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Variants: Pauline Epistles:

Part Two

This page lists significant textual variants in Ephesians to Philemon.
This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.


1:6       MT/ TR: by which He bestowed grace CT: which He graciously bestowed

1:10     MT/ CT: Christ, TR: Christ, both

1:11     MT/ TR: in Him CT: moves to end of verse 10

1:14     MT/ TR: who CT: which

1:16     MT/ TR: of you* CT: [of you*] (second occurrence)

1:18     MT/ CT: heart TR: understanding

2:1       MT/ TR: in CT: in your*

2:17     MT/ TR: and to CT: and peace to

2:19     MT/ TR: _but_ CT: _but_ you* are

3:6       MT/ TR: His promise CT: the promise

3:9       MT/ CT: administration TR: fellowship

            MT/ TR: through Jesus Christ CT: omits

3:14     MT/ TR: our Lord Jesus Christ CT: omits

3:21     MT/ TR: in Christ CT: and in Christ

4:6       MT: us all. TR: you* all. CT: all.

4:9       MT/ TR: first CT: omits

4:17     MT/ TR: the rest of CT: omits

4:32     MT: us TR/ CT: you*

5:9       MT/ TR: the Spirit CT: the Light

5:14     MT/ CT: Be waking up TR: Wake yourself up

5:21     MT/ CT: Christ TR: God

5:22     MT/ TR: be subjecting yourselves CT: [be subjecting yourselves]

5:29     MT/ TR: the Lord CT: Christ

5:30     MT/ TR: from His flesh and from His bones CT: omits

6:9       MT/ TR: also your* own Master CT: both their Master and yours*

6:10     MT/ TR: my brothers CT: omits

6:12     MT/ TR: the darkness of this age CT: this darkness

6:17     MT: to receive TR/ CT: receive

6:24     MT: incorruptibility. So be it! TR: incorruptibility. To [the] Ephesians was written from Rome through Tychicus. CT: incorruptibility.


1:11     MT/ TR: fruits CT: fruit

1:16-17  MT/ TR: verses numbered as given  CT: reverses order of verses

1:18     MT/ TR: Nevertheless CT: Only that

1:23     MT/ CT: But TR: For

2:30     MT/ TR: having shown disregard CT: risking

3:3       MT/ CT: sacredly serving in the Spirit of God TR: sacredly serving God in the Spirit

3:8       MT: _But_ indeed, therefore, TR/ CT: _But_ much more I also

3:16     MT/ TR: with [the] same standard, to be thinking the same [thing]. CT: omits

3:21     MT/ TR: for it to become CT: omits

4:3       MT/ CT: Yes, TR: And

4:13     MT/ TR: through Christ, the [One] CT: through the [One]

4:23     MT/ CT: the Lord TR: our Lord

            MT: with you* all. So be it! TR: with you* all. So be it! To [the] Philippians was written by Paul, through Epaphroditus. CT: with your* spirit.


1:2       MT/ TR: and [the] Lord Jesus Christ CT: omits

1:3       MT/ TR: to the God and Father CT: to God, [the] Father

1:6       MT: {and growing} TR: omits CT: {and growing}

1:12     MT/ TR: us CT: you*

1:14     MT: {through His blood} TR: through His blood CT: omits

1:24     MT/ CT: Now I rejoice TR: who now rejoice

1:27     MT/ TR: who CT: which

2:2       MT/ TR: of both God the Father and of Christ CT: of God, [which is] Christ

2:11     MT/ TR: of the sins CT: omits

2:13     MT/ CT: made you* TR: made

2:18     MT/ TR: has not seen CT: has seen

3:4       MT/ TR: our CT: your*

3:5       MT/ TR: your* members CT: the members

3:13     MT/ TR: Christ CT: the Lord

3:15     MT/ TR: God CT: Christ

3:16     MT/ TR: the Lord CT: God

3:20     MT/ CT: in [the] Lord TR: to the Lord

3:22     MT/ TR: God CT: the Lord

4:8       MT/ TR: he shall know the things concerning you* CT: you* shall know the things concerning us

