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Starting 2/6/06

Rotation 4 of 4

by Gary F. Zeolla

These workout logs are continued from Full Workout Logs: Starting 12/17/05: Rotation 3 of 4.

Age: 44 (but five days before my next context I'll turn 45, so I'll be in the 45-49 Masters category).
Weight class: Was 114s, but moving up to 123s.
Next contest: WNPF Western Pennsylvania Championships, April 8, 2006 in Beaver Falls, PA in the raw division, open and masters (45-49).

Be sure to note the second line above. Since I started powerlifting again three years ago, I've been competing at 114s. But my normal weight is now above the limit for 123s. So I've definitely decided it's time to move up to that class. It simply would be too difficult for someone my size to cut the ten pounds or so to get down to 114s. With the way my weight's going, I'll even have some "cutting" to do to make 123s.

Note also the change in contest plans. I made this change due to the difference in the rules between the IPA and the WNPF for their raw divisions. The WNPF allows knee wraps while the IPA does not. This will also give me one more week to prepare.

I made a major change in my workout schedule with this week's workouts. I cut back from lifting every other day to lifting just three times a week (M, W, F). But I will still follow the same schedule of alternating through four different workouts (bench assistance/ squat/ bench/ deadlift).

This means I will only be doing each workout once every 9-10 days. I feel like I need the extra recovery time. So I am hoping this new schedule works out better. Counting out the days, I should get in six of these 9-10 day training weeks before the WNPF contest.

I’ll be doing some kind cardio work on three of my off days (Tu, Th, Sa) rather than at the end of my workouts. This should shorten my workout times. For further details on this routine, see Training Routine Format for Raw Lifting.

Warm-ups are in brackets. All weights are in pounds. Format: pounds/reps.
Workout times include set-up, warm-up, lifting, stretching, and clean-up, everything related to my workouts except for changing before and showering afterwards.

Week 1 of 6

Bench Assistance

Day One:

2/6/06, Monday.

Decline Bench: [45/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, 155/3] 170/4, 170/4

Incline Bench: [125/4] 135/4, 135/4

Curl Bar Reverse Curls: [35/8] 45/10, 50/10

Twisting Sit-ups (reps to each side): 10, 8

Leg Raises: 20, 15

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout Time: 1:25

It had been several weeks since I did decline and incline work, but the workout went well.

Off topic: I couldn't resist posting a pic of me wearing my new Steelers T-shirt.



Squats - Lots to figure out

Day Two:

2/8/06, Wednesday.


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt and wrist wraps; Titan Titanium and THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 195/8, 235/5, add belt, wrist, and knee wraps: 285/3] 305/5, 320/4, 335/3

Manta Ray Squats (high bar, close stance): 195/5, 215/5, 235/5, 255/5

Rows (medium grip): [65/8] 80/8, 90/5

Curl Bar Rows: [65/8] 80/8, 90/5

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout Time: 2:11

This workout took too long as I had a lot to figure out. First, I took it slow as I was concerned about my groin/ adductor. It bothered me some during my warm-ups, but I barely noticed it once I started wrapping. To play it safe, none of the sets were all out. But this still confirmed what I originally thought; the minor injury was caused by not wearing knee wraps. Without the wraps, I have to struggle too much in the hole, and this put too much strain on the groin/ adductor area. *So this means I will never again try a heavy squat without wraps.*

Second, minutes before I began my workout, my new Titan wraps arrived. I wasn't sure which to get, so I got one each of the Titanium wraps and the THP wraps, both 2.0 meter. I used the Titanium wraps for my final warm-up set, but I didn't like them at all. They're too stiff for my criss-cross method of wrapping. I could barely tie them up at the end, but they might be good for those who use a spiral wrapping method.

So I switched to the THP wraps for my work sets, and those I really liked. You can really stretch them out and get them really tight. And with them being so tight, they seemed to help throughout most of the range of movement, not just at the bottom.

Third, this was my first workout using my new Manta Ray. It took a little getting used to, but I liked it. It really forces you to stay upright and sit back into the lift. If you lean forward at all it starts shifting. I had no idea how much weight to use, so I started too light. But even at that, my quads were really pumped afterwards.

