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Variants: The Revelation

This page lists every translatable variant in The Revelation. Significant variants are bolded.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.

The Revelation 1-11

1:2       MT/ CT: he – TR: he also

1:4       MT: from God, the One – TR/ CT: from the One

MT: Spirits which {are} – TR: Spirits which are – CT: Spirits which [are]

1:5       MT/ CT: of the dead – TR: from the dead

MT/ CT: the One loving – TR: the One having loved

1:6       MT/ CT: kingdom, priests – TR: kings and priests

            MT/ TR: the ages of the ages – CT: the ages {of the ages}

1:8       MT/ CT: Omega, – TR: Omega, [the] Beginning and [the] End,

            MT/ CT: [the] Lord God – TR: the Lord

1:9       MT/ CT: your* – TR: both your*

            MT: partner – TR/ CT: fellow-partner

MT: in Jesus Christ – TR: in Christ Jesus – CT: in Jesus

MT/ TR: because of (second occurrence) – CT: omits

MT/ TR: of Jesus Christ – CT: of Jesus

1:11     MT/ CT: saying, – TR: saying, “_I_ am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last;” and,

            MT/ CT: assemblies:  – TR: assemblies, the [ones] in Asia:

1:12     MT: there – TR/ CT: omit

            MT/ CT: which was speaking – TR: which spoke

1:13     MT/ TR: seven – CT: omits

1:17     MT/ CT: He placed His right [hand] on me, saying, – TR: He laid His right hand on me, saying to me,

1:18     MT/ TR: Amen! – CT: omits

1:19     MT/ CT: Therefore, write – TR: Write

           MT/ TR: to be coming – CT: to come

1:20     MT: seven lampstands {which you saw} are – TR: seven lampstands which you saw are – CT: seven lampstands are

2:1       MT/ CT: the assembly in Ephesus – TR: the Ephesian assembly

2:2       MT/ TR: your labor – CT: labor

           MT: the ones saying themselves to be apostles – CT: the ones calling themselves apostles – TR: the ones claiming to be apostles

2:3       MT/ CT: you have perseverance and endured – TR: you endured and have perseverance, and have labored because of My name

           MT: did not grow weary – TR/ CT: have not grown weary

2:5       MT/ TR: quickly – CT: omits

2:7       MT: My God – TR/ CT: God

           MT/ TR: [the] middle of – CT: omits

2:8       MT/ CT: in Smyrna – TR: of [the] Smyrneans

2:9       MT/ TR: works and affliction and poverty – CT: works and poverty

            MT/ CT: _but_ you are – TR: but you are

           MT/ TR: your works and affliction – CT: your affliction

2:10     MT: indeed – TR/ CT: omits

2:13     MT/ TR: your works – CT: omits

            MT: faith – TR/ CT: faith even

MT: {in} which – TR: in which – CT: omits

2:14     MT: taught – TR/ CT: kept teaching

            MT: Israel {and} to eat – TR/ CT: Israel, to eat

2:15     MT/ TR: the Nicolaitans – CT: {the} Nicolaitans

            MT/ CT: likewise – TR: which I hate

2:16     MT/ CT: Therefore – TR: omits

2:17     MT: to eat {from} the manna – TR: to eat from the manna – CT: of the manna

            MT/ CT: knows – TR: knew

2:20     MT/ CT: have against – TR: have a few [things] against

            MT/ CT: permit – TR: allow

            MT: your woman – TR/ CT: the woman

            MT: she [who] calls – TR/ CT: the one calling

2:21     MT/ CT: repent, and she was not willing to repent from her sexual sin.  – TR: repent from her sexual sin, and she did not repent.

2:22     MT/ CT: I am throwing – TR: _I_ am throwing

            MT/ CT: her works – TR: their works

2:24     MT/ CT: you*, – TR: you*, and

            MT/ CT: teaching, – TR: teaching and

2:27     MT/ CT: they will be broken – TR: they are broken

            MT/ TR: as _I_ also have received [authority] from My Father. – CT: moves this phrase to the beginning of 2:28.

