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May 2024 Christian Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla


These commentaries are continued from April 2024 Christian Commentaries.


Confused About Mother's Day and Abortion

    A local newscaster is pregnant with her first child. Her colleagues yesterday wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. One of them (a woman) said, “I think you’re to the point where we can wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.” She then said she was “halfway through” her pregnancy.

    That would put her at 18 weeks. That is before the age of viability. But I thought (according to the left) that at that point, what was inside a pregnant woman was just a blob of flesh that can be torn apart and thrown into a garbage can via a surgical abortion or starved to death and flushed down the toilet via a medical abortion. How then can being at that stage make a woman a mother?

    I am so confused.

Health Setbacks

    I’ve had some health setbacks in recent weeks, leading to unplanned doctor visits and having to take new medications. The problems are too difficult to explain, except the most recent. Yesterday, I re-injured my left oblique (side muscle). It didn’t bother me too much during my squat workout, but it was quite bothersome afterwards. With much reliance on the LORD, I am managing, but barely. Prayers are appreciated.

Health Update

    One of the problems troubling me finally calmed down, after about a month. I am not sure if it was due to the medications my PCP gave me or if it just stopped on its own, as it is fickle like that. But those meds caused negative side effects, so I had to stop them. And I am still struggling otherwise. I have an appointment with a specialist next month. I will know more then.

     My reinjured left side only bothered me slightly during the main portion of this week’s workouts. But I aggravated it each time I tried to do abs work and stretching. I probably should skip those for a while, but it’s such a habit to always stretch at the end of my workouts.

    Thanks for the prayers.

Another Health Update

    A week after stopping the medications my PCP gave me, that problem (my tics) came back. But I had to wait a month for the appointment with the new doctor (a neurologist), with much loss of sleep in-between. He gave me a couple of new prescriptions. Well, actually, they are drugs I took many years ago but was able to stop. But it looks like I will need to get back on them. And it will be a while before I know if they will help or not.

    I am also scheduled for an MRI next month (July). I have had two on my head previously, and both were negative. But they were years ago, so he wants to be sure. But it will probably be a waste of time. This will also be my fourth MRI in the past three years, so I am not thrilled about it. The previous ones were for my rotator cuff injuries.

These commentaries are continued at: June 2024 Christian Commentaries.


Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament

    The Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition (ALT3) is the only New Testament that is a literal translation of the second edition of the Byzantine Majority Greek Text, brings out nuances of the Greek text, and includes study aids within the text. ALT3 promotes understanding of what the New Testament writers originally wrote. The ALT Devotional Version is an easier to read version of ALT3.


Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition (ALT3)

Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Devotional Version (ALTD)

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The above commentaries were posted in January 2023.

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