Fourth, I was debating on whether I'd do two or three work sets on the PLs and major assistance. I tried three sets here, and it was too much. So I'll stick with two sets, which is what I had been doing most of the time since I started powerlifting again. It was only recently that I've been experimenting with different set and rep schemes.

And finally, on a minor note, after being on backorder for five months, I finally got my spin lock collars (5.5 pounds each). They are much nicer than the wire-type collars I had been using. But this adds ten pounds to my early warm-up sets, including the first set since I store the collars on the bar.



Day Three:

2/10/06, Friday


[45/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, add belt and wrist wraps: 155/3] 170/4, 170/4

Band Bench (using mini-bands): [110/4] 125/4, 120/4

BB Curls: [45/8] 55/8, 55/8

Twisting Decline Crunches (reps to each side): 10, 8

Dip Bar Leg Raises: 12, 12

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout Time: 1:38

I was taking some more pics for my Web site, so that added to my workout time. But even with the distraction, it was still a good workout, and I got done at a decent pace.

One thing though, my bench workouts are considerably easier than my squat and DL days. So I’m thinking of changing my body part split somewhat, maybe moving my upper back work from squat days onto bench days. And if I do that, I might try again increasing from two to three work sets on the powerlifts and major assistance. It was only on squat days that this proved too much.

See the following page for pics of my set up for band benches: Band Pictures.


Deadlifts - New schedule working well

Day Four:

2/13/06, Monday


[55/15, 145/10, 205/8, 255/5, add belt & wraps: 310/3] 340/4, 345/4

Good Mornings (legs straight) [105/5, 125/5] 145/5, 155/4

DB Calves: [30/10] 40/10, 40/10

Twisting Leg Raises (reps to each side): 10, 10

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout Time: 1:44

I was anxious to see how this workout would go. With my new workout schedule, I'll be doing each of my four workouts every 9-10 days. And this was the first time I did a workout after ten days. And the workout went very well. So I think this new schedule will work out.

But I think I will change my body parts split some. I will also move my stretching to after my lifting workouts to after my cardio on my off days. This way, I'll be able to increase my work sets from two to three for my major exercises without increasing my workout time. And the stretching will probably be more productive on my off days as I'll be able to spend more time on it.

See the following page of my site for an outline of my new plan: Training Routine Format for Raw Lifting - 2.

Week 2 of 6

Bench Assistance - First time with upper back

Day One:

2/15/06, Wednesday

Decline Bench: [45/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, 155/3] 170/5, 175/4, 180/3

Incline Bench: [120/4] 135/5, 140/4, 145/3

Barbell Rows: [65/6] 85/6, 87/5, 92/5, 97/4

Curl Bar Reverse Curls: [40/8] 55/8, 57/8

Leg Raises: 20, 20

Workout Time: 1:35

This was the first time I did upper back work after bench work. So things got a little messed up. My plan on rows was to do 3 x 6,5,4, increasing 5 pounds on each set. But my first work set felt really heavy, so I only went up by 2-1/2 lbs. for the next two sets (I have 1-1/4 lb. plates). But then the next two sets were too light, so I did an extra set. The solution is to add a second warm-up set. That way, I will be better prepared for the first work set. Otherwise, the workout went as planned.


Squats - Minor injury healed

Day Two:

2/17/06, Friday


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt, and wrist wraps; Titan THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 195/8, 240/5, add belt, wrist and knee wraps: 280/3] 310/5, 330/4, 345/3

Manta Ray Squats (high bar, close stance): [235/4] 260/5, 270/4, 280/3

Twisting Sit-ups (reps to each side): 10, 8

Workout Time: 1:43

I didn't notice any pain in my groin/ adductor. So that scare is over, thank God. But as I said before, I will take it as a warning to not even think about doing heavy squats again without knee wraps.

That said, for the second and third sets of squats, I used the same weight and reps as I did a month ago using 2.5 meter wraps. In that workout, I did two more sets, a double and a single, ending up with 375. So I'd probably be good for that now with my 2.0 meter wraps. But I'm not planning on doing any doubles or singles again until the last two weeks before my contest.