3:1       MT/ CT: a name – TR: the name

3:2       MT: which you were being about to be throwing out – TR: which are about to die – CT: which were being about to die

           MT/ CT: My God – TR: God

3:3       MT: {and heard, and be keeping [it]} – TR/ CT: and heard, and be keeping [it]

            MT/ TR: come upon you like– CT: come like

3:4       MT/ CT: _But_ you – TR: _But_

           MT/ CT: in Sardis – TR: even in Sardis

3:5       MT/ TR: overcoming, this [one] will – CT: overcoming thus will

           MT/ CT: I will confess – TR: I Myself will confess

3:7       MT: shuts it except the One opening, and no one opens. – TR: shuts, and shuts and no one opens. – CT: shuts, and shutting and no one opens.

3:8       MT/ CT: which no one – TR: and no one

3:9       MT/ TR: I am giving – CT: I shall give

            MT/ TR: shall come – CT: will come

            MT: I loved you. – TR/ CT: _I_ loved you.

3:11     MT/ CT: I am coming – TR: Listen! I am coming

3:12     MT: {My} new – TR/ CT: My new

3:14     MT/ CT: in Laodicea – TR: of [the] Laodiceans

3:15     MT/ CT: were cold – TR: might be cold

3:16     MT: not hot – TR/ CT: neither hot

3:17     MT: the miserable [one] – TR/ CT: miserable

3:18     MT: so that you shall smear your eyes with eye-salve – TR: and smear your eyes with eye-salve – CT: and eye-salve to smear on your eyes

3:19     MT/ TR: be zealous – CT: be being zealous

3:20     MT: door then, – TR: door, – CT: door {then},

4:2       MT/ TR: And – CT: omits

4:3       MT: similar – TR/ CT: And the One sitting was similar

            MT: throne, likewise [similar] – TR/ CT: throne, similar in appearance

4:4       MT: thrones the twenty-four – CT: thrones twenty-four – TR: thrones I saw the twenty and four

            MT/ CT: on their heads – TR: they had on their heads

4:5       MT/ CT: voices and peals of thunder – TR: peals of thunder and voices

            MT: His throne – TR/ CT: the throne

            MT: are seven – TR/ CT: are the seven

4:6       MT/ CT: [was something] like a sea – TR: [was] a sea

4:7       MT: fourth {living creature} – TR/ CT: fourth living creature

4:8       MT: {the} four – TR: [the] four – CT: the four

            MT/ TR: one – CT: one of them

            MT/ CT: covered with – TR: being covered with

4:9       MT: ascribe – TR/ CT: will ascribe

4:10     MT/ CT: they will cast – TR: they cast

4:11     MT: our Lord and God, the Holy [One] – TR: O Lord – CT: our Lord and God,

            MT: all {the} [things] – TR/ CT: all the [things]

            MT/ TR: they are [fig., exist] – CT: they were [fig., existed],

5:1       MT: outside – TR/ CT: on the back

5:2       MT/ TR: Who is – CT: Who [is]

5:3       MT: {above} – TR/ CT: omits

5:4       MT/ TR: _I_ began weeping – CT: I began weeping

            MT/ CT: open – TR: open and to read

5:5       MT/ CT: scroll and its – TR: scroll and to break its

5:6       MT/ CT: saw in  – TR: saw. And look! In

            MT/ TR: seven spirits – CT: {seven} spirits

5:7       MT/ CT: has taken – TR: has taken the scroll

5:8       MT/ CT: a harp – TR: harps

            MT: {the} prayers – TR/ CT: the prayers

5:9       MT/ TR: redeemed us to – CT: redeemed to

5:10     MT: made them kings CT: made them [to be] a kingdom – TR: made us kings

           MT/ CT: they will reign – TR: we will reign

5:11     MT: heard as [it were] – TR/ CT: heard

5:12     MT: {the} riches, – TR/ CT: riches

5:13     MT: {is} in heaven – TR: is in heaven – CT: [is] in heaven

            MT: and [every creature which] is on – TR: and [the creatures] which are on – CT: and on

            MT: So be it! – TR/ CT: omits

5:14     MT: creatures saying the “So be it” and  – TR/ CT: creatures kept saying, “So be it!” And

            MT/ CT: elders – TR: twenty-four elders

            MT/ CT: worship – TR: worship before [the One] living into the ages of the ages [fig., forever and ever].

