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      I received an email looking to advertise on my websites. But when I checked the emailer’s website, it was about teenage girls. I emailed her back and told her, “Your website has nothing to do with the subjects of my websites; so sorry, but your advertising would not be appropriate for my sites.” But then for some strange reason, she emailed me again and offered to pay $125 for an ad for her “spirituality/horoscope website.” I emailed the following back to her:

      As I said, the subject matter of your site is not compatible with my websites. And there is no way I would allow an article about the sinful practice of horoscopes to be placed on any of my sites at any price. Consulting the stars for your fortune is sinful. You should instead be looking to the LORD, the one true God, the God of the Bible, and His revealed will in the Bible for direction in life. The LORD created the heavenly bodies to mark times and seasons, not to be consulted about our fortunes.


      14And God said, “Let there become lights in the firmament of the heaven for light of the earth, to divide between the day and between the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years. 15And let them be for light in the firmament of the heaven, so as to be shining upon the earth,” and it became so.

           16And God made the two great lights, the greater light for beginning the day and the lesser light for beginning the night, and [He made] the stars. 17And God placed them in the firmament of the heaven, so as to be shining upon the earth, 18and to rule the day and the night, and to separate between the light and between the darkness. And God saw that [it was] good. 19And there became evening and there became morning, [the] fourth day (Genesis 1:14-19).


      35Thus said the LORD, the One having given the sun for a light of the day, [the] moon and stars for a light of the night, and a shout [fig., roaring] in [the] sea, so the waves of it make a booming noise (the LORD Almighty [is the] name to Him) (Isaiah 31:35).


      15“And guard your* souls exceedingly [fig., diligently], for you* saw no likeness in the day in which the LORD spoke to you* in Horeb in the mountain out of [the] midst of the fire, 16 lest you* act lawlessly, and make to yourselves a carved image, any image, likeness of male or female, 17likeness of any animal of the ones being on the earth, likeness of any winged bird which flies under heaven, 18likeness of any creeping thing which creeps on the earth, likeness of any fish as many as are in the waters under the earth; 19and lest having looked up into the sky, and having seen the sun and the moon and the stars, and all the worlds of heaven [or, heavenly bodies], having gone astray, you should prostrate yourselves in worship to them, and serve them, which the LORD your* God has distributed to all the nations under heaven (Deuteronomy 4:15-19).


            41“And in those days they made a calf and brought a sacrifice to the idol and began celebrating in the works of their hands. 42So God turned away and gave them over to be sacredly serving the host of heaven [i.e., the sun, moon, planets, and stars], (Act 7:41,42a).


      Repent of your sin of promoting astrology and consulting horoscopes and turn to the LORD and His Son Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for your sins.


            17“And now, brothers [and sisters], I know that according to ignorance you* did [it], as indeed [did] also your* rulers. 18But what [things] God announced beforehand by [the] mouth of all His prophets, [that] the Christ [would] suffer, He fulfilled in this manner. 19Therefore, repent and turn back [to God] in order for your* sins to be blotted out, in order that times of refreshing shall come from [the] face [fig., presence] of the Lord 20and [that] He shall send the One having been appointed for you*—Christ Jesus (Acts 3:17-20).


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The above email response first appeared in the Free Darkness to Light Newsletter.
It was posted on this site September 1, 2019.

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