It was definitely better doing just one ab exercise after my squat work rather than two upper back exercises as I had been doing. I just hope it works out doing my upper back work on bench days.


Benches - Need to learn to focus

Day Three:

2/20/06, Monday


[45/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, add belt and wrist wraps: 150/3] 165/5, 170/4, 175/3

Band Bench (using mini-bands): [110/4] 115/5, 120/4, 125/3

Curl Bar Rows: [55/8, 75/5] 85/6, 90/5, 95/4

BB Curls: [45/8] 57/7, 57/7

Sit-ups: [--/10] 10/12, 15/12

Workout Time: 1:50

I was having a hard time getting some personal issues off of my mind. So I dawdled during my warm-ups and took too long between sets. But at least I was able to focus for the actual performance of my work sets, so they all went as planned. But still, I really need to work on focusing throughout my workouts.


Deadlifts - 400 a possibility

Day Four:

2/22/06, Wednesday


[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 250/5, add belt, knee and wrist wraps: 300/3] 330/5, 345/4, 360/3

Good Mornings (legs straight) [115/5, 140/3] 155/5, 165/4, 175/3

DB Calves: [32/10] 42/10, 42/10

Twisting Leg Raises (reps to each side): 12, 12

Workout Time: 1:45

I pulled the same weight and reps on the second and third sets of DLs as I did on New Year's Day when I worked up to a max single with 400. But then I was wearing a double-ply suit. I doubt I'd be good for 400 without a suit just yet, but it is a reasonable goal for my contest.

Week 3 of 6

Bench Assistance - Going well

Day One:

2/24/06, Friday

Decline Bench: [45/15, 95/10, 120/8, 140/5, 157/3] 172/5, 177/4, 182/3

Incline Bench: [122/4] 137/5, 142/4, 147/3

Barbell Rows: [55/8, 75/5] 90/6, 95/5, 100/4

Curl Bar Reverse Curls: [45/8] 60/7, 60/8

Leg Raises: 25, 25

Workout Time: 1:39

A good workout. Everything went as planned. Next week, I’ll change all my exercises for the last 3-4 weeks before my contest.


Squats - 400 also a possibility

Day Two:

2/27/06, Monday


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt, and wrist wraps; Titan THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 195/8, 240/5, add belt, wrist and knee wraps: 285/3] 320/5, 340/4, 360/3

Manta Ray Squats (high bar, close stance): [240/4] 265/5, 280/4, 295/3

Twisting Sit-ups (reps to each side): 12, 12

Workout Time: 1:51

Last week I posted my deadlift workout where I tripled 360. I then said that with that set I figured 400 would be a reasonable goal for deadlifts for my contest. Well, I just tripled 360 on squats! However, this will be my first time competing in a WNPF contest. So I'll probably have to be a little more conservative than usual until I can get a feel for how the WNPF judges depth. But even at that, 400 would still a reasonable goal for squats.



Day Three:

3/1/06, Wednesday


[45/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, add belt and wrist wraps: 152/3] 167/5, 172/4, 177/3

Band Bench (using mini-bands): [105/4] 117/5, 122/4, 127/3

Curl Bar Rows: [60/8, 80/5] 90/6, 95/5, 100/4

BB Curls: [45/8] 57/8, 57/8

Sit-ups: [10/10] 20/8, 20/9

Workout Time: 1:52


Deadlifts - Routine going well

Day Four:

3/3/06, Friday


[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 255/5, add belt, knee and wrist wraps: 305/3] 335/5, 350/4, 365/3

Good Mornings (legs straight) [115/5, 145/3] 160/5, 170/4, 180/3

DB Calves: [35/10] 45/10, 45/10

Twisting Leg Raises (reps to each side): 14, 12

Workout Time: 1:48

This was the end of the third week of my final six-week rotation before my contest. And at the halfway point, I must say I am very pleased with how my training is going. My lifts are gradually moving up. Next week, I’ll change all of my assistance exercises for the final three weeks.