6:1       MT: saw that – TR/ CT: saw when

            MT/ CT: seven seals – TR: seals

            MT: “Be coming and see!” – TR: Be coming and be looking! – CT: “Be coming!”

6:2       MT: And look! – TR/ CT: And I saw. And look!

6:3       MT/ CT: Be coming! – TR: Be coming and be looking!

6:4       MT: [the color] of fire – TR/ CT: fiery red,

           MT: earth, so that – TR/ CT: earth, and that

            MT/ TR: shall slay – CT: will slay

6:5       MT: Be coming and see! – TR: Be coming and be looking! – CT: “Be coming!” And I saw. And look!

6:6       MT/ TR: a voice – CT: [something] like a voice

6:7       MT: the voice – TR/ CT: [the] voice

            MT: Be coming and see! – TR: Be coming and be looking! – CT: Be coming!

6:8       MT: And look! – TR/ CT: And I saw. And look!

           MT: following – TR/ CT: following with

6:9       MT: of the Lamb – TR/ CT: omits

6:10     MT/ CT: cried out – TR: kept crying out

6:11     MT/ CT: a long, white robe was given to each of them – TR: long, white robes were given to each one

            MT: yet a – TR/ CT: yet a little

            MT/ TR: until {which} [time] – CT: until

            MT: brothers [and sisters] {and} the – TR/ CT: brothers, the

            MT/ CT: shall be completed – TR: will be completed

6:12     MT/ CT: seal, and a great – TR: seal. And look! A great

            MT: {whole} moon – TR: moon – CT: whole moon

6:13     MT: having cast – TR/ CT: casts

6:14     MT/ CT: the sky – TR: [the] sky

6:15     MT/ CT: the commanding officers [or, Chiliarchs] and the rich and the strong – TR: the rich and the commanding officers [or, Chiliarchs] and the mighty

            MT: {every} free person – TR: every free person – CT: free person

6:17     MT/ TR: His wrath – CT: their wrath

7:1       MT: And after this – TR: And after these [things] – CT: After this

            MT: any tree – TR/ CT: every tree.

7:4       MT/ TR: one hundred and forty-four – CT: one hundred, forty-four

7:5       MT: Judah … {having been sealed} – TR/ CT: Judah … having been sealed

           MT/ CT: Reuben – TR: Reuben … having been sealed, and the TR adds having been sealed after each tribe through verse eight

7:9       MT: number – TR/ CT: number it

7:10     MT/ CT: And they cry out – TR: and crying out

7:11     MT: {His} throne – TR/ CT: the throne

7:14     MT: I said – TR/ CT: I was saying

MT/ CT: My Lord – TR: Lord

MT: {them} white – TR/ CT: them white

7:16     MT: by any means will they thirst – TR/ CT: will they thirst

7:17     MT/ CT: fountains of waters of life – TR: living fountains of waters

8:3       MT/ TR: he should offer – CT: he will offer

8:5       MT/ CT: peals of thunder and voices – TR: voices and peals of thunder

8:7       MT/ CT: first [one] – TR: first angel

            MT/ CT: and the third of the earth was burned up,  – TR: omits

8:8       MT: a great burning mountain – TR/ CT: a great mountain burning with fire

8:9       MT: creatures in – TR/ CT: creatures, the [ones] in

8:10     MT/ CT: the waters – TR: waters

8:11     MT/ CT: of the people – TR: people

8:12     MT/ TR: shall not be shining – CT: shall not shine

8:13     MT/ CT: eagle – TR: angel

9:2       MT: {And he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit} – TR/ CT: And he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit

            MT: a burning furnace – TR/ CT: a great furnace

9:4       MT/ CT: except – TR: except only

            MT/ TR: their foreheads – CT: the foreheads

9:5       MT/ TR: shall be tormented – CT: will be tormented

9:6       MT/ CT: will by no means – TR: will not

            MT/ TR: will flee – CT: flees

9:7       MT: gold victor’s wreaths – TR/ CT: victor’s wreaths similar to gold

9:10     MT: and stings; and in their tails they have power – TR: and stings were in their tails; and their power CT: and stings; and in their tails [is] their power

