CT: I shall boast

14:5     MT/ TR: For – CT: And

14:10   MT: of them – TR/ CT: omits

14:18   MT/ TR: my – CT: omits

14:25   MT/ TR: And in this way – CT: omits

14:34   MT/ TR: your* women – CT: the women

14:38   MT/ TR: fails to understand … failing to understand. – CT: does not recognize [this] … he is not recognized.

15:20   MT/ TR: He became – CT: omits

15:29   MT/ TR: the dead – CT: them (last occurrence)

14:44   MT/ TR: [there]  – CT: if [there]

15:47   MT/ TR: [the] Lord – CT: omits

15:55   MT/ TR: sting? O realm of the dead, where [is] your victory? – CT: victory? Death, where [is] your sting?

16:19   MT/ TR: Priscilla – CT: Prisca

16:24   MT: Jesus. So be it! – TR: Jesus. So be it! To [the] Corinthians first was written from Philippi through Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus and Timothy. – CT: Jesus.


1:6       MT: and our hope … you*. If we … and salvation, – TR: If we … and salvation; and our hope … you*. – CT: moves and our hope … you* to verse 1:7.

1:8       MT/ TR: to us – CT: omits

1:11     MT: to you* – TR/ CT: to us

1:18     MT/ TR: became – CT: is

2:3       MT/ TR: to you* – CT: omits

2:10     MT/ TR: if I have forgiven anything, to whom – CT: what I have forgiven, if anything

2:17     MT: the rest – TR/ CT: the majority

3:1       MT: —unless we need … you.* – TR/ CT: We do not need … you*, do we?

           MT/ TR: of recommendation – CT: omits (second occurrence)

3:17     MT/ TR: there – CT: [there]

4:4       MT/ TR: on them – CT: omits

4:14     MT/ TR: by means of Jesus – CT: with Jesus

4:16     MT/ TR: the inward – CT: our inward

5:14     MT: {since} – TR: since – CT: omits

5:17     MT/ TR: all [things] have become new. – CT: new [things] have taken place.

6:16     MT/ TR: For you* – CT: For we

7:12     MT/ CT: your* diligence on our – TR: our diligence on your*

7:13     MT/ TR: your* comfort – CT: our comfort

8:4       MT/ CT: [for] the grace – TR: [for] us to receive the grace

8:7       MT/ TR: your* love for us – CT: our love for you*

8:19     MT/ CT: our eagerness – TR: your* eagerness

9:4       MT/ TR: of boasting – CT: omits

9:10     MT/ TR: may He – CT: He will

10:8     MT/ TR: to us – CT: omits

11:3     MT/ TR: sincerity – CT: sincerity {and the purity}

11:6     MT/ TR: we have been made known – CT: we made [this] known

11:32   MT/ TR: desiring – CT: omits

12:1     MT/ TR: surely is not profitable for me – CT: is necessary, though it is not profitable

12:3     MT/ TR: outside of – CT: apart from

12:5     MT/ TR: my – CT: [my]

12:9     MT/ TR: My power – CT: power

12:11   MT/ TR: by boasting – CT: omits

12:14   MT/ TR: your* [financial] – CT: a [financial]

12:19   MT/ TR: Again, do you* think … you*? – CT: All this time, you* are thinking … you*.

13:2     MT/ TR: I write – CT: omits

13:4     MT/ TR: even since – CT: indeed

13:7     MT/ TR: I pray – CT: We pray

13:12-14  MT/ TR: Numbers verses as given – CT: Moves all of 13:13 to 13:12, and renumbers 13:14 as 13:13

13:14   MT: all! So be it! – TR: all! So be it! To [the] Corinthians second was written from Philippi [a city] of Macedonia through Titus and Luke. – CT: all!


1:18     MT/ TR: Peter – CT: Cephas, and in 2:11,14

2:14     MT/ TR:  why – CT: how [is it that]

3:1       MT/ TR: [so as] not to be obeying the truth – CT: omits

MT/ TR: among you* – CT: omits

3:17     MT/ TR: among you* – CT: omits

4:6       MT/ TR: your* – CT: our

4:7       MT/ TR: of God through Christ. – CT: through God.

4:14     MT/ TR: my trial – CT: your* trial

4:15     MT/ TR: What – CT: Where

4:19     MT/ TR: little children – CT: children

4:26     MT/ TR: all – CT: omits

4:28     MT/ TR: _we_,  – CT: _you*_,

5:19     MT/ TR: adultery – CT: omits

5:21     MT/ TR: murders – CT: omits

6:15     MT/ TR: in Christ Jesus – CT: omits

6:18     MT/ CT: So be it! – TR: So be it! To [the] Galatians was written from Rome.

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