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Death of RBG

(Things Are Going to Get Crazy)

By Gary F. Zeolla


     Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) passed away on Friday, September 18, 2020. She had been on the Supreme Court for 27 years, since President Bill Clinton nominated her back in 1993.


Condolences and Acknowledgments


     Let me first express my condolences to the family of RBG, especially to her daughter Jane, her son James, and her many grandchildren. May the LORD comfort their hearts in their time of grief. And let me acknowledge that RGB was a faithful Justice, working through many health difficulties throughout the years. That showed a real dedication to her job as a Supreme Court Justice. Those condolences and acknowledgments are important and should not be passed over. But it is impossible to ignore the political ramifications of her passing. She will now need to be replaced on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).


Who Chooses?


     RBG had expressed before her death that she did not want President Trump choosing her replacement. That is because she knows Trump will replace her with a conservative, while she was a stanch liberal, especially as she progressed in her years on the Bench.

     However, if she had wanted to ensure she would be replaced by another liberal Justice, she should have retired while Obama was still President. But she, like many at that time, probably thought Hillary Clinton would win in 2016. In that case, it didn’t matter, as Hillary would surely have nominated a liberal to fill her seat. But as it is, Trump won, and he, not RBG, gets to choose her successor.

     Dems are already crying “foul” in that regard. Since Mitch McConnell would not allow a vote on Obama’s nominee to replace Anthony Scalia in 2016, saying it was an election year, they are saying it is rank hypocrisy for him to hold a vote now on a Trump nominee. That is especially the case, they say, since Justice Scalia died ten months before the presidential election, while RGB’s passing is just weeks out from the election.

     I predicted Dems would make just this claim in my book Tearing the USA Apart, written back in the fall of 2018. And here we are, just two years later, and that prediction has been fulfilled. I also predicted in that book that the next time there was a Supreme Court seat to fill, things would get even crazier than they did with Kavanaugh.


Last Time


     Do not forget what happened with Kavanaugh. Bogus, 35-year-old sexual assault allegations were trotted out to try to derail his nomination. Millions believed those allegations, including every Dem Senator, despite the fact that there was zero evidence supporting those allegations and much exculpatory evidence against them. I detail all of this in my Tearing Apart book.

     Also in that book, I pointed out that with Kavanaugh, you had a SCOTUS seat held by a swing vote being filled with a conservative, or better a Constitutionalist. Before him, it was a conservative being replaced by a conservative (Scalia by Neil Gorsuch). That is why things did not get too crazy the first time Trump made a SCOTUS nomination but more so the second time. But this time, it will be a liberal seat being filled by a conservative or Constitutionalist, and that will greatly provoke the left.

     With all of that for background, Mitch McConnell has said he will hold a vote on a Trump nominee, even if that is before the election. If that happens, the left will go nuts. Be prepared for the same playbook that was used against Kavanaugh to be used against Trump’s next nominee.

     As I report in my book, the left already had statements prepared to oppose Trump’s nominee back then, before he or she was even announced. They were prepared to call him or her a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, or whatever it took to derail the nomination. When that failed, they pulled out the bogus, decades-old sexual assault allegations.

     The same thing will happen this time. It does not matter who Trump nominates. It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be a white, it could be a black, it could be a Hispanic. It does not matter. The person will be vilified, called names, and even decades old allegations of some supposed wrongdoing dragged out to derail the nomination. As such, personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to be the nominee. In fact, Kavanaugh warned that with the way he was treated, we could end up with no one wanting such a position. But hopefully, someone will step up when the President calls on him or her, despite the foreseeable unjustified attacks.


Possible Nominees


     Trump has already put out a list of possible SCOTUS nominees, with the above diversity seen on the list: male, female, white, black, and Hispanic. That is because Trump does not care about a person’s gender or race. He will just nominate the best person for the job.

     However, Joe Biden, true to the liberal dedication to identity politics, has already said he will nominate a black woman. That will severely limit his choices, just as it did with his VP choice. That is how he ended up with a running mate whom Dem voters sounded rejected, with Kamala Harris having so little support, she dropped out of the presidential race before a vote was even cast.




     As we head into the sure to be tumultuous confirmation proceedings, it would be good to remember what happened last time—the bogus charges, the rush to judgment, the lack of due process that characterized the last Supreme Court confirmation proceedings. You can do that by reading my book on this subject. My book Tearing the USA Apart discusses the Kavanaugh proceedings in detail, along with related events from two years ago. Things were just as crazy then before the midterm election, as they are now before the presidential election, just I predicted would be the case in that book.




     At his rally in North Carolina on Saturday evening, September 19, 2020. President Trump said he would nominate a woman to fill RBG’s seat. The crowd, via cheers, voted for that choice. FNC had earlier displayed three of the women he was considering. One was white, one was black, and one was Hispanic. Thus, although Trump is limiting his choice by gender, he is not doing so by race.

     Meanwhile, things have gotten even crazier than I thought they would, and quicker. Almost immediately, there have been threats of violence, arson, and riots by leftists if Trump and McConnell try to “ram through” a confirmation pick before the election.

     Along with the Kavanaugh proceedings, I discuss such calls for and acts of political incivility in my Tearing Apart book. It was despicable and dangerous then, but it has gotten even worse now.

For a follow-up to this article, see Confirm Amy Coney Barrett and Reelect Donald J. Trump.


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Death of RBG (Things Are Going to Get Crazy). Copyright 2020 by Gary F. Zeolla (

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