9:11     MT/ CT: They – TR: And they

            MT: [the] angel – TR/ CT: the angel

            MT: Abbadon, but – TR/ CT: Abaddon, and

9:13     MT/ TR: four – CT: [four]

9:14     MT/ CT: angel, the one having – TR: angel who had

9:15     MT: and {for} the day – TR/ CT: and day

9:16     MT/ CT: of the armies – TR: of [the] armies

            MT: horse – TR/ CT: horsemen

            MT: [was] ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 100 million] – TR: [was] two [times] ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million] – CT: [was] twenty thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million].

9:18     MT/ CT: plagues – TR: omits

           MT: from the fire and from the smoke and from the sulfur – TR: by the fire and by the smoke and by the sulfur – CT: from the fire and the smoke and the sulfur

9:19     MT/ CT: of the horses – TR: omits

9:20     MT/ TR: they shall not prostrate – CT: they will not prostrate

            MT: {and the [ones] of brass} – TR/ CT: and the [ones] of brass

10:1     MT: a mighty – TR/ CT: another mighty

            MT/ CT: the rainbow – TR: a rainbow

10:2     MT/ CT: and having – TR: And he had

            MT: a scroll – TR/ CT: a little scroll

10:4     MT/ CT: spoke – TR: spoke their voices

            MT: saying – TR/ CT: saying to me

10:5     MT: right hand – TR/ CT: hand

10:6     MT: {by} the One – TR/ CT: by the One

            MT/ CT: will be time no longer – TR: will not still be time

10:7     MT/ CT: is completed – TR: shall be completed

            MT: His slaves – TR/ CT: His own slaves

10:8     MT/ TR: little scroll – CT: scroll

            MT/ CT: the angel – TR: [the] angel

10:9     MT/ CT: telling him to give – TR: saying to him, “Give

10:10   MT: the scroll – TR/ CT: the little scroll

10:11   MT/ TR: he says – CT: they say

            MT: about nations – TR/ CT: nations

11:1     MT/ CT: saying, – TR: and the angel had stood, saying,

            MT/ TR: Get up – CT: Be getting up

11:2     MT: forty and two – TR: forty-two – CT: forty {and} two

11:4     MT/ CT: Lord – TR: God

11:5     MT/ CT: wants – TR: shall be wanting (first occurrence)

            MT: wants – TR: shall be wanting – CT: shall want (second occurrence)

11:6     MT/ TR: power – CT: the power

            MT/ CT: [during] the days – TR: during [the] days

11:8     MT/ CT: their – TR: our Lord

11:9     MT/ CT: look – TR: will look

            MT/ CT: their dead body – TR: their dead bodies (first occurrence)

            MT: three [and] – TR/ CT: three and

            MT/ CT: a tomb – TR: tombs

11:10   MT/ CT: rejoice – TR: will rejoice

11:13   MT: day – TR/ CT: hour

11:14   MT/ CT: Listen! – TR: And listen!

11:15   MT/ CT: kingdom – TR: kingdoms

11:16   MT/ CT: twenty-four – TR: twenty and four

            MT/ TR: the ones sitting – CT: {the ones} sitting

           MT: {the throne of} God – TR/ CT: God

11:17   MT/ CT: the One [who] was– TR: the One [who] was and the One [who is] coming

11:18   MT/ TR: to the small and to the great – CT: the small and the great

11:19   MT/ TR: opened in – CT: opened, the [one] in

            MT: the covenant of the Lord – TR/ CT: His covenant

12:2     MT: she was crying out – TR: she cries out – CT: and she cries out

12:3     MT: dragon [the color of] fire – TR/ CT: fiery red dragon

12:5     MT/ CT: to His throne – TR: His throne

12:6     MT/ CT: there a place – TR: a place

12:7     MT/ CT: war with – TR: war against

12:8     MT: for him – TR/ CT: for them

12:12   MT: to the land and to the sea – TR: to the ones inhabiting the land and the sea – CT: [to] the land and the sea

12:14   MT/ TR: two wings – CT: the two wings

            MT: in order that she – TR/ CT: where she

12:17   MT/ CT: Jesus. – TR: Jesus Christ.