Week 4 of 6

Bench Assistance

Day One:

3/6/06, Monday

Wide Grip Bench: [55/15, 95/10, 110/8, 125/5, 140/3] 150/5, 160/4, 165/3

Close Grip Bench: [130/4] 145/5, 155/4, 165/3

Barbell Rows (wide grip): [55/8, 70/5] 85/7, 95/4, 100/3

Reverse Curls: [45/8] 55/8, 57/8

Decline Crunches: [10/10] 15/10, 15/10

Workout Time: 1:36

My grip for wide and close grip benches is one hand width wider and closer respectively than my regular bench grip. For rows, I'm alternating using wide, medium, and close grips, with these grips being the same respectively as my wide, regular, and close bench grips.

That said, it had been a while since I'd done wide and close grip benches, so I started out too light. So this wasn't a very hard workout. But it was for the best as I needed a little break. But from here out it will be strictly hard workouts until my contest.


Squats - Very tired, but great workout

Day Two:

3/8/06, Wednesday


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt, and wrist wraps; Titan THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 250/5, add belt, wrist and knee wraps: 300/3] 330/5, 350/4, 365/3

Chain Squats (chain set-up weights about 90 pounds): [195/4] 215/5, 235/4, 250/3

Bicycle Abs (reps to each side): 25, 20

Workout Time: 1:50

I had a hard time sleeping the night before this workout (three letters - I.R.S.), so I was very tired at the start of this workout. But I cranked up Rez Band (a Christian metal group), got very psyched up, and felt and lifted great throughout the workout, until I "died" on my last set of abs.

The chain squats were sunk a couple of inches below parallel. I figure this way, both the top and bottom part of the lift get work. And let me say, I really like chain squats. With the way they jerk you around walking out the weight, and with how hard they are to balance during the lift, they work the stabilizer and core muscles even more than regular squats, kind of like the way DB benches incorporate more musculature than barbell benches do.

As for the I.R.S., thankfully my brother is a financial consultant, so he was able to take of things for me. I just should have called him sooner.


Benches - I want 200, but not sure

Day Three:

3/10/06, Friday


[55/15, 95/10, 115/8, 135/5, add belt and wrist wraps: 155/3] 170/5, 175/4, 180/3

DB Bench: [40s/8] 50s/8, 52s/6, 52s/6

DB Rows: [30/8] 40/8, 45/8, 50/5

Curl Bar Curls: [45/8] 60/8, 60/8

Dip Bar Leg Raises: 13, 13

Workout Time: 1:45

A good workout. I'll be dropping down to 3x3,2,1 for my last two workouts before my contest. I'd like to hit 200 at the contest. I'll see the next two weeks if that will be possible or not.


Deadlifts - 15-pound triple PR!

Day Four:

3/13/06, Monday

Deadlifts (sumo)

[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 255/5, add belt, knee and wrist wraps: 310/3] 340/5, 360/4, 380/3

Conv. Platform DLs (2-1/4” platform): [235/5] 255/5, 275/4, 295/3

BB Calves: [125/10] 145/10, 155/10

Crunch/ Side-bend Combo: 10, 10

Workout Time: 1:48

Last week I pulled 365/3, which equaled my best triple with a suit. This week, my first two work sets felt relatively easy. So I went up 20 pounds for each of my next sets rather then my normal 15. As a result, I ended up with a 15-pound triple PR!

What I think made the difference was a change in my form. I was working on keeping my butt down at the start of the lift and driving more with my legs. And that worked great. So I need to concentrate on keeping that form.

But the triple was very difficult, and I almost missed it at my thighs. The reason for that was it was warm for mid-March in Pittsburgh, 75 degrees with 100% humidity. So my thighs were really sweaty and sticky. I purposely don't use baby powder in my workouts. I figure that way the top part of the lift gets extra work. So come contest time when I'm using baby powder, once I get it past my knees, Il know I will be able to easily lock it out.

I started too light on platform DLs, so they were relatively easy. But the DL triple really took it out of me, so it was for the best. But next week, I'll increase the weight on PDLs considerably. I really want to get in a couple of heavy workouts on these before my workout to help the initial pull off of the floor.

