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Analytical-Literal Translation

Errata for First Edition of the ALT

By Gary F. Zeolla


These pages list corrections and changes that were made in the text of the first edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT) after it was published in the summer of 2001. However, all of these corrections and changes have been made in the third edition of the ALT. The new ALT also include many additional changes and improvements that are not indicated on these pages. So if the reader has a copy of the first edition, it is strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of the third edition.  Click here for details.

That said, looking at the number of errata listed on these pages, one might get the impression that there were a lot of mistakes in the first edition of the ALT. However, if you look them over carefully you will see that most of the needed corrections are very minor (like a "the" that was added for clarity needing to be bracketed).

Moreover, many of these errata do not represent "mistakes" in the ALT but simply my finding a way to improve a translation.  These improvements increase the accuracy and consistency of the translations and the readability of the text.

These pages were last updated February 24, 2004. Any changes made to the text after that date are not indicated on these pages but are incorporated in the third edition of the ALT.  Insignificant punctuation changes (such as the addition or deletion of a comma) have not been included on these pages.

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