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Osama bin Laden

By Miguel Aguilar


I was debating of whether I should send the following to you or not. But I said yes, and here it is.

While I was watching the tapes of Osama bin Laden on TV, I noticed how consistent he and his followers were of praising Allah. It seemed like every other word they spoke they praised him. Also, he called the destruction of the two towers a "blessed attack."

At the same time that I was watching this I remembered Elijah when he went against the prophets of Baal and how God destroyed them with fire from heaven (1 Kings 18:20-40).

I tried to echo Elijah with the disasters of 9/11.

Osama bin Laden

It came to pass, that for many years the children of America and followers of the true God, had sinned against the Lord. And it came to pass that in the year two thousand and one after the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior and Son of the Almighty God, in the eleventh day of the month of the ninth month that destruction fell from the sky on the city of New York, land of America. It was also the eighth month, eleventh day that George W. Bush ruler of America was in power. He is a good ruler!

Because of the sins of America the Lord allowed Osama bin Laden, servant of Allah a false god, to send destruction upon the land of America. Osama bin Laden listened to his god Allah and to his prophets that he (Osama) must kill all the children of America, the infidels and non believers of Allah. Now, the children of Osama Bin Laden were called Talibans.

The false prophets of their false god Allah had advised Osama bin Laden to bring terror to the whole world, where the children of America lived, for the love of Allah. Osama bin Laden devised a different kind of war, not armies against armies, like in the days of old, but he sent messengers with destructive power bound against their bodies or metal chariots with the same destructive force and blow themselves up and killing hundreds of people who were around. He also used giant metal birds or flying chariots full of people of all nations and were flown against giant buildings made out of stone and metal, and thousands of people died.

Saudi Arabia was the land of birth of Osama bin Laden. His fathers prospered in the land, but Osama bin Laden rebelled against his fathers and found refuge in the land of Afghanistan.

Allah is a false god and his servants are called Muslims, and their first prophet was Mohammed.

Osama bin Laden's power became great in the land of Afghanistan, and the land was subject to him. His Power of terror went out throughout the world, and the world feared Osama bin Laden. They worshiped and praised Allah constantly. The Talibens prayed to Allah for more power, and the Lord God allowed the devil to give them more power. Therefore, as his power grew stronger, Osama sent his messengers of terror throughout all the region. He believed that he was invincible and that all his children had the blessings of Allah. He did no know the Lord Almighty nor did he know the power of God the creator of all things, and he decided to attack the children of America who are the followers of the Lord.

It came to pass when destruction fell from the sky upon the city of New York and in the city of Washington D. C. in the land of America, that the children of America humbled and fell to their knees in front of the Lord, and The Lord found favor upon the children of America.

Then the Lord allowed the ruler of America to gather all his forces and to parley with many nations of the world to go up against Osama bin Laden and it was so.

The ruler of America, George W. Bush, sent giant metal flying birds to rain exploding fire upon the land of Afghanistan. Thousands of the children of Osama bin Laden perished. And thousands crawled like rats into holes and caves. The wrath of the Lord fell upon them severely. They called upon their false god Allah, but Allah did not answer.

I called upon Osama with a loud voice and asked him, "Where is your Allah, Osama? Is your god deaf? Maybe he went to a heavenly festival and cannot help you! Is he too busy to come down and help you? Has my God destroyed you and your children? You have called 'The blessed destruction' the one that you send upon my land, what do you call the annihilation that has befallen you and all your children? There is no other God but Jehovah and his Son is Jesus our Savior! He is the One that has rained devastation upon you and your children for believing in a false and not on the true and Almighty God of the Heavens."

The children of America and other nations who are friendly to America have searched throughout the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to this day Osama bin Laden has disappeared from the face of the earth, and he is no where to be found.

Director's Note

By Gary F. Zeolla


I struggled with posting this article. It makes me uncomfortable when Christians imply that the attacks happened because of the sins of America. For those who lost loved ones in the attacks, this could add to their pain: "You mean my husband died because he was a worse sinner than others?" But that brings to mind Luke 13:1-4.

Of course, it can be said that God having allowed the attacks was because of the corporate sin of America and not because of specific sins of those killed in the attacks. But then that raises the question of why God allowed the innocent to die with the wicked (cp. Gen 18:23).

And then there's the question of whether Allah is really a "false god" or just an incomplete viewpoint of the one true God. (i.e. Muslims correctly believe there is only one God, but they deny the three-in-one nature of this God).

And finally, there's the question of whether during a war is God really on one country's "side."

As can be seen, this narrative raises all kind of theological questions, none of which I have completely satisfying answers for. But I decided to post this article as maybe it will lead others to think about these questions and find more satisfying answers than I can give.

For follow-ups to the above discussion, see Osama bin Laden Emails.

The above article was posted on this Web site January 13, 2002.

September 11, 2001: Ethics, Spirituality, Christian Life

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