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February 2019 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from December 2018 Commentaries.


Family of Covington teen sues Washington Post for $250 million

    The above article appeared on the website for my local Pittsburgh newspaper. Below is my initial comment in the Readers comments:

    I sure hope he wins this lawsuit, as what the mainstream media did to him was inexcusable. But the media’s hatred for Trump knows no bounds. The rush to judgment and abandonment of the rule of law and right to due process is symptomatic of a greater problem in our society, seen in many such incidences, emphasized in the Kavanaugh proceedings. I discuss all of this in depth in my book Tearing the USA Apart and on my politics website.

    Another reader responded by asking, “What harm was done to the little ignoramus?” I responded with the following:

    You’re calling him an “ignoramus” is the type of harm he has received. That label and worst will follow him the rest of his life, at least by people like you who still think he did something wrong, when in fact he did not. It is like Kavanaugh being forever labeled a “sexual predator,” when in fact there is no evidence he did anything wrong. A person’s reputation is a thing of value. Nick’s being ruined will hinder his future college and career opportunities, as this event will always come up in every interview he has.

    Moreover, receiving death threats, living in fear, is a harm, even if he was never physically assaulted. Harassment online and IRL is also a harm, which not only he received but also his parents. His school had to be shut down for a couple of days, harming him and the rest of the students. The police had to come out in extra force when school reopened, costing the township much money. There was thus much harm done by WaPo’s irresponsibility.

    For further details, see my article on this subject: “While I Was Occupied (Covington Students Fiasco and Boy Scouts No More).

    Another reader responded by asking why only WaPo was being sued. She also said his parents should not have let him wear such a provocative hat (his MAGA hat).  I responded with the following:

    His lawyers have a list of 54 organizations and people they will be suing. CNN, the NYT, Alyssa Milano, and Elizabeth Warren are next. On your other point, a MAGA hat is only “provoking” because the media is trying to label anyone who supports the President as a racist, in order to keep Trump from being reelected. But we have a right to wear whatever we want. If someone is offended, that is their problem, not Trump supporters’. I discuss all of this in the following article: Ralph Northam and the Rage Mob: Part Two.

    Moreover, neither Trump nor his supporters are racist. That is another lie of the Dems and the MSM, that I refute on my website and in my book Tearing the USA Apart.

    The same reader responded that suing 54 entities was ridiculous. He also added negative comments about Trump. He then said the kid was at fault and did not act in a “Christian” since he didn’t move. I responded:

    54 is not ridiculous. It is everyone with influence that rushed to judgment and wrongly condemned him, leading to the hard done to him, just as you are doing.

    91% negative reporting is the media doing its best to keep Trump from being reelected. And Trump was not “handed” an election. He worked hard and won in 2016 fair and square according to the Constitutional rules.

    The “kid” was waiting for a bus and had every right to do so. The adult should not have approached him. It was that adult and the other adults hurling vile insults at him and his classmates that acted in an unchristian manner.

    The same reader posted asking what WaPo and the others were being sued for. He also used a derogatory term for the President. My response was:

    They are being sued for defamation.  That is a crime. If you read the article, you would know that. On your use of “Cheetolini” for the President, you complain about “the kid” having no respect, but you surely have none for POTUS. I never used derogatory terms for Obama, even though I disagreed with everything he did, as he deserved the respect of being the President.

    And with that, I am done with this conversation. If you wish to learn the truth on all of these matters, check out my Tearing the USA Apart book and Biblical and Constitutional Politics website. The Trib won’t let me post links, but you’re smart, I am sure you can find them if you want.

‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett turns himself in to face charge

    Another article form my local newspaper. The most important line in this article is the following:

    “Reports of an assault on Smollett draw outrage and support for him on social media from some politicians and celebrities.”

    Those “some politicians” included Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Both of them are running for President. Both were also on the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) during the Kavanaugh hearings. As with the rest of the Dems on the SJC, they rushed to judgment and condemned Kavanagh, before hearing the evidence and despite there being no proof of the allegations against him. Here, they once again rushed to judgment with no evidence and without waiting for all the facts. That mindset disqualifies them from being President, IMHO.

    Another reader asked how wearing a MAGA is racist. I responded:

    The media is doing its best to label any support for Trump as being racist, so as to ensure there is no outward support for him in 2020, no signs, not T-shirts, no hats. Display any of that, and you will be labeled a racist. It is all based on the lie that Trump is a racist.


These commentaries are continued at: April 2019 Commentaries.

February 2018 Commentaries. Copyright 2018 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above commentaries were posted in February 2019.


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