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Errata for First Edition of the ALT:
Corrections Since Publication

Variants Appendix

This list of corrections is continued from ALT Errata: Hebrews to Revelation.

These corrections are for "Appendix #1: Significant Textual Variants" as seen in the published Analytical-Literal Translation.


12:47 - after "brackets verse" add "as being doubtful"

26:28 - add: MT/ TR: new – CT: omits

26:61 - change "phrases" to "phrase"


1:1 - change - "{Son of God}" to "{God's Son}" (i.e. for consistency with how the MT reading is translated)

2:22 - change "skins" to wineskins"

12:15 - delete "to" before "sentence"

"15:52   MT/ TR: from them – CT: omits" - should be numbered 14:52


19:29 - change to "MT: Bethsphage – TR/ CT: Bethphage"


5:3       MT/ TR: waiting for the moving of the water. – CT: omits

5:4       MT/ TR: includes verse  – CT: omits verse

"11:10   MT/ TR: was – CT: was still" - should be numbered 11:30

19:3 - change "And the were" to "And they were"


9:28 - should read "MT: and speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, – TR: moves phrase to verse 9:29 - CT: omits Jesus"

"13:42   MT: days which – TR/ CT: days, a work which" - should be numbered 13:41

17:14 - "as through by" should be "as though by"

28:29   add: MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse


"4:10     MT/ TR: are insulted – CT: strive" - move entire variant to 1Timothy 4:10


"4:10     MT/ TR: are insulted – CT: strive" - add entire variant


2:18 - change "escape" to "escaped"


"12:20 MT/ CT: stoned. TR: stoned or shot down with an arrow." - add entire variant 


"1:14 MT: there - TR/ CT: omits" - should be numbered 1:12

9:16 - There’s an extra “[times] ten thousand” for the TR variant. It should read, “TR: [was] two [times] ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million].”

13:5 add: MT: to make war - TR/ CT: omits, war (translate, to act)

"13:10   MT: has captivity, he goes away [into captivity] – TR: gathers [into] captivity, he goes away into captivity – CT: [gathers] into captivity, he goes away into captivity" - add entire variant

            "MT/ TR: if anyone kills by a sword, it is necessary [for] him to be killed by a sword – CT: if anyone [is] to be killed by a sword, he [is] to be killed by a sword"  - add entire variant 

22:14 - add "the ones" before "washing their robes"

22:19 - add: MT/ CT: tree of the life – TR: Scroll of the Life

Scripture taken from the Analytical-Literal Translation of the Holy Bible.
Copyright 1999-2001 by Gary F. Zeolla of Darkness to Light ministry (www.zeolla.org/christian).

The above errata list was posted on this Web site October 11, 2001.
It was last updated January 9, 2004.

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