If anyone’s wondering, the “Crunch/ Side-bend Combo” is an exercise I got out of a recent issue of Men’s Health magazine. You lie on the floor, crunch up, bend to the left, bend to the right, then lie back down. That constitutes one rep. This was the first time I tried it, and I liked it. My abs and obliques were really sore afterwards. So this is a rare occasion when one of Men’s Health’s workout tips was actually helpful.

Week 5 of 6

Bench Assistance

Day One:

3/15/06, Wednesday

Wide Grip Bench: [55/15, 95/10, 115/8, 130/5, 145/3] 160/5, 165/4, 170/3

Close Grip Bench: [140/3] 155/5, 160/4, 165/3

Barbell Rows (wide grip): [60/8, 80/4] 92/5, 97/4, 102/3

Reverse Curls: [45/8] 60/8, 60/8

Decline Crunches: [10/10] 20/10, 25/10

Workout Time: 1:37

A good workout. I got all my planned reps.


Squats - 400!

Day Two:

3/17/06, Friday


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt, and wrist wraps; Titan THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 250/5, add belt, wrist and knee wraps: 300/3, 340/1] 370/3, 385/2, 400/1

Chain Squats (chain set-up weights about 90 pounds): [205/4] 225/5, 245/4, 260/3

Bicycle Abs (reps to each side): 25, 25

Workout Time: 1:59

400! Psyched! The lift was plenty low and felt good. I'm sure it would have passed. I have one more squat workout left, then I'll figure out my contest attempts.

A couple of things though. First, I really had a hard time walking out the weight and getting my feet set. But that doesn't matter as they'll be a monolift at the contest.

Second, the workout took a little longer than I like, and I was overly tired afterwards. So I'll try dropping off one warm-up set for my next workout and skip the chain squats and/ or the ab exercise.

If I were going to be using full gear at my contest, I would have started wearing my suit with this workout. And to allot for the time and effort of putting on and taking off the suit, I would have dropped off an assistance exercise or two. But since I wasn't wearing a suit, I didn't think it would be necessary. But I guess it still is. So I'll be dropping off exercises for the rest of my workouts.

I am a little bummed I'm not use full gear for the contest. My best lift in college was a 425 pound squat at PA State Collegiates in 1982. That lift was good for the National Collegiate record. And remember, at that time there was only one federation (the USPF), so national records really meant something.

In any case, if I were going to be wearing my double-ply squat suit and using 2.5 meter wraps, I might be good for 430 to better that lift. But I've already planned on going raw, so I'll stick with that plan for this contest. But maybe I'll go back to full gear sometime in the future just for that reason.


Benches - Not real good

Day Three:

3/20/06, Monday


[55/15, 95/10, 120/6, add belt and wrist wraps: 145/3, 165/1] 182/2, 185/2, 190/1

DB Bench: [42s/8] 52s/8, 55s/7, 57s/6

DB Rows: [30/8, 40/5] 47/8, 50/7, 52/6

Curl Bar Curls: skipped

Dip Bar Leg Raises: 15, 15

Workout Time: 1:38

The first work set on benches was supposed to be a triple. But the second rep was so difficult I didn't even try the third. Three possible problems. First, I tried dropping off a warm-up set, but I could tell I wasn't fully ready for the set. So I'll add back the set next week.

Second, I think doing wide and close grips on my assistance day is not working. Those lifts are too close to regular benches. So I'll go back to doing incline and decline work instead.

Third, I got out of my grove, hitting my chest too high on each rep. I had the same problem on the next set and barely got the second rep. But I got it right on the third set, so the 190 felt good, with strength to spare. I'll concentrate on my form for my last bench workout next week.

The rest of my workout went well. The DB benches especially felt good. But for those, I was hitting my chest right where I wanted. So I'm not sure how I messed up on benches.