4:12     MT/ TR: having been fulfilled CT: having been fully assured

4:13     MT/ TR: zeal CT: distress

4:15     MT/ TR: Nymphas his CT: Nympha her

4:18     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To the Colossians was written by Paul through Tychicus and Onesimus. CT: omits


1:1       MT/ TR: from God Christ! CT: omits

2:6       MT/ TR: being able apostles. CT: moves to verse 7

2:7       MT/ TR: gentle CT: infants

2:11-12  MT: 2:11 exhorting you* and comforting [you*] 2:12 and imploring [you*] TR: 2:11 exhorting you* and comforting [you*] and testifying [to you*], CT: 2:12 exhorting you* and comforting [you*] and imploring [you*]

2:15     MT/ TR: their own prophets CT: the prophets

2:18     MT/ TR: For this reason CT: For

3:2       MT/ TR: a servant of God, and our co-worker CT: a co-worker of God

3:8       MT/ CT: since _you*_ stand firm TR: if _you*_ shall be standing firm

4:1       MT/ TR: God, CT: God (just as indeed you* are walking),

4:8       MT/ CT: you* TR: us

4:13     MT/ TR: we do not want CT: I do not want

5:27     MT/ TR: holy CT: omits

5:28     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To [the] Thessalonians first was written from Athens. CT: omits


2:2       MT/ TR: Christ CT: the Lord

2:3       MT/ TR: sin CT: lawlessness

2:4       MT/ TR: as God CT: omits

2:13     MT/ TR: from [the] beginning CT: as [the] first-fruits

3:6       MT/ CT: they received TR: he received

3:12     MT/ TR: by our Lord CT: in the Lord

3:18     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To [the] Thessalonians second was written from Athens. CT: omits


1:2       MT/ TR: our Father CT: the Father

1:4       MT/ TR: disputes CT: speculation

MT/ CT: administration TR: building up

1:17     MT/ TR: wise CT: omits

2:7       MT/ TR: in Christ CT: omits

3:3       MT/ TR: not greedy for dishonest gain, CT: omits

3:16     MT/ TR: God CT: who

4:10     MT/ TR: are insulted CT: strive

4:12     MT/ TR: in spirit CT: omits

5:4       MT/ CT: acceptable TR: good and acceptable

5:16     MT/ TR: believing man or CT: omits

6:5       MT/ TR: Be withdrawing from such people. CT: omits

6:7       MT/ TR: [and it is] certain that CT: so

6:17     MT/ TR: the living CT: omits

6:19     MT/ TR: eternal CT: real

6:21     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To Timothy first was written from Laodicea, which is [the] capital city of Phrygia Pacatiana. CT: omits


1:11     MT/ TR: of Gentiles CT: omits

2:3       MT/ TR: Therefore, _you_ endure hardship CT: Endure hardship with [me]

2:7       MT/ TR: may give CT: will give

2:13     MT/ TR: faithful; He CT: faithful, for He

2:14     MT/ TR: the Lord CT: God

2:19     MT/ CT: of [the] Lord TR: of Christ

4:1       MT/ TR: at His CT: and by His

4:14     MT/ TR: May the Lord CT: The Lord will

4:22     MT/ TR: Jesus Christ CT: omits

MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To Timothy second was written from Rome when Paul was brought [the] second [time] before Nero the emperor. CT:  omits


1:4       MT/ TR: Grace, mercy, [and] peace CT: Grace and peace

2:7       MT/ TR: incorruptibility CT: omits

2:8       MT/ CT: us TR: you*

3:15     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To Titus, chosen as [the] first overseer of [the] assembly of the Cretans, was written from Nicopolis of Macedonia. CT: omits


1:2       MT/ TR: beloved CT: sister

1:6       MT/ CT: us TR: you*

1:7       MT: I have much thankfulness TR: we have much joy CT: I have much joy

1:11     MT: whom I sent back TR/ CT: moves to verse 12, and CT adds to you

1:20     MT/ TR: [the] Lord CT: Christ

1:25     MT: So be it! TR: So be it! To Philemon was written by Paul from Rome through Onesimus, a household servant. CT: omits

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