13:1     MT/ TR: And I stood on the sand of the sea. – CT: And he stood on the sand of the sea. And the CT has this sentence as 12:18.

            MT/ CT: ten horns and seven heads – TR: seven heads and ten horns

            MT/ TR: a blasphemous name – CT:  blasphemous name[s]

13:3     MT/ CT: And one– TR: And I saw one

           MT/ TR: marveled – CT: was amazed [and followed]

13:4     MT: dragon, the one having given the authority – TR: dragon who gave authority – CT: dragon that gave the authority

            MT/ CT: beast, and who – TR: beast? Who

13:5     MT: blasphemy – TR/ CT: blasphemies

            MT: to make war – TR/ CT: omits, war (translate, to act)

            MT/ TR: forty-two months. – CT: forty {and} two months.

13:6     MT/ TR: blasphemy – CT: blasphemies

            MT/ CT: tabernacle, [that is] – TR: tabernacle and

13:7     MT/ CT: every tribe and people and tongue – TR: every tribe and tongue

13:8     MT: the name – TR: the names – CT: his name

13:10   MT: has captivity, he goes away [into captivity] – TR: gathers [into] captivity, he goes away into captivity – CT: [gathers] into captivity, he goes away into captivity

            MT/ TR: if anyone kills by a sword, it is necessary [for] him to be killed by a sword – CT: if anyone [is] to be killed by a sword, he [is] to be killed by a sword

13:12   MT: it was making – TR/ CT: it makes

13:13   MT: even fire is coming down from heaven upon – TR/ CT: it even makes fire to come down from heaven to

13:14   MT: {my own} [people] – TR/ CT: omits

            MT: was having the wound – TR/ CT: has the wound

13:15   MT make [it that] … should be killed. – TR: make … that they should be killed – CT: make [it] {that} … should be killed.

13:16   MT: marks – TR/ CT: a mark

           MT/ TR: foreheads – CT: forehead

13:17   MT: is able – TR/ CT: shall be being able

            MT/ CT: mark: the name – TR: mark, or the name

13:18   MT: {and} his number {is} 666 – TR: and his number [is] 666. – CT: and his number [is] six-hundred, sixty-six.

14:1     MT: {The} Lamb – TR: A Lamb – CT: The Lamb

            MT: Him {a number,} 144 thousand, – TR/ CT: Him one hundred forty-four thousand

            MT/ CT: His name and – TR: omits

14:2     MT/ CT: and the voice which I heard [was] like harpists – TR: and I heard a voice of harpists

14:3     MT: omits – TR: as it were – CT: {as it were}

            MT: 144 thousands – TR/ CT: hundred forty-four thousand

14:4     MT/ TR: These are the ones following – CT: These [are] the ones following

            MT: by Jesus – TR/ CT: omits

14:5     MT: mouth, for they are blameless. – TR: mouth, for they are blameless before the throne of God. – CT: mouth; they are blameless.

14:6     MT: an angel – TR/ CT: another angel

            MT/ CT: sitting [fig., dwelling] – TR: dwelling

14:7     MT/ TR: the sea – CT: sea

14:8     MT: another, a second angel – TR/ CT: another angel

            MT: {Fallen}, fallen – TR/ CT: Fallen, fallen

            MT/ CT: From – TR: For from

14:9     MT/ CT: another, a third angel – TR: a third angel

14:10   MT/ TR: the holy angels – CT: holy angels

14:12   MT: ones; {here} [are] the ones – TR: ones; here [are] the ones – CT: ones, the ones

14:13   MT: saying {to me}, – TR: saying to me, – CT: saying,

            MT/ TR: they shall rest – CT: they will rest

            MT/ TR: but their works – CT: for their works

14:15   MT/ CT: came – TR: came to You

14:18   MT/ TR: came forth – CT: {came forth}

            MT/ TR: having authority – CT: {the one} having authority

            MT/ TR: loud shout – CT: loud voice

15:2     MT/ CT: image – TR: image and over its mark

15:3     MT/ CT: the nations – TR: the holy ones!