Deadlifts - Missed 400

Day Four:

3/22/06, Wednesday

Deadlifts (sumo)

[55/15, 145/10, 200/8, 255/5, add belt, knee and wrist wraps: 300/3, 350/1] 375/3, 390/1, 400/--

Conv. Platform DLs (2-1/4” platform): [240/5] 270/5, 290/4, 310/3

BB Calves: [145/10] 160/10, 165/9

Crunch/ Side-bend Combo: skipped

Workout Time: 2:01

After my great DL workout last week, this one was terrible. Warm-ups did not feel good. So I dropped my opening triple down from the 385 I had planned on doing. The 375 felt good. But then on the first rep of 390, I barely got it moving, but once I did, the rest of the lift was rather easy. But then I didn't budge the bar on the second rep.

Then on the 400, I got it up about 2", and that was it. I struggled to get it moving farther, but I then lost my balance and fell off of my platform on my butt! I'm not quite sure what happened. But this really messed my plans up. I think I might still try 400 at my contest. Maybe something like 365 - 385 - 400.

I have one more DL workout next week. For it, I will just work up to my opener, and leave it at that. I’ll do the same for my last squat and benches workouts. That way, hopefully, I’ll be fully rested for the contest.

Strangely, the PDLs went very well. I'm not sure if I'll do them next week or not. I'll see how I feel then. But I will skip the calf and ab work for sure.


Week 6 of 6

Last Bench Assistance Pre-contest

Day One:

3/24/06, Friday

Decline Bench: [45/15, 95/10, 120/8, 140/5, 160/3] 175/4, 175/4

Incline Bench: [125/4] 140/4, 140/4

Barbell Rows (wide grip): [65/8, 85/4] 95/5, 100/3

Reverse Curls: [45/8] 62/6, 62/6

Decline Crunches: [20/10] 30/10, 30/10

Workout Time: 1:26

With this workout being two weeks out, I cut back from 3 to 2 sets on declines, inclines, and rows, and I didn't push too hard. I wanted to be sure I will be fresh for my last heavy bench workout on Wednesday.


Birthday Squats - Opener

Day Two:

3/27/06, Monday


(Gear: CMW squat shoes, power belt, and wrist wraps; Titan THP 2.0-meter knee wraps):

[55/15, 145/10, 235/6, add belt, wrist and knee wraps: 325/3] 365/1 (opener)

Chain Squats (chain set-up weights about 90 pounds): [210/4] 235/5, 255/3

Bicycle Abs: Skipped

Workout Time: 1:20

This workout was done on my birthday, so I’m 45 now.

For this workout, to be sure they will be no surprises, I wore everything I am planning on wearing at the contest, including my singlet, a new pair of knee wraps, and even the T-shirt I'll be wearing. The shirt was actually a problem since the WNPF does not allow pockets. I think this is a silly rule. But whatever the case, all of my T-shirts have pockets on them, on purpose. I hate wearing shirts without a pocket. So I had to dig through some old clothes and found a gray shirt without a pocket. So that will be my "official" contest shirt.

Four warm-up sets are the fewest I've done before a contest opener. At my last contest, I used six sets. But I'm trying to get by with the fewest sets possible so as to save energy. And it seemed to work out okay. As for the opener itself, it felt good. It was easy enough for an opener, and I sunk it more than low enough.

Being 12 days out, I debated on whether I should do the chain squats or not. So I compromised. I did them, but I cut back from 3 to 2 work sets and cut back on the intensity (last week I did 260/3).


Last Heavy Benches Pre-contest

Day Three:

3/29/06, Wednesday


[55/15, 95/10, 120/6, add belt and wrist wraps: 140/3, 160/1] 180/3, 187/1, 192/1

DB Bench: [45s/8] 55s/8, 60s/5

DB Rows: [30/8, 40/5] 50/8, 55/5

Curl Bar Curls: skipped

Dip Bar Leg Raises: 16, 15

Workout Time: 1:28

I was hoping to hit 195 here and then 200 at the contest. But the second set didn't go as planned (I wanted two reps). So I only went up to 192 for my final set, but if felt good. So I might still be good for the 200. We shall see!

Monday will be my final bench workout, when I’ll just do my opener. 


