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All articles and other items throughout this Web site are published by Darkness to Light ministry. Items by this writer, Gary F. Zeolla, are copyrighted and indicated as such. And even articles written by other authors without a copyright notice are protected by copyright laws. As such, it is not permitted for other Webmasters to reproduce any articles on their Web sites. If you want readers of your site to see a specific article on this site, then please link directly to that article. It is also not permitted to copy any article and to post it on a forum or anywhere else on the Internet or elsewhere. If you want permission to use an article, contact this writer or the writer of the article, if it is a guest article. Click here for contact information.

Gary F. Zeolla is the director of Darkness to Light and the author of all articles throughout this Web site, unless otherwise indicated.

Comments on any of Darkness to Light's articles are welcome. See Contact Information for e-mail addresses.

Newly posted items are marked as "new" for three to four months. So if you visit the What's New? page within this time period you won't miss any new items being posted.

Article submissions for consideration to be posted on this Web site are welcome. Just please note the following guidelines:

Read over the articles on this site. They will give you an idea of the kind of articles published and the format generally used. To make a submission, if the article is less than 30 KB, e-mail it to me as a regular e-mail message in "text only" format. See Contact Information for my e-mail address. If the article is 30 KB or larger or if you want to send it in a format other than text only, please contact me first for directions on how to send it to me as an attached file. Do NOT send it the address on the aforementioned page.

There is no financial remuneration for published articles; they will be considered to be a "donation" to this ministry. And I reserve the right to use or refuse articles and to edit them as I deem necessary. If significant changes are made I will run the revised article by you before publishing it.

Your name will appear in a "by-line" under the title of the article, and your e-mail address will be added to the Contact Information page so readers can direct comments on the article to you directly.

Darkness to Light newsletter was published in hardcopy format by this ministry from June of 1991 to September 1998. All articles and letters from all eight years worth of newsletters are posted on this site and indicated as such near the bottom of the appropriate pages. And in September of 2003 a new email newsletter began publication. Articles from the current newsletter are being posted after they have appeared in the newsletter. To subscribe to this newsletter, see Free Darkness to Light newsletter.

The Shield newsletter was published by The Shield of Faith, a Denver-based, sister-ministry to Darkness to Light, from 1988 to 1992. Many articles from The Shield are now posted on this Web site and indicated as such near the bottom of the appropriate pages. Views of articles from The Shield do not necessarily reflect the views of Darkness to Light.

Animated GIFs and some of the other graphics seen throughout this Web site are taken from the sources listed at Animated GIFs.

Abbreviations used throughout this Web site:
cp. - compare.
ct. - contrast.
CT - Critical Text; the type of Greek text the NT of the NIV, NASB, and most other modern-day versions is based on.
f - and the following verse (i.e. John 1:1f = John 1:1-2).
ff - and the following verses.
Gr. - Greek
Heb. - Hebrew
LXX - Septuagint: A second-century BC, Greek translation of the Hebrew OT.
MT - Majority Text. Greek NT text that is similar to, but not identical with the TR.
NT - New Testament.
OT - Old Testament.
TR - Textus Receptus (or Received Text). Greek text the KJV and NKJV are based on.
v. - verse.
vv. - verses.

Bible Versions:
ALT - Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Copyright 1999-2001 by Gary F. Zeolla of Darkness to Light ministry (www.zeolla.org/christian).
KJV - King James Version .
LITV - Literal Translation of the Bible, Copyright 1995-2000. Used by permission of the copyright holder, Jay P. Green Sr.
MKJV - Modern King James Version, copyright 1962, 1990, 1993, 2000. Used by permission of the copyright holder, Jay P. Green Sr.
NKJV - New King James Version. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1982. All Scripture references throughout this Web site are from the NKJV, unless otherwise indicated.
WEB - World English Bible . Longmont, CO: Rainbow Missions, Inc., copyright-free.

For additional Bible versions referred to, see Bible Versions List.

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