15:4     MT/ TR: fear You – CT: fear

            MT/ TR: glorify – CT: will glorify

15:5     MT/ CT: saw, and the – TR: saw. And look! The

15:6     MT: angels, the ones having – TR: angels having – CT: angels, {the ones} having

            MT: {out of the temple} – TR/ CT: out of the temple

            MT: who had been clothed – TR/ CT: having been clothed

            MT/ CT: clean, bright linen – TR: in linen, clean and bright

16:1     MT/ TR: pour out – CT: be pouring out

            MT/ CT: seven bowls – TR: bowls

16:3     MT/ TR: second angel – CT: second [angel]

            MT/ TR: died in – CT: died, the [ones] in

16:4     MT: third {angel} – TR third angel CT: third [angel]

            MT/ TR: into the fountains – CT: the fountains

16:5     MT/ CT: righteous, – TR: righteous, O Lord,

            MT/ CT: was, the Holy [One] – TR: was and the One [who] will be holy,

16:6     MT/ TR: You gave – CT: You have given

            MT/ CT: drink. They – TR: drink, for they

16:7     MT/ CT: the altar – TR: another [angel] from the altar

16:8     MT/ TR: fourth angel – CT: fourth [angel]

16:9     MT: the people blasphemed – TR/ CT: they blasphemed

            MT/ TR: authority – CT: the authority

16:10   MT: fifth {angel} – TR: fifth angel – CT: fifth [angel]

16:12   MT: sixth {angel} – TR: sixth angel – CT: sixth [angel]

            MT/ CT: rising – TR: risings

16:13   MT/ CT: like frogs – TR: similar to frogs

16:14   MT/ CT: kings of the whole – TR: kings of the earth and of the whole

            MT/ TR: that great day – CT: the great day

16:16   MT/ CT: Armagedon – TR: Armageddon

16:17   MT: seventh {angel} – TR: seventh angel – CT: seventh [angel]

            MT/ TR: of heaven – CT: omits

16:18   MT: lightning flashes and peals of thunder and voices – TR: voices and peals of thunder and lightning flashes – CT: lightning flashes and voices and peals of thunder

            MT: earthquake {occurred} – TR/ CT: earthquake occurred

17:1     MT/ CT: saying, – TR: saying to me,

           MT/ TR: the many – CT: many

17:4     MT: scarlet, having – TR/ CT: scarlet and had been

            MT/ CT: the uncleanness – TR: uncleanness

17:6     MT: {and} from – TR/ CT: and from

17:8     MT/ TR: to be going away– CT: going away

            MT/ TR: names – CT: name

MT/ CT: that was – TR: which was

MT/ CT:  – TR: and yet is.

17:10   MT/ CT: the one – TR: and the one

17:13   MT/ CT: they give their – TR: they shall give over their own

17:16   MT/ CT: saw, and – TR: saw on

            MT: waste, and {will make her} naked – TR/ CT: waste and naked

17:17   MT/ TR: are completed – CT: will be completed

18:1     MT: {And} after  – TR: And after – CT: After

18:2     MT/ CT: cried out with a mighty voice – TR: cried out mightily with a loud voice

            MT: {Fallen}, fallen – TR/ CT: Fallen, fallen

            MT/ TR: every unclean and having been detested bird. – CT: every unclean bird and a prison of every unclean and having been detested animal.

18:6     MT: gave back {to you*} – TR: gave back to you* – CT: gave back

            MT/ TR: to her – CT: omits

18:8     MT/ CT: the One having judged her. – TR: the One judging her.

18:9     MT/ CT: will weep – TR: will weep for her

18:11   MT: will mourn – TR/ CT: mourn

18:12   MT/ TR: pearl – CT: pearls

18:13   MT/ TR: cinnamon – CT: cinnamon and spice

            MT:  cattle and sheep – TR/ CT: sheep and cattle

18:14   MT/ CT: lavish [things] perished – TR: lavish [things] went away

            MT/ TR: shall you – CT: will you

18:16   MT/ TR: and saying, – CT: saying,

            MT/ TR: pearls – CT: pearl

18:17   MT/ CT: every[one] sailing by the place – TR: all the crowd [fig., passengers] on the ships

18:19   MT: sorrowing and – TR/ CT: sorrowing,

            MT/ CT: the ships – TR: ships

18:20   MT/ CT: the holy ones and the apostles – TR: the holy apostles

18:24   MT: bloods – TR/ CT: blood

19:1     MT: {And} after – TR: And after – CT: After

            MT: The salvation and the power and the glory – TR: The salvation and the glory and the honor and the power – CT: The salvation and the glory and the power

            MT/ CT: [are] of our God! – TR: [belong] to [the] Lord our God!

19:2     MT: was utterly destroying – TR/ CT: was corrupting

19:4     MT/ CT: twenty-four – TR: twenty and four

19:5     MT/ TR: slaves, and – CT: slaves, {and}

            MT/ CT: the small – TR: both the small

19:6     MT: our Lord God – TR: the Lord God – CT: {our} Lord God

19:8     MT: bright and clean – TR: clean and bright – CT: bright [and] clean

19:11   MT/ TR: is being called – CT: {is being called}

19:12   MT: [are] – TR: [are] like – CT: [are] {like}

            MT: names having been written [on them] and  – TR/ CT: omit

19:13   MT/ TR: is called – CT: has been called

19:14   MT/ CT: armies, {the} [ones] in – TR: armies in

19:15   MT: sharp, double-edged – TR/ CT: sharp

            MT/ CT: rage – TR: rage and

19:17   MT: {one} angel – TR/ CT: one angel

            MT/ CT: Come, – TR: Come and

            MT/ CT: the great banquet of God – TR: the banquet of the great God

19:18   MT: and both of small – TR/ CT: and of small

19:19   MT/ TR: war – CT: the war

19:21   MT/ CT: having proceeded – TR: proceeding

20:2     MT: the one leading astray [fig., deceiving] the whole inhabited earth, – TR/ CT: omit

20:3     MT/ CT: shut and – TR: shut him up and

            MT: shall not be leading the nations astray [fig., be deceiving the nations] – TR/ CT: shall not lead the nations astray [fig., deceive the nations]

            MT/ TR: And after – CT: After

20:4     MT: {their} forehead – TR: their forehead – CT: the forehead

            MT: {the} thousand – TR/ CT: a thousand

20:5     MT: And the – TR: But the – CT: The

            MT/ CT: live – TR: come back to life

20:6     MT/ TR: a thousand – CT: {the} thousand

20:7     MT/ CT: the war – TR: war

            MT: the number {of them} – TR: the number – CT: the number of them

20:9     MT: out of heaven from God – TR: from God out of heaven – CT: out of heaven

20:13   MT/ CT: the dead, the [ones] in – TR: the [ones] dead in (twice)

20:12   MT/ CT: the great and the small – TR: small and great

            MT/ CT: before the throne – TR: before God

20:14   MT/ CT: death, the lake of the fire. – TR: death.

21:2     MT/ CT: I saw – TR: _I_, John, saw

            MT/ CT: out of heaven from God – TR: from God out of heaven

21:3     MT/ TR: out of heaven – CT: from the throne

            MT: them. – TR: them [and be] their God. – CT: them {[and be] their God}.

21:4     MT/ CT: He will – TR: God will

            MT/ TR: because – CT: {because}

21:5     MT/ TR: says to me – CT: says

            MT/ TR: these words are true and trustworthy. – CT: the words are trustworthy and true.

21:6     MT: _I_ have become the Alpha – TR: It has taken place! _I_ am the Alpha – CT: They have taken place! _I_ {am} the Alpha

21:7     MT/ CT: these [things] – TR: all [things]

            MT/ CT: a son – TR: the son

21:8     MT/ CT: to the cowardly – TR: to cowardly [ones]

            MT: unbelieving and sinners – TR/ CT: unbelieving

MT/ CT: the second – TR: [the] second

21:9     MT/ CT: came – TR: came to me

            MT: bowls being full – TR/ CT: bowls, the ones

            MT: the wife, the bride of the Lamb. – TR: the bride of the Lamb, the wife, – CT: the bride, the wife of the Lamb.

21:10   MT: {great} city – TR: great city – CT: city

21:11   MT/ CT: Its – TR: And its

21:12   MT/ CT: having – TR: having also

           MT: are [the] {names} of the twelve – TR: are the twelve – CT: are {the names} of the twelve

           MT: {the} sons – TR: the sons – CT: [the] sons

21:13   MT: risings – TR/ CT: rising

21:14   MT/ CT: [the] twelve names – TR: names

21:15   MT/ CT: a measure, – TR: omits

            MT: {and its wall} – TR/ CT: and its wall

21:16   MT/ CT: [is] as – TR: is as

            MT/ TR: as the width – CT: as {also} the width

            MT: twelve thousand [and] {twelve} – TR/ CT: twelve thousand

21:18   MT/ TR: was jasper – CT: [was] jasper

21:19   MT: {And} the – TR: And the – CT: The

21:23   MT/ CT: giving it light – TR: giving light in it

21:24   MT/ CT: nations – TR: nations of the ones being saved

            MT: will bring to it [the] glory and honor of the nations into it. – TR: bring their glory and honor into it. – CT: will bring their glory into it.

21:27   MT/ TR: [anyone] doing – CT: the [one] doing

21:1     MT/ TR: a pure river – CT: a river

22:2     MT/ CT: each month – TR: one month

22:3     MT: [there] will not be any curse there – TR/ CT: [there] will no longer be any curse

22:5     MT/ TR: night will not be [fig., exist] there – CT: [there] will no longer be [any] night

            MT/ TR: of a lamp – CT: [the] light of a lamp

            MT: will illuminate them – TR: illuminates them – CT: will illuminate upon them

22:6     MT: he says – TR/ CT: he said

            MT/ TR: [the] Lord – CT: the Lord

            MT/ CT: of the spirits of the prophets – TR: of the holy prophets

22:7     MT: {And} listen! – TR: Listen! – CT: And listen!

22:8     MT/ CT: hearing and seeing – TR: seeing and hearing

22:9     MT/ CT: I am – TR: For I am

22:10   MT: {for} the time – TR: because the time – CT: for the time

22:11   MT/ CT: the filthy [person], let him be made filthy still – TR: the one making filth, let him be making filth still

            MT/ CT: let him practice righteousness – TR: let him be righteous

22:12   MT/ CT: Listen! – TR: And listen! 22:12

            MT/ TR: work will be. – CT: work is.

22:13   MT/ CT: I [am] – TR: _I_ am

            MT/ CT: the First and the Last, the Beginning and End. – TR: the Beginning and End, the First and the Last.

22:14   MT/ TR: the ones doing His commandments – CT: the ones washing their robes

22:15   MT/ CT: Outside – TR: But outside

22:16   MT/ CT: Bright, Morning – TR: Bright and Early Morning

22:17   MT/ CT: Be coming! (twice)– TR: Come! (twice)

            MT/ CT: The one desiring, let him take [the] water – TR: And the one desiring, let him be taking the water

22:18   MT/ CT: _I_ testify – TR: For I jointly testify

            MT/ CT: adds to them – TR: is adding to these [words]

            MT: God [is prepared] to add – TR/ CT: God will add

            MT: {seven} plagues – TR/ CT: plagues

22:19   MT/ CT: takes away – TR: is taking away

            MT/ CT: the scroll – TR: [the] scroll

            MT: may God take away – TR/ CT: God will take away

            MT/ CT: tree of the life – TR: Scroll of the Life

            MT/ CT: city, the – TR: city and [from] the

22:20   MT/ TR: Yes, be – CT: Be

22:21   MT: the Lord Jesus Christ [be] with all the holy ones. So be it! – TR: our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you* all. So be it! – CT: the Lord Jesus [be] with all.

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