Deadlifts - Opener

Day Four:

3/31/06, Friday

Deadlifts (sumo)

[55/15, 145/10, 235/6, add belt, knee and wrist wraps: 325/3] 365/1 (opener)

Conv. Platform DLs (2-1/4” platform): [250/4] 280/5, 305/3

BB Calves: skipped

Crunch/ Side-bend Combo: skipped

Workout Time: 1:06

It was rather warm and humid for this workout. And I'm glad it was. I found out that the T-shirt I was planning on wearing at the contest was too warm. The contest will be held in high school gymnasium, and I am sure there will not be A/C. So if it is at all warm out next Saturday, it will be very warm at the contest.

As I posted with my squat workout earlier this week, the WNPF does not allow pockets on your T-shirt. The rules also specify a short-sleeve shirt only. Meanwhile, for the past three years since I started powerlifting again, I've been wearing a sleeveless, pocket T-shirt for both training and contests. As I said, before I really think it’s silly that I cannot wear such a shirt at the contest. But be that as it may, I decided to go back to what I used to wear during my college lifting days, a plain white undershirt.

I know all this talk about a T-shirt sounds silly, but what would really be silly is getting overheated at the contest wearing a shirt that's warmer than I'm used to. And this all goes to show how it is important to wear *everything* in training at least a couple of times that you will be wearing at the contest to be sure there will be no problems.

That said, the opener did not go well. It got out in front of me, so it was harder than I would have liked. But still, even with the form problem, I got it without too much problem. So I think I'll still go with it for the contest. I just really have to watch my form.


Benches - Opener/ Last workout pre-contest

4/3/06, Monday


[55/15, 95/10, 125/6, add belt and wrist wraps: 155/3] 175/1 (opener)

No assistance work


Workout Time: 0:53

Normally I do my stretching on my off days. But I knew I’d be busy Tuesday, and with this workout being so short, I did it here. So half of the workout time was actually from the stretching.

That said, the opener felt very good. I paused it extra long just in case there's a sadistic head judge, and then I pressed it nice and cleanly. It was plenty easy for an opener. And that's it. I'm done with training for my contest.

Weigh-ins/ Contest Entrants/ Best Lifter

I just posted my final workout before my contest Saturday. All that is left is to weigh in Friday evening at 6:00 p.m., and that should be easy with moving up a weight class. It is actually a little strange not having to cut weight the entire week before a contest as I've had to do for every contest I've entered so far.

My weight first thing in the morning is just below the limit. But I generally gain about 2-3 pounds through the course of the day. So the only difficulty will be gauging how much I can eat and drink during the day and still make weight. I will have to weigh myself before I eat and drink anything throughout the day. I’m thinking I might be able to eat and drink just about normally until lunch. Then if I don’t eat or drink anything during the afternoon, that should do it.

But out of habit I am doing my normal practice of increasing water and salt intake for a couple of days (yesterday and today), then reducing it back to normal the last two days. The idea is the body gets used to excreting the extra water and salt, and then when you return to normal intake, the body keeps excreting the extra for a day or two. I also stopped creatine a week ago. And that usually causes a loss of a pound or two.

Even though I don’t really have weight to cut, I still think it’s best if I can eat as much as possible during the day Friday. Also, since I’m looking at the best raw lifter trophy (see below), it might help to weigh-in a pound or two light. And if I can loose a couple of pounds simply by manipulate water and salt and stopping creatine, that might prove helpful.

Also, I talked to the meet director. There will be about 40 lifters at the meet. The rules meeting is at 9:15 a.m., and the meet will start at 10:00. I'm guessing I won't get out of there until at least 5:00 p.m. So it will be along day.

There are no other 123 pounders, so once again I will be the only one in my weight class. However, there will be separate best lifter trophies for the equipped and raw divisions. Since I'm lifting raw, I was afraid there would only be one trophy for the entire meet.

My openers will give me a 905 total (365 - 175 - 365). Of course, I'm hoping to get more than just my openers. But I have no idea if I'll be able to total enough for best raw lifter. But it will give me something to shoot for.

See Western PA Powerlifting Championships - 2006 for a contest report.

Full Workout Logs: Starting 2/6/06: Rotation 4 of 4. Copyright 2006 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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