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Magnesium Potassium Aspartate

(Country Life)

I suffer from a condition called neurological “tics.” For details and another product I take for it, see Country Life’s Calcium. Magnesium with D. But along with for that reason, I take Country Life’s Magnesium Potassium Aspartate for two additional reasons.

First off, I take one caplet at bedtime, and it seems to help me sleep at night. This is a big deal as getting a good night’s sleep has always been a struggle for me.

Second, it seems to make it easier for me to “move my bowels” in the morning. I can notice the difference if I forget to take it the night before. However, it I take two caplets then I end up with “runny stools.” Therefore, I will stick with just the one caplet at bedtime.

In any case, three benefits from one inexpensive supplement is rare, but that is what I get from this product, hence the five star rating.

June 21 2010 Update

About a year ago, I received a bad bottle of this product. By “bad” I mean it smelled, and when I tried taking it, I gagged on it. I have no idea how minerals can go bad, but they did. As a result, I did not take this product for a year. But then I decided to try ordering a new bottle. It was okay, no foul smell or taste, but it did not seem to provide any benefit beyond what I was getting from a careful attention to my diet while not taking this product. My diet gives me more than enough magnesium and potassium, plus I get some “extra” in my multi (CVS’s Daily Multiple Tablets For Men). For these reasons, I downgraded the rating to 4 stars. But I didn't downgrade it further since, if the reader feels you need supplemental calcium and potassium, this product is one of the best. And for details on my diet, see my book God-given Foods Eating Plan.

June 19, 2017 Update

Since I've been having problems moving my bowels, despite following a high fiber diet, and since I still had a bottle of this supplement, I figured I'd give it another try. The first couple of nights I took it, I really slept soundly, but then I was really constipated in the morning. Then after a couple of more days, i could barely sleep at all, and the constipation constipation continued. all I could figure, for some reason, I was no allergic to this product, as these are side effects I often get when i take a supplement or drug I am allergic to. Why that would be, I cannot say. But whatever the case, I won't be bothering with this supplement. But no matter, as again, I get plenty of magnesium and potassium from my diet. Along with my Eating Plan book, see my newer book Creationist Diet: Second Edition for details